Friday, June 10, 2016

Beaneress Reporter Attacked by Niggeress on Live TV

One man's quest for Loving Day, a holiday for multiracial Americans
As opposed to Hating Day, a holiday to recognize all other Americans, right? The Loving in question is a reference to the interracial couple whose case overturned anti-miscegenation laws in the U.S. The Loving case is particularly useful because it can serve to remind White men that it was one of their kind's craving for chimp cunt that was responsible for the end of aforementioned anti-miscegenation laws. So when you see a pretty white girl lugging around a niglet - remember Richard Loving.

In a first, Iceland power plant turns carbon emissions to stone
An interesting green initiative. However, there is a concern that certain microbes might then feed off the stones and produce methane, a theoretically more potent green house gas. But when has green science let unintended consequences get in the way of saviorism?

Accused Charleston killer Dylann Roof gambles, wants lone judge
I recommend against this (to the ether). I recommend he drag out the trial as long as possible (having to pick a jury would help with this) and hope for a death penalty sentence so he can remain secluded from the general prison population. Then he can drag it all out again in the appeals. In another decade or two, the death penalty may no longer be permitted in the U.S.

This 11-minute Donald Trump rant is a Republican nightmare
No - the standard Republican nightmare is being labelled a racist by the news media. Trump losing the presidency would not be a nightmare if they thought it would prevent them carrying his baggage.

Beaneress Reporter Attacked by Groidess During Live TV Broadcast
And the beaner back at the TV station keeps right on with the show. Beaners are gonna make great replacements for White people. Once the last Chalkie is tossed into a mass grave, it will fall upon the Beaners (as the inheritors of White American civilization) to ignore black criminality and violence.


  1. Well, apropos "Loving Day" today, Trump promised to bring the races together in America and in the same breath pledged 3 times to support Israel. Ah, the AIPAC speech after-party must have been one grand affair, eh?

    1. Yes, the rare case where he says what he means and means what he says - The global plantation will bring together all races, melding them into one brown genetic cesspool of debt slaves, ruled over by the elite mischling class. Amerikwa - Fuck yeah!

  2. We won't have to keep debating trumpstien and his imaginary wall as queen hussein has given his backing to the dyke,the lemmings will all vote hilary

    It makes sense,first nigger pres,followed by first female,then beaner, followed by mongoloid tranny

    1. HA! Yes, that has been the Kwanian system of "progress". First you "liberate" the koons, then the women, then the faggots. You have illustrated how that will probably work for the presidency. But I wouldn't count Trumpenfuhrer out just yet. Remember, he is as kosher as Shillary. And once the public gets used to picking its presidents from television personalities without any political experience, the transformation of the Kwa to a Hollyweird-esque spectacle will be complete. If not in this election, then soon. After that, it is all down to waiting for the inevitable dysgenic Idiocracy of the aforementioned brown genetic cesspool of debt slaves.

  3. Loving Day? Wasn't there a Simpsons (TV Show) episode about that?

    1. HA! Very close - it was Love Day.

      They are practically indistinguishable in level of sincerity.