Monday, June 06, 2016

Happy Death of Western Civilization Day!

Their son was killed. They believe his parrot is telling people who pulled the trigger.
Police have issued an arrest warrant for Polly Wanda Cracker.

Ancient Roman writing tablets discovered at London building site
The very first handheld, mobile communication device in the UK.

Pope Francis Bestows Sainthood on Nun who Saved Jews During the Holocaust
Jebus Cripes. So what miracle was attributed to her? The miracle is that the Nazis found any Jews at all, given the number of people (and wolves) hiding them.

Gorilla killing: 3-year-old boy's mother won't be charged
Another brutha put down by the man and don't nobody du nuffin bout it. It cuz that gorilla wuz black! If he'd been white, then they would have pressed charges against the guy who shot him.

Happy Death of Western Civilization Day!

This might not be the exact anniversary of the day Western Civilization died, and certainly no side was blameless for bringing it about, but this was the day 72 years ago when there was no turning back. The battle cry of those White boys murdering each other might as well have been "For Judaism!!!" If you can still find one, be sure to spit in a WWII veteran's face for dooming us all!

Well, on the side of God's Chosen, anyway.

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