Monday, June 13, 2016

That's Queer - Orlando Prompts Rubio to Rethink Retirement

Nightclub Witness: Orlando Terrorist Spared Black Clubgoers
Reportedly, he said he didn't have a problem with the blacks. Milo Fagopolis must be thrilled his favorites were spared.

Lil Wayne's Private Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Rapper Suffers Seizure
Uh, oh ... looks like Prince might have company in Hell soon. 

ALF actor Michu Meszaros dead at 76
Oh ... my ... non-existent ... God. There was a midget actor inside of Alf? Add it to the list of things I would have been happier never knowing.

Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Tweets About Orlando Shooting
So he engaged in a little racist self-congratulation - it's one of the 7 basic Tweets.

Rubio Indicates He May Be Reconsidering Plan to Retire From Congress Following Orlando Terror Attack
A gay nightclub is shot up in Florida and Rubio rethinks his life plan as a result? That's queer, don'tcha think?


  1. My sister called to me about the Orlando shooting, ranted about Muslims for minutes, and then asked what I thought about it.

    I said I found the whole thing hilarious and she replied, “It’s funny that fifty people died?” Details, details. And a bit of pointless hypocritical moralising from a person who would quite happily see all the Muslims dead.

    I did find the whole thing funny as I thought, finally, Leftist pets shooting Leftist pets. Brilliant. Keep more of them coming.

    This is why racially aware whites should all just drop out of their respective societies. Let the Leftists run wild. I’m sure at some point their ideologies will just reverse themselves like a corpse eaten inside out.

    P.S. I’ve only seen Alf in a sticker of some kind, and I always thought the thing creepy.

    - Different Anon

    1. I absolutely agree! It is both hilarious and fitting. And there will only be more as Whitie's numbers diminish, and the fags are left to the tender roof-top mercies of the deranged Muzzie crowd.

      I support more and more the idea of dropping out / dropping back. White Whateverism can do more by getting out of the way than by being a perpetual foil for the progressive march Left.

      As for Alf - a hairy, shabby, hook-nosed, alien hiding from the authorities in an attic? Oy vey!


  2. It was Latin night,the beaner fags came to get their burritos stuffed with big meat

    Mateen is reported to be a fag
    This makes sense as Afghans are known for molesting underage boys,they call it bacha bazi

    1. HA! Well, shouldn't he have shot up a Chuck E. Cheese's then?

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out 1 or more of the Orlando victims were pedophiles & or drug dealers. Orlando mass murder’s wrong, but I’m not going to martyr the victim’s lives esp. if it turns out 1 or more of the victims were drug dealers & or pedophiles.

  4. Posters on US & People Magazine have been offended by me saying that it wouldn’t surprise me if 1 or more of the Orlando victims were pedophiles & or drug dealers. They’re offended because I think they know it’s possible but hate that I raise this because people were murdered & wounded in this shooting. I don’t omit ugly facts because something bad as getting murdered happened. Though posters know this, here’s why it wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out if 1 or more of the victims were gay pedophiles & or drug dealers. The life of gays & lesbians (though not always) often have bad childhood such as fact that many gays & lesbians were victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles as kids.

    1. People who are victims of same sex pedophilia are more likely to turn out gay/lesbian in adulthood, copying the sexual behavior they learned. In worse cases, victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles turn out to be gay/lesbian pedophiles in adulthood. This is esp. true for gay men & wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out 1 or more of the gay men killed in Orlando had been as a boy molested by gay pedophiles such as gay Catholic priests which caused them to repeat sexual conduct they learned from their abuse & possibly even turn out to be gay pedophiles.

    2. People who are victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles along with being more likely to turn out gay/lesbian are also more likely to have problems such as depression, drug junkyism & drunkardism. They’re more likely to use drugs such as Meth, Cocaine & Extasy. In some cases, junkies can sell drugs along with using them or be a drug courier or lookout for drug dealers for money. In pubs, drugs are often sold & pubs are known to get drunkards, junkies & drug dealers.

    Now I know this offends people with posters telling me how I’m trashing people who aren’t here to defend themselves. But ugly facts don’t change because some1 is murdered & it wouldn’t surprise me if 1 or more of the victims were pedophiles & or drug junkies + drug dealers because again, many gays & lesbians were victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles which ruined their sexuality & people who are victimized like this are more likely to turn out gay/lesbian in adulthood incl. turn out to be gay/lesbian pedophiles & more likely to be drug junkies incl. in some cases, sell drugs. Think the offended posters know this but hate that I’m not shy & raise this.

    1. Certainly they will not thank you for pointing out the truth any given day, but it must not surprise you that they were more outraged over the truth when you shared it while they were attempting to bestow sainthood on club rat queers. Kind of like handing out AIDS awareness fliers at Freddy Mercury's funeral. Not going to win you any fans, no matter how true your material.

      As always, you are welcome to share the truth here, but I apologize I do not have anywhere near the audience you could get at other websites.

      I think that you will find in the next couple of decades a move to lessen criminal penalties for pedophilia, and to continue to expose children to sexuality earlier and earlier in education and Mass Media. The vanguard of the normalization of pedophilia is actually gender reassignment of children. It will take more time for this particular taboo to be undone.