Saturday, June 04, 2016

Israel Won't Extradite Lezzie Child Molester

Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Died of Septic Shock
With all that brain damage, of course he forgot and left his tampon in too long.

Bernie Sanders to Shillary: Yes, Trump’s Foreign Policy Ideas Are Scary. But So Are Yours
Quoting another dovish kike: "Donald Trump is 'dangerously incoherent' says HRC. HRC is dangerously coherent, for war, war, war."

Trump on black supporter: 'Look at my African-American over here'
Was it Diamonds or Silk? Or does he have a third Stepin Fetchit?

Texas Man Allegedly Posts Gruesome Photo of Girlfriend’s Dead Body on Facebook
That's what she gets for dating someone who looks like he is ready to establish a Caliphate in Fort Worth.

Israel won't extradite suspected [Lesbian] sex offender to Australia
Kikes gonna kike ... and then they gonna run off to Israel so they can't be prosecuted for their kiking, because Holocaust. Funniest thing is they can't extradite her because she is mentally ill. You don't say?


  1. That meme reminds me of when I tried to explain to my sister that there is, indeed, a Jewish problem.

    I didn't start as a race realist myself; I didn't even see a black person in real life until the 21st century and my only knowledge of Jews came from the public school's history and religion lessons. Even that was extremely brief and I have no recollection of what those lessons contained.

    Needless to say, my sister thought I was weird and "annoying" which is funny because I could talk her ear off about niggers but once I started on Jews then I was a conspiracy nut job.

    Eventually I broke down the argument to the most simple form I could think of: "about 3,000 years and around 200 countries. Either there is something about Jews or everybody else is sociopathic." It still took over a year for her to get it, and I'm still not convinced that she is convinced.

    If she represents the average white person, then white nationalists have an extremely long road ahead of them of "waking up the masses".

    But enough of anecdotal tales.

    - Different Anon

    1. Thank you for sharing, Different Anon. I would like it if other visitors shared their own version of their racial awakening.

      If you will permit the telling of tales to continue, I will relate that I grew up around niggers and White trash and slowly learned to despise both in equal measure in spite of all counter programming in the Marxist Indoctrination Mills (Kwanian public schools).

      I too have, at one time, shared my racism with friends and family, and been completely unsuccessful at swaying any minds. That is why I really do not understand the claim that racism is taught. Perhaps casual racism and the soft bigotry of low expectations are taught, but the innate nature of Chalkies is fair play and moral crusading, and overt racial prejudice turns their stomachs. Even White slave masters loved their darkie slaves - often times quite literally.

      As for Jews, I started from the position of thinking they were White with a different religion - but that was because I didn't know any. In my teenage years, I was placed in honors classes where Jews and Chingy Chongs together were the majority, I was one of a handful of token Chalkies, and there was always one darkie who ended up being removed from the class halfway thru the semester. In that environment, I learned kikes and chingy chongs stick to their own groups in their inherently clannish ways, and hold values that were anything but interested in fair play and moral crusading. I had never encountered a group of more successful cheaters and liars.

      It's not that niggers don't cheat and lie - they do, and they immediately get caught because they are stupid. And it's not that Chalkies don't cheat and lie - they do, but they have a conscience that does them in. Neither kikes nor chingy chongs have a conscience, and contact with them shaped my world view that if Chalkies were as ruthless as those Asiatics, we would not have kept pulling back from delivering the death blow to every inferior enemy we had subdued for the previous 5 centuries.

      I don't condemn kikes and chingy chongs for their cold blooded nature. I want the White race to become cold blooded as well, but maintain its racial integrity. Unfortunately, it looks like the White race has chosen to devolve into a bunch of niggers, and leave the civilized world to be run by those ruthless Asiatics. It's like High School all over again, HA!

      One more thing ... White Nationalism is a road to nowhere. Our people are not asleep, they are comfortable with the way things are. So they continue slowly plodding toward death. The mistake of WN is thinking them somnambulists.

    2. I was unsure if you cared about anecdotal tales and didn't wish to impose them.

      My public school years were basically entirely white. There were two gypsies in my elementary school class and I recall thinking them both as arrogant and annoying. Later on I had two Muslims boys--one in elementary school and one in middle school--in my class, and I thought the same about them. For some reason they both liked to bully me, but so did a lot of white boys in the class so I didn't think much of it. Finally in high school I saw only one Chinese exchange student, and that was about it for my interaction (or lack of) with other races.

      After reading about whites' experiences in American's diverse public schools, such as yours, and how it is like here nowadays, I am extremely grateful I could still go to a majority white public school. I'm convinced diverse schools are living hell and if I ever had a child I'd rather take them entirely out of society than place them in one.

      At least my family doesn't condemn me for my racism in spite of my views being quite radical. I suspect they mostly don't take me seriously, don't care, or don't think much about it at all. My father sometimes makes a casual remark how all the Muslims and niggers should be killed but, on other times, he says, "not all of them are like that" so he still hasn't adopted the mentality of "who cares". I doubt he will, either, because he is quite old by now.

      I don't blame my family. Hardly any of them has picked up a non-fiction book in their entire lives so if they have no knowledge of anything how could they apply it?

      As for Jews my sister started from the same position as you. She did not understand them as a distinct group. I had the advantage that I'd been already exposed to human biodiversity prior to the Jewish problem. I also like to think I'm quite nifty at adopting previously acquired knowledge to new things.

      So when I was exposed to the "Jewish conspiracy" I did not take it literally as a conspiracy. I thought if Jews are a genetically distinct group and behaviour is heritable then it might seem like some vast, shady "Jewish conspiracy" spanning centuries. Then I investigated, and found out that, indeed, Jews are their own distinct group and their behaviour has always been at odds with the population of their host countries. Which made more sense than Jews being the eternal victims of bullies for no reason at all.

      I do not condemn their behaviour, either. If I did I'd be unconsciously expecting them to act like whites. If one is a race realist, then one should understand it is as futile as expecting a dog to act like a human.

      Our people are, indeed, comfortable with the way things are. But I would like to add that I do not think most of them actually care about Jews, niggers or Asians. If they all disappeared tomorrow I doubt most of them would so much as blink. (Well, perhaps sport fans would wail until they replaced their nigger pets.) What they do care about, however, is their moral posturing. But so long as it is not accompanied by actions, it is nothing but hot air.

      - Different Anon

    3. I find people's conversion stories to racial reality very interesting. So, I appreciate your sharing.

      Not once have I read a story that someone picked up a leaflet with a Swastika on it and suddenly said, "You know, I just realized black people and kikes suck." Often, there is casual prejudice in the families of racial realists, but I have never read anyone being provided a coherent, consistent education in racial realities from their parents outside of der Movement. And the children of der Movement types seem to rebel against their parent's racism, but how much of that is due to not wanting to be a pariah, I cannot say.

      Do you feel you benefited from the mostly White environment of your education? Or was it still geared toward the Slow March Left? The Kwanian schools are geared toward making White people ashamed and guilty of their identity, and giving them an opportunity to alleviate those emotions by conforming to anti-White Leftism. A largely all-White environment might lay theoretical groundwork for that transformation, but I have a hard time imagining it would be as effective as being mingled with the descendants of your former slave caste. I think the most it achieves is a kind of wishy-washy golden-rule herd mentality that doesn't come close to either racism or anti-racism.

      It is rare to find others who get that the Jews don't have to have written Protocols in order to be in a conspiracy of identity. Rarer still to find others who get that the Jews are not an invincible hive mind, but a mass parasitic infection that only thrives when the host's immune response is weak. And that is what I have been trying to understand - where did our immune system go?

      Whites have always been too generous, too accommodating, too tolerant, but there was always a vicious strain to us that purged not only the outsider but the defective parts of ourselves as well. I feel that racially aware White people are the vestiges of that weakened immune response, but the host is so overwhelmed and happy killing itself that we cannot do our job. The host has always kept us from being too effective by its cross-cultural gregariousness (frolicking in/with the mud, if you will), but now it is actively suppressing us - its own immune system.

      RE: The idea that Whities don't care about the brown filth.

      That's the thing about my thought experiment of sending all the undesirables to the moon - I have come to believe White people would be miserable without subhuman and sub-ape companionship. It would be like taking away their dogs and cats - which is something else I would like to do. And that goes back to your point about the futility of making a dog act like a human. It is just as applicable to making Whities act like wicked Nazees.

      If I believe that Whities are generally good by nature, kind to brown people and animals, and primarily interested in fair play, how can I (or we in the White Whateverist sense) expect them to ever become racially conscious en masse? They cannot change any more than a dog can become a human. Sometimes the vicious elements of White people (people like me) get in power and then brown people and their supporters start being ... rectified. Whities have benefited enormously from our behavior, but have also suffered enormously from it too. And it seems they are fed up and would rather die of infection than let people like me have our way again.

      I very much enjoy these conversations with you, as you have a different way of thinking than I encounter with most racially aware / jew-wise people. It is refreshing.

    4. I’m happy to hear that you still enjoy these conversations. Sometimes I worry I’ve overstayed my welcome.

      I didn’t pick up a leaflet, myself, but beforehand I did deeply despise the multicultural concept for its illogicality and because I thought we were all meant to look like American TV. But I can say that, as for me, I was persuaded into white nationalism and then I just picked it up from there.

      As for being a pariah, I obviously know what to say and what not to say in public but I did mention human biodiversity around my co-workers once, how Asians are inherently more conformist because of gene-culture co-evolution, and that Arabs are more psychotic because of generations of inbreeding. Most of them were quite neutral and open to such a conversation.

      I cannot say that I benefited from the mostly White environment of my education. Said education was still bullshit (pardon my language) that taught what to think instead of how to think. Children are handed pre-packaged and censored information and they are only taught how to repeat it. As for if it was a Slow March Left, I cannot say. I’m afraid I didn’t pay it much attention as I was the odd one out who liked to sit in a corner and read. I do not have an impression that it was particularly geared toward making us ashamed and guilty of our identity (or perhaps I was just immune to it), because--for one--there doesn’t seem to be a Great White Whole identity around here, but I cannot say it wouldn’t be so nowadays.

      I have a theory to this lack of immune system but I’m afraid it is incomplete and I haven’t researched it much; one being Christianity, one being material greed, one being outbreeding within our own population, and one being ethnic identity. For example, I encountered a blog by a British man that talked about the Norman conquest of England and how they brought the Jewish infection with them. The Normans were originally Norwegian Vikings who settled on France, and later on went to conquer England. Obviously, not being indigenous to neither France nor England, it only makes sense to me that they wouldn’t much care about their indigenous subjects. That is to say, they were a rootless tribe whose identity was washed out by said rootlessness, much like the Jews.

      I did read that particular entry that you linked to and found it most amusing as I can easily see it happening. But I would hesitate to call it caring; more like Whites’ innate conscience acting up when they need to pull the trigger themselves and their would-be victim stands right in front of them.

      Perhaps my way of thinking has come from growing up watching and hearing people say things like, “oooh, but what about the children?!” whilst not doing a damn thing for said children. This observation led me to think that “human compassion” is innately hypocritical and nothing but a pretense to make them feel better about themselves and seem morally better. It’s an ego trip, so to say.

      For example, me and two of my sisters had a habit of gathering together and discussing a wide range of subjects. A lot of those discussions were about how children, women, men and animals are abused, about the senseless killing and hatred within mankind, and at point it just occurred to me, “what is the point?” We were just talking about these things, none of us weren’t doing anything about it and none of us weren’t going to do anything about it, so what is the point of talking about these things?

      Which was the point when I completely lost the interest to morally condemn people for behaviour that seems to come naturally to them.

      - Different Anon

    5. You are certainly welcome here. Your discourse is impeccably civil.

      When you say you were persuaded into White Nationalism, can you describe how this was accomplished? Did an actual person persuade you, or was it a process of self-guided inquiry? I ask because I still have not encountered someone who was converted to a pro-White position from a neutral or MultiKultural position, and I want to understand how such a thing is accomplished.

      I am shocked that you weren't shouted down for your HBD positions. I have wondered if my lack of success communicating racial awareness was down to being too serious or too flippant, but perhaps I am just "a most disagreeable man" (and I can't think why). If it is not too prying - what kind of communication style would you say you have?

      You seem to suggest that the goodness / the moralizing of White people may be superficial or halfhearted. I apologize if I am putting words into your mouth. This is a very different way of looking at the Milk Chalk Scourge. I have a very difficult time reading into human behavior. It is why I cannot support any conspiracy theory. I have always taken exactly what was offered on the surface as the reality, and then exposed the inconsistencies on the surface through mockery. The root of the inconsistency may be hypocrisy, idiocy, or deception - who can say? I certainly don't feel comfortable saying.

      To relay a familial example of moral pointlessness as you did, I have a family member who droned on at one dinner about the atrocities committed against Native Americans and how their land was stolen by we evil White folks. I interrupted and said, then why don't you give your house to an Indian and return to Europe? The response was, "There's nothing we can do about it now." I started to respond "Yes, there is - I just told you what you could do.", but I was shushed by elders looking to keep the peace at the dinner table. So which was it in this case? - Hypocrisy, idiocy, or deception? What was beneath the surface of that inane deflection? Certainly, I think it might conform to your argument that it is an ego trip. But why is their social reinforcement of the ego tripping? Why have Chalkies chosen to reward one another for moralizing and guilting each other, for defaming their own ancestors, and chosen to silence those who would challenge such base appeals to sentimentality? It's not that I expect you to answer or defend the matter, I am just asking in a chicken and egg sense. Did do-gooderism (Christian or secular) appeal to self-castigating Whities, or did it make Whities self-castigating? And why in the world do they reward each other for doing it?

    6. Perhaps it was my bottomless curiosity. If my curiosity is piqued, I will find out everything about said subject until I feel there is nothing new for me to learn, and the rest it up to me to apply and think.

      So I’d say it was a self-guided inquiry. It all started with a video “A Conversation about Race”, if you are familiar. From that video I moved onto American Renaissance, and when I started feeling AR hadn’t accomplished much, I moved onto other white nationalist blogs of various persuasion.

      It was a very small group of co-workers. A young girl, a young man, and an old man who was also a devout Christian and studied racism in university in Sweden. My brief talk about HBD seemed to fly right over the head of the girl. The Christian seemed to be aware of (or open to) racial realities but said discrimination based on it is wrong and we shouldn’t think any less or more of others because of their race. Only the young man said, “that sounds like racism,” which wasn’t particularly condemning. I just smiled because I thought him an ignorant idiot and went on with my explanation. I doubt any of it stuck because I’ve noticed very few people have any intellectual curiosity towards anything--especially towards something that goes against their worldview.

      (Mind, both men quite freely used the word nigger in my presence. Maybe because I offered no moral outrage over it or because political correctness hasn’t yet taken such root here.)

      Perhaps it helps that I am quite tiny and I look like a cute teenaged girl who’d never think bad thoughts or say bad things. It gives a certain leeway to say outrageous things. Like that time when my superior heard me relate the story when one of my teachers in high school suspected me of being a potential school shooter. Or at the very least said teacher gave the impression of such suspicion.

      Well, yes. I suppose I am suggesting that the goodness or moralizing of White people is superficial or half-hearted. For example, the white charities and Christians and liberals who actually do go frolic around do-gooding in Africa should already realise they are doing more harm than good to that continent. Helping them give unrestricted birth to children that they cannot self-sufficiently take care of? Yes, brilliant. Let’s put up ads about little brown children dying because of starvation, that takes care of it.

      I also once had the opportunity to converse with a girl who was leftist, liberal, multicultist, feminist and “tolerant”. She believes that Tumblr entries would save the world--never mind that the constituents she believes she is “saving” are mostly illiterate and have no access to internet. It astonished me that she didn’t realise the sheer idiocy in her thinking.

      What I am interested in is the contradiction in what humans say in contrast to what they actually do. It really does boil down to a simple thing; either one DOES what one professes to BE or one isn’t such.

      What this situation reminds me of is the 15th century Europe when people paid indulgences to the Catholic Church to get to Heaven because paying for it is vastly easier than actually doing good deeds.

      I’d say it is all three. People are endlessly self-deceptive and intellectually dishonest, whether it be conscious or unconscious. As you said, if your family member actually cared about the atrocities committed against Native Americans and how their land was stolen the solution would’ve been something as simple giving it back by leaving.

      If they don’t want to do that then, at the very least, they should realise the utter hypocrisy in thinking that they have the authority to let all and sundry on said stolen land when niggers, Jews, and Asians are no more Native Americans than whites are.

      Jews and liberals set the course of what is socially acceptable through public schools, Mass Media and TV, and now whites are just paying their indulgences with lip-service to get to Heaven.

      After all, “it is easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled”.

      - Different Anon

    7. I thank you for satisfying *my* curiosity that prompted yesterday's questions. Yes, I am familiar with "A Conversation About Race." I thought Bodeker did a good job. I wonder where he went?

      So it sounds as if you are saying that your inquisitive nature led you to consider positions out of the mainstream and your viewpoint grew organically through your own effort. You touch upon the danger of such self-guided learning in the insufficiently curious - the self may box itself in by pursuing only those avenues of thought that don't deviate from established viewpoints. It's probably no worse than simply being uninquisitive and accepting a prepackaged belief system, except that the latter requires less work. One other question, if you will continue to indulge - would you say that you were *innately* different than the other White folks around you? I am still trying to understand how others connected with the Movement view their relationship to non-awake Whites. Obviously, we are rather dysfunctional among ourselves, but we are all supposed to share some common interest in the advancement of our race. But what we may share in common more than anything is that we are also outliers among our own race - a manifestation of the God of Irony.

      I can see how the appearance of the messenger can sway the outcome of an encounter. I have suggested for years that Der Movement needs actors and actresses who will deliver the content written by those of us less aesthetically pleasing and/or those of us who appear threatening. (A school shooter!?! HA! I'm sure there's a story there.) We don't specialize. Instead, we have a thousand little fuhrers who think they can do it all, and end up being half-assed at everything.

      You offer a most intriguing theory of Chalky superficial moralizing. As with many human behaviors, the root may not be a single mass but an anchoring of tendrils - good intentions, posturing for social status, effort to mitigate cognitive dissonance. I suppose that in the end what concerns me more is not finding the root of this weed but killing it. I have had no success at encouraging other White people to be racist, but I have had some success at encouraging them to be amoral. Perhaps the focus on overt White identity should be ignored in favor of pursuing anti-Christian, anti-do-gooder, anti-humanist objectives that would obsolete the most-evil-thing-in-the-world status of White racial identity.

    8. Innately different, you ask? Perhaps I am. If I wasn’t, I would’ve most likely gone down the same path as my family and friends; that of excessive drinking and smoking. It always amused me to watch teenagers smoke while they spat on the ground after every inhale and complained how horrible it tasted; and yet they kept at it like idiots.

      While I don’t consider myself particularly intelligent, I’d like to think I’ve always been well-versed in spotting stupid--perhaps because I’ve lived my whole life around it. Also, even if I am capable of lying to others I’ve never been in the habit of lying to myself.

      I think the trouble finding actors and actresses for the movement would be finding actors and actresses willing to deliver the content. But who knows, I’m sure there would be at least a few.

      I’m afraid it’s not much of a story. As I said above, I was always the odd one out. I didn’t like crowds or mingling with people, and I was quite happy by myself reading. It was a time for an arts lesson, but the classroom was crowded with a bunch of rowdy teenagers, and I thought, “oh screw it,” and went to sit in the little entry alone. This was when the teacher came to find me (and mind, she’d never paid me any attention before) and began to ask questions if I was bullied and the like. This happened right in the wake of our few, recent school shootings so what other conclusions could I have made of her interrogation and her encouraging, “you can always come talk to me if you need to”? Nevertheless, it was extremely humorous to me.

      If you don’t mind me continuing from another thread of thought, I’ve also observed that quite a few whites who profess to be “non-racist” are also the ones who know nothing about other races. They know nothing about human biodiversity, or the history outside of Europe, or something as simple as crime statistic, and they most certainly don’t mingle with other races in their personal lives. Most of these people get their image of blacks, for example, from their televisions and mass media. And mind, the only news about blacks we get here are the ones about "evil white cops shooting innocent black teens". So I’d imagine it is quite easy for them to be non-racist. After all, it requires no effort from them.

      I’d like to see how long such a position would last if they had to live in a ghetto or in the middle of Africa.

      Also, I'm sure it would help if we got rid of Christian axiology and do-gooder mentality.

      - Different Anon

    9. Thank you for the response, and the story behind your misidentification. At least it wasn't because you chewed your poptart into the shape of gun! Having been a rather aloof student myself, I have noticed that there is an assumption that something must be wrong with you when one doesn't want to join in the reindeer games. It couldn't possibly be because the in-group are a bunch of vapid cretins not worthy of one's time. Again, that is one of the reasons I advocate an elitist White supremacy, not an appeal to the national masses. The Jews are right in this regard - White people are herd animals. I had hoped White Whateverism would get the sheep out of their enclosures, but I have come to the conclusion that is just not possible. Neither the herd nor the shepherds truly want it.

      My suggestion of actors and actresses in der Movement goes back to a time when I actually believed White Whateverism could prevent the encroaching doom. I sometimes forget the most depressing of my revelations. I don't see it happening anymore. The racially-aware must plan accordingly for a world of Whites being minorities in their own homelands - and within the lifetimes of people living today. I think the Trumpling's are subconsciously aware of this, and they are adapting by taking the posture of yet another oppressed victim group, putting their hands out begging for scraps from their mischling-making masters. They will starve to death.

      I'm not sure what the reaction of those non-racist White people would be to being dropped in a ghetto or the middle of Africa. This is why I keep inquiring about the exceptional nature of conscious racial awareness. Are non-racist Whities simply intellectually lazy, and would they, if plopped into a Negroid habitat, finally get HBD or more my much simpler version of HBD-thinking (taking stereotypes at face value)? What evidence is there that they would become more racist? They are willfully ignorant now, and fiercely committed to their moral supremacy. Even when their wives and children get raped and murdered and disposed of like garbage, they are the first to publicly forgive the black monsters and deny that the crimes were racially motivated. I've read these stories time and again. So you drop them into the Congo and they become more racist? I don't think so. I think they would become even more timid, more unassertive, more giving - if only to avoid becoming lunch.

  2. I generally consider myself a 'bleeding-heart liberal', but I must admit I've read most of this page here and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm actually not being sarcastic, though that is my usual method of communication, lol. Refreshing to read opposing views that are well written. Frighteningly so, as I've found that some of my beliefs may not be written in stone as I've always thought them to be. Well done. Now I run blithely back to my comfort zone! :-)

    1. My usual method of communication is opposition.

      Thank you for stopping by.