Sunday, June 05, 2016

Muhammad Ali: First and Last Muzzie Super Hero

Army releases names of all 9 soldiers killed in Fort Hood truck accident
Army personnel being killed in a manner other than being shot by a disgruntled Muslim colleague? Unfathomable.

Obama commutes life sentences of meth cook from Garland, crack dealer from Fort Worth
Meanwhile in the Philippines...

The Philippines’ New President Will Give You A Medal If You Kill A Drug Dealer
Note that in either case, the gub'mint is still not doing its job. Interesting.

Richard Simmons released after being hospitalized 'bizzare conduct'
What could that faggot do that would count as bizarre given his history? Wear pants?

Muhammad Ali: America's first and last Muslim hero
This is pathetic propaganda, and therefore dishonest as all get out. The title implies Ali was a hero because he was a Muslim, when it is very simple ... he was a nigger The Sports (TM) hero. Then he went muzzie, and people got used to him - not to Islam. After lauding all his struggles against racism and religious intolerance, as if they were the reasons Kwanians thought him a hero, the article ends by acknowledging its flawed reasoning by saying that Ali himself once told Kwanians to "get used to" him, and the last line concludes: "And we did." Again - Not them ... him. Nice try.


  1. I'm glad you're not kissing Ali's ass,I've noticed on a few conservative sites they are praising the draft dodging loudmouth ape,DS described him as "one of the good ones"

    From what I can tell he was just another uppity race baiting coon

    He shares mischlings with great leader trump,no wonder DS is praising him

    1. An outstanding contribution - as freaking weird as it is, Ali had a Jewish grandson. I found its name so others may point and laugh at it: Jacob Wertheimer.

      I'll take your word for it that the Quadroon Streicher would praise Ali in spite of this. Over the years, I have heard other White Whateverists praising Ali for being a sort of racial separatist, but they ignore that he gave up on that talk from the 70's on, adopted the "there is no such thing as race to God" attitude, and then - his daughter race mixed with a kike. Muh black ally for race war. Please.

    2. Ali was a creation of Howard Cohen (called himself Cosell) as much as anybody. Before that he was just a brawling bantu.

      Cohen needed something to up his pathetic life-game. He started out as a lawyer, then had a career as a little league and other sports reporter.

      The convergence of Cassius Clay's big mouth, JFK/LBJ boonery, and the rise of broadcast media was a match made in Satan's ass boils. Thus a natural fit for the attentions and energies of Howard Cohen. What better victory for His Tribe than propagandizing whites to worship loud mouthed violent nearly naked black savages as SPORTS HEROES?

      I'd respect Ali if he'd stuck to his separatist comments with action. As it was, he said whatever would get him attention in whatever setting he occupied in any moment. Classic black narcissist and mimic (or maybe in his case, anti-mimic, since he defined himself by taking the opposite view of those around him).

    3. A bantu warrior created by the Italian and Jewish mafias, the (((MSM))) and their handpuppet Howard Cohen (aka "Cosell") to keep whites riled up and distracted.

      I really don't give a shit about him.

    4. A brawling Bantu - HAHAHA!

      Thank you for the information about Ali by the way. I wasn't aware of his creation story.

      "What better victory for His Tribe than propagandizing whites to worship loud mouthed violent nearly naked black savages as SPORTS HEROES?"

      Yep - that does seem like the exact description of the Nigger-worshiping plan ... perfectly executed by the way.

      Whitie thinks athletes are better than normal people. Whitie thinks blacks are worse than normal people. A black athlete causes cognitive dissonance for Whitie, and that makes him weak. And wherever there is White weakness, there is a kike taking advantage of it. Whitie was faced with the choice of giving up his racism, or turning the channel to something other than sports. Guess which one Whitie chose?

  2. If you really want to turn your stomach, do some lookups of the "high points" of Howard Cohen's career. They're all about humiliating whites and advancing degenerates.

    The worst probably was his involvement in the Bobby Riggs/Billie Jean King spectacle. The mob was behind that as well as the kikes. ESPN of all things has a great piece about it.

    1. Excellent find, thank you for the link. Typically, I have no interest in The Sports, but this angle is quite intriguing.

  3. Also, the World Boxing Association was created then named its first world heavyweight champion--Sonny Liston--in 1962, and Clay won the title in 1964. Gee, some coincidence, eh?