Thursday, June 02, 2016

Dogs Ran Away from East Asia?

UCLA Shooter Turns Out to Be a Disgruntled Dothead
Another article in the L.A. Times claimed the murdered professor had played White savior, helping the sub par dothead get through his doctoral dissertation. How'd that work out, hmmm?

Surgical tech caught switching syringes tests positive for HIV
Guy's name was Rocky Allen. Oh, Rocky! How could you?

Matt Erickson, Trump-loving weirdo with bad Facebook posts, is running for Congress
Holy crap, the article annihilates this guy. As he is a racist, I find that unfortunate. But since he is a Trumpling, I enjoyed the article and the video provided.

Islamic Scholar Says 72 Virgins Might Be Mistranslated ...
... and it might have been 72 raisins. Personally, I will never be able to look at the California raisins the same way ever again.

A New Origin Story for Dogs
Scientists these days have too much time on their crinkled hands. While meandering along, considering many different possibilities, this article throws out the theory that there might have been more than one origin point for dogs, an eastern and a western. The western was then replaced by a strain from East Asia. And why would dogs run away from East Asia, do you think?

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