Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Mongoloid Mama Pens Anti-Abortion Screed

Nothing to recover after man falls into acidic hot spring at Yellowstone
HA! I wonder if the idiot had his phone out like this doofus did.

Donald Trump Says He Doesn't Believe in "American Exceptionalism"
Says he doesn't believe it is very nice term. Wonder what he'd say about Israeli Exceptionalism.

Mother of Girl Who Lost Race to Transgender Athlete Speaks Out
Oh, Turnabout - your play is so fair. Feminist cunts have spent 100 years saying "Anything you can do, I can do better.", and they still can't even beat an Eskimo transvestite in a school race. Hear them roar!

Supreme Court To Reconsider Death Sentence For Black Man After Expert Gave Racist Testimony
The expert said the perp was more likely to reoffend because he was a minority. Since the truth is racist, it makes perjury look good by comparison.

Mother of Mongoloid Pens Open Letter to Doctor Who Advised Her To Abort
Since she didn't take the doctor's advice and this article is from The Blaze, you can probably guess the letter wasn't an admission she was mistaken. The comments section is filled with the most bizarre proclamations of Mongoloid supremacy - they are the Most Loving, the Most Happy, the Most Honest of all human beings. Who are you trying to convince? Methinks the retard-makers doth protest too much.


  1. I'd rather have a mongoloid son than a niglet,I'd also rather kill myself than have a niglet

    These jebus lovers have brains filled with mush,the mother is the type of person who would apologise to a nigger after he guns down her family

    No sane person would choose to bring up a down syndrome mong

    Mongoloids are known for being very loud and violent,no wonder they get attacked by us normal folk

    1. That is what I find so amazing about the Mongoloid lovers - they are absolutely lying through their crooked teeth. This "managing behavior" guide even admits that while 1 in 10 children have behavior problems, that number is 1 in 3 for Mongoloids.

      Again, I am not asking that people suddenly decide to take all the retards off to the ovens - because that would be criminal. I am only asking people be honest - which can be criminal these days in matters of race, gender, sexuality, disability, and DIEversity in general.

    2. The two mong-wrangler families I know of both grunted out their pet tard because the mother unit was nuts.

      In one case liberal Catholic nuts, in one case super-left Vermont Bernie Sanders voter nuts.

      In both cases the mommies who demanded all sorts of strokes and money and special treatment and such while the tard was a baby tard cannot wait till it turns whatever age it is that you can legally hand a tard over to a "group home."

      On your and my wages/tax dollars.

      BTW, both were white women with beta male white husbands with very good incomes.

    3. "Nothing to recover after man falls into acidic hot spring at Yellowstone"

      Except my composure.

      Hilarious. And if I ever fall off a boardwalk at Yellowstone into the hottest part and parboil myself, I give you all leave to laugh your asses off at me.

    4. A tranny birthnamed "wang yot"?

      Well, there's your problem.

    5. RE: Tard Makers
      Good contribution. Imagine how many fewer retards there would be if the power of the state could not be used to compel wealth transfer to the tard makers? Like so many other dysgenic behaviors, remove the financial incentive, and the natural correction would be swift. All talk of how special those retards are would evaporate.

      RE: Yellowstone and Wang
      I always enjoy it when the news reads like a comedy script.