Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mystery of Paki Who Drank Strychnine

One-third of the world cannot see the Milky Way -- why that matters
I doesn't, which is why you had to base your entire article around the premise of arguing that it does. Otherwise, you wouldn't have had a hook for such a ho-hum realization This generation has access to images of the surface of other planets. It just watched the transit of Mercury without an epidemic of mass blindness. Seems a fair trade for 33% not being able to see the Milky Way. Especially considering that the remaining 67% subsist on less money per day then it would cost to buy a Milky Way candy bar at a 7-11. Go offer the 67% a Milky Way candy bar in trade for being able to see the actual Milky Way, and see what happens.

How Sexism Held Back Space Exploration
Yeah ... right. Pre-Women's Liberation - Man on the Moon. Post-Women's Liberation - Amerikwa can't get their rockets up (into space). There is a metaphor here about emasculation.

Demonstrators form human chain near US base in Germany
They want an end to drone strikes being carried out from that base. Mustn't kill the Muzzies before they get a chance to migrate to Germany!

Mitt Romney Says a Donald Trump Presidency Would Lead to 'Trickle-down Racism'
HAHAHAHAHA! I hurt myself laughing at this one. Romney is secretly an Alt-Righter, apparently! He believes in their insane theory that White people will become more overtly racist because Trump wants a wall. Romney thinks Trump is shifting the Overton Window toward bigotry. It's absolutely laughable! There is further irony, Praise be to DATGOY!, in that any "trickle-down" implies that you have to let the elite get the most, and then a little bit will trickle down to the plebs and they can benefit as well. Is there some gaggle of White Supremacist elitists engaging in an orgy of casual racism? Or is it just Donald Duke tweaking the media's nose because he is a billionaire and can get away with it? To test this, go to work Monday and call your Injun coworker Pocahontas and see if the "trickle-down" theory of racism is working and you can get away with it. If not, delude yourself into believing that if Trump is elected, by this year next time you will be able to get away with it - cuz then Amerikwa will be Gurrrrrr-reat! again. And by then, you should have been able to find another job.

Mystery of Butt-Ugly Old Paki Who Drank Strychnine Near Manchester
Considering he was a dead-ringer for Watto from the Star Wars Prequels, I'd say he had ample reason for self-harm.

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