Sunday, June 12, 2016

Omar Mateen's Moonchild Ex-Wife Offers Weird Prayers

How an Outsider President Killed a Party
The president in question is Zachary Taylor. An interesting look at the demise of the Whig party.
And here's another story about a fellow named Zachary Taylor...

Homeless 72-year-old man who was EATEN by a Florida alligator
Guy had one hell of a unibrow. Wonder if he was a descendant of Taylor via a Seminole slut?

Texas [Sub-Ape] Says He Was Choked for Smiling in Mugshot
Doubtful. Lurv this quote: “This is how I always take my pictures,” [the nigger] said to the booking officer, according to the lawsuit. Someone should remind him that nigger males don't smile while being photographed - therefore, his behavior was highly suspicious!

Omar Mateen Terrorist was 29-Year-Old Islamic Radical
CIA Hologram!!! No gays died!!! Obama gun control black-op!!! Israeli false flag to spread Islamaphobia!!! Have I covered all the interweb crazy we should expect today?

Ex-Wife of Omar Mateen Offers Weird Prayers for Victims of Ex-Husband's Rampage
She kind of looks like a not-fat Snooki. As usual, when gays are victims of violence, the perpetrator is portrayed as a closet homo, in spite of evidence to the contrary. The "You are what you hate." TV Trope. It is a strange impulse that seems to be remnant of a time when accusing someone of being gay was supposed to be the worst insult. Can you imagine if we applied the same logic to other violent criminals? Dylann Roof shot those people because he was secretly an elderly nigger! Christina Grimmies' shooter was secretly a crappy pop musician! The Planned Parenthood shooter had personally had 7 abortions!


  1. Instead of addressing the problem of muslim terrorists shillary and obummer will use this to push for gun control

    Kevin loibl looks exactly like the quadroon,I wonder if loibl also wanted at videos of trump and putin

    As a bonus we won't have to hear about that evil nigger mohammed ali,thanks mateen

    If it was a big kike planned conspiracy theory ,the shooter would have been white

    1. HA! I thought that too about Loibl. He just needs to shave his pointed head and sit next to a 12-year-old Filipino girl and he would be a dead ringer for QS.

      Of course they will use it to push for gun control - Leftists gonna Leftie. And Trump will use it as part of his campaign by stoking fears the Leftists will take guns away.

      The thing is, gun control will happen - it is like abolition, giving women the vote, civil rights, homo rights. Argue and go round and round all you want, but the Slow March Left will continue until this civilization dies. We've had mass shootings for decades without the Left grabbing guns. That's because the change is gradual, and comes from indoctrination, not from crisis. A crisis can only give an excuse for action *that the masses have already been indoctrinated into believing is the answer!*

      As with all of these events - I recommend racially aware Whites take it at face value and apply racial politics too it. Progressivism is only possible in White Western Civilization. Yet, Progressivism kills White Western Civilization. MultiKulturalism is meant to replace White Western Civilization, but there is no evidence it can function without the White people it is trying to replace. A Muzzie went and murdered a bunch of faggots because why? Christianity? White Supremacy? Social injustice? Rather than let the Leftists choke on the evidence that Multikulturalism is a delusion, White Whateverists say the problem isn't MultiKulturalism, it is a secret Jewish/Masonic/Illuminati conspiracy that hurts the Muzzies just as much as it hurts White people (even though the same conspiracy is trying hand over Europe to those Muzzies).

      Furthermore, by the logic of conspiracy, it is possible that those who expose the conspiracy are in fact double-bluffing, which creates an infinite regression of paranoia in which all contrary opinions are either misinformation on the part of the conspirators, or an attempt to expose the first version of the conspiracy theory as misinformation on the part of the conspirators. And while the debate rages on, a huge black hole opens up at the center of the conspiracy, sucking in all the time and mental energy of anyone who gets close to it.

  2. re the Orlando homocaust: there's tons of virtue signalers lining up to give blood. But the FDA has rules about fags giving blood-- to wit: no man that has had sex with another man in the last year can give blood. So I ask all CDN'ers to help me out: how does the FDA/hospitals KNOW if you've had sex with a man in the last year?
    Do they take your word for it? Enquiring minds want to know. If they just take your word for it, that has to be the gayest thing I've ever heard. There, I said it.

    1. RE: Faggots being turned away from donating blood in Orlando - It's a wonderful bit of Irony, isn't it? HAHAHA! Praise be to DATGOY!

      RE: Faggot blood donations.
      No, they don't just take the mo's word for it. In the US, blood products are screened for HIV, Hepatitis and several other infectious agents. However, no test is perfect. Also, a recently acquired infection may not be detectable. Therefore, there has always been a risk involved. For example, some people have tried to use blood donation as a way to get a free AIDS test! The point of the questionnaire screening is to rule out high risk people, including those who may have recently acquired the infection and who therefore could test negative. It's a very common sense thing to do, but it makes the fags very mad because it reminds them that what they are doing is reprehensible and diseased. And because they are reprehensible, diseased people, their blood will be tested regardless of whatever HIV-spreading lies they concoct. But again - no test is perfect, so try to avoid blood transfusions. If you are going in for surgery, donate units for yourself prior.

    2. Betraying my past work in hospital ERs...but my very first thought upon hearing that a lone nut Muzzie shot up a gay nightclub was, "Glad I'm not one of the EMTs for that."

      Christ, the body fluids……..

      Then there's all the other stuff these walking petri dishes elect to infect themselves with.

      Plus the faggots have Special Rights related to being entitled to whatever level of infectious disease isolation is required to save their diseased, immunocompromised selves and protect the people who are forced to provide high tech medical treatment to people who don't even understand 18th century notions of infectious transmission.

    3. Self reporting is my understanding.

      Coz no fag would ever lie about their HIV status.

    4. The janitor is going to need a Hazmat suit and bleach cannon to clean that place up. Typical for any gay bar though; just a different kind of fluid sprayed all over the place this time.

  3. Here's something to ponder: if jihadis REALLY hate Jews, how come there hasn't been any synagogue attacks in the U.S.?

    1. I edited out the rest of your joke so as not to frighten the easily frightened.

      I shall first respond to your question at face value and say it is because the majority of lone nut terrorists rarely succeed at anything.

      Occasionally, one slips through and causes major carnage, and the concern is that they didn't specifically target Jews, but fags, or coworkers, or people running a marathon?

      And now for the subtext that I believe is in your comment - "Because the Jews won't let their own people get hurt, it proves that the Jews are behind the event."

      If that is not what you are implying, I apologize. But assuming that it is ...

      What is the utility of such a line of reasoning? You can't prove it or disprove it. As I mentioned to a previous commenter - these events serve as evidence of the failure of MultiKulturalism, which is a Jewish creation. We don't have to prove that, or even discuss it. We can simply stand back, stay silent, and let the Leftists wallow in the hell they have created for themselves. We can watch the muds and the queers tear each other to pieces.

      But instead, White Whateverists and jew-obsessed conspiracists in general inject themselves into the event, trying to use the "tragedy" to advance the argument that Jews are behind every human misfortune. This doesn't make the muzzies and the fags team up with Whitie against the Jews. It reminds the Muzzies and the fags that they have more to gain by cooperating with the Jewish agenda of MultiKulturalism then they do by cooperating with a pro-White or anti-Jew agenda.

      Even if Jews are sneaking into your house and stealing your shoes - there is no benefit in calling them out for it, as this Muzzie discovered:

    2. Oooo. Bad timing on insulting Muzzie lone nut terrorists, Adrean.

      But anyway, have you started mourning for The Victims yet?

    3. Wow, whole lot a dead gay beaners. Yay, Diversity!

  4. The lone nut jihadis your mention have been fairly successful, there are three losers: Underwear bomber, Richard Reid, and the Times Square Bomber. The rest have done pretty well: Major Hassan, San Bernardino shooters, Orlando shooter(s), DC snipers, Tsarnaevs, and I think three others that got just killed a couple people each. That's not "rarely" in my book. And that doesn't address the question: Where, at least, are the jihadi ATTEMPTS against Jews? I'm not saying, "A-ha, obviously the devious machinations of Jews!" Just saying...

    1. And the black hole opens up. Conspiracy thinking is a pointless waste of time. Don't be coy. Yes, you are saying "A-ha! Jews", and you are engaging in one of the primary features of conspiracy thinking - ignoring evidence to the contrary. Only 3 people died during the Boston Bombings - but the older of the brothers involved is believed to have murdered 3 kikes prior to the bombings: One of the San Bernadino victims was Jewish. But let's flip the coin - None of Nidal Hassan's victims were black. None of the Boston Bombing victims were black. It has been reported that the Orlando shooter deliberately spared blacks. By your logic, Louis Farrakhan must have been behind the killings. Do you get it? What does this gain us?

      This isn't fun for me. I hate this retarded circle-jerk of conspiracy theorizing. You are wasting my time. I want to laugh at the kike's pet project, MultiKulturalism. I want people to contribute links and stories and jokes that point out the absurdity of Diversity as it presents itself. You have the whole rest of the White interwebs to clutter with insinuations and theories on how the Jews are secretly behind every ill. I don't see the point trying to convince people Jews are behind Muzzies shooting queers, when you can't convince people Jews run Hollywood even when Jews admit they run Hollywood.