Friday, June 03, 2016

Does a child die of hunger every 10 seconds? I wish.

New praying mantis named after US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
More of a kadishing mantis actually...

Woman found dead in Brooklyn Park was married to UCLA shooter
Another day, another white woman married to mud is found dead. Only 7% of Kwanian Whites are in mixed race relationships, and yet the same story over and over and over again. To be clear - as Presbidemf Obongo would say - their rate of violence and victimization is much higher because the rate of mental illness with these people is much higher. Sane people don't want to race mix because they simply aren't attracted to animals.

Google Removes a Chrome Extension That Identified and Tracked Jews
At first I thought this meant Google had cracked down on White Whateverism - and then I realized that since the rise of Der Trumpenfuhrer, grandfather of the mischling master race, calling attention to Jews is now a big no-no among our "leaders". How excited the Quadroon Streicher and David Duchess must be now that Ivanka Trump's name won't be in brackets in every news article!

'Israeli Police Help Palestinian Girls Commit Suicide'
Thanks Jews! No, I mean it ... really ... thank you. Muzzie cunt wanted to come to the 'Kwa. Thank you for putting her down like the sub-human filth she was. Now, if any of your people are feeling suicidal, may I recommend they run toward the Palestinian border so the muzzies can return the favor?

Does a child die of hunger every 10 seconds?
The short answer is no, the figure is grossly exaggerated - and I am really bummed out about it. We have got to do better than this!


  1. How ironic the quadroon calls everyone a cuck,one the one hand he still publishes anti jew articles,but on the other cum stained hand he is actively promoting trump,his choice to go alt right allows him to gradually ease off the anti semitic stuff

    1. Der Daily is a parody site. The joke is that the most extreme elements of White Whateverism are being tricked by a quadroon and his hacker kike buddy into worshiping a jew-loving elitist as the savior of the White race. QS only started calling himself "Alt-Right" when Milo Fagopolis failed to mention him during his Breitbart cock-slobbering (a.k.a apologist article), lauding every Alt-Fag on the planet but condemning any other White Whateverist as a 14-88er. QS didn't appreciate being left out of the foam party.

  2. oy vey my uncle is gay
    ben garrison mentioned anglins gay activist uncle todd anglin

    Todd Anglin was a homo activist who founded the eagle foundation in columbus 1993

    im not sure if DS is a parody site, anglin is risking his life being the face of DS, but there is something fishy about the site

    1. I did not know that. That's hilarious! Thank you for the links.

      QS may or may not be risking his life, but consider what he does in light of this interwebs definition of parody:

      "an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect."

      And what does he, and the rest of meme brigade do when things don't go as planned? They say it was all a joke anyway. Give it a few years, and White Whateverists will look back on QS they way they look back on Hal Turner now. And we will all be another few years closer to extinction without anything to show for all the time wasted dicking around on the internet.

  3. As for the "preying Lilith" AKA Ginsberg, every time I see her picture I give more credence to the theory positing that Jews belong to a "secret reptile race." If ever there was a face of a serpent demon, that fucking hideous Jew cunt has to be it. As for your helpful advice in the Jewish/Palestinian suicide question, well, turnabout IS fair play, after all, innit?

    1. HA! Well, I think of them more as Rodents Of Unusual Size.

  4. Soooooooooo..."dying of hunger" now means "dying of anything whatever if you claim there's a Hungercaust going on, even though your numbers keep doubling every generation or two" ????

    Right then.

    And speaking of Den Kiken, did you see that two appear to be implicated in the assasina--I mean sad overdose death of Prince Rogers Nelson?

    One Schulenberg, one Kornfeld.

    Hip pain untreated by joint replacement is sheer hell. But why the Jehovah's Witnesses would consider opiates preferable to surgical correction is mind-boggling. Plus it's entirely possible, given Prince's age, that he had the birth defect called congenital hip dysplasia. It wasn't recognized in we babies born in 1957, never mind treated, and tended to cause lifelong problems with pain and mobility

    1. Are you saying that 2 kike doctors with itchy prescription fingers killed Prince? Stop giving me reasons to thank kikes, it makes me uncomfortable.

      The problem today is that the closest most people get to hunger is The Hunger Games. Oh, for the good ol' days. The third rider needs to get back on his horse.