Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Twin Yoga Scam Artists Pull a Thelma and Louise

Senate holds hearing for bill to help Holocaust survivors recover looted art
Holocaust Survivors - the only demographic actually growing in the West.

‘Super PAC’ Highlights Donald Trump’s Mockery of Disabled Journalist
I'm really curious to see what the Left can come up with that will shake the Trumpling's faith in their fuhrer. Showing him mocking hand flappers probably ain't it. Mass aerial fire bombing probably ain't it either, as it didn't work with Donald's predecessor. I think it all comes down to failure. Unless the Left can halt Trump's winning streak, his fanboys won't be swayed. Of course, failure is inevitable. The question for the Left is will it occur before or after the election?

British Serial Pedophile Sentenced for Preying upon Children in South East Asia
Wow. There but for the grace of Trump goes the Quadroon Streicher.

Abandoned Japanese boy: Seven-year-old Yamato Tanooka 'forgives father'
Shucks, he survived. He was smart enough to hunker down in the first dwelling he encountered, so that definitely improved his odds. Crafty Asians.

Twin Yoga Scam Artists Pull a Thelma and Louise Death Dive
Alison and Ann Dadow. What a couple of screwballs. They were in massive debt and under criminal investigation. You know what they needed? Some sort of relaxing hobby. Something that would give them a sense of inner peace and centeredness. Not sure what that could have been. By the way, the picture that goes along with this article kind of makes them look like trannies / like the Wayans bruthas in White Chicks. That alone would be reason to drive off a cliff.

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