Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nude Hapa Model Rants About Trump in Times Sq

Tesla driver crashes, dies while car in 'autopilot' mode
The manufacturer claims "Autopilot is an assist feature that requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times, and that you need to maintain control and responsibility for your vehicle." Oh, like a dishwasher that requires you wash the dishes by hand before you load them, or a toilet that uses half the water but requires you flush it three times. You know, useless.

Stung by a betrayal, former London mayor Boris Johnson ends bid to lead Britain
And who out-jewed this muzzie/kike? It was apparently his "betrayer"'s Jewish wife spurring her husband in the background. So now the front-runner is an even bigger shill for Israel. Convenient.

Mein Kampf Proceeds Will Go to Holocaust Survivors
Uncle is probably rolling over in his Argentinian grave right now.

Judge Blocks Indiana Law Banning Abortions Because of Genetic Abnormalities
Yay! To celebrate, go abort your mongoloid! And on the topic of another type of Mongoloid...

Nude Hapa Model Rants About Trump Before Jumping Off Ledge in Times Square
Please people - stop making these clinically insane Asian/White hybrids. We're just lucky he didn't rape a bunch of negresses or go on a killing spree.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Obama's Excrutiatingly Awkward Threeway...

Mass Media: Carbs are good for you now ... eat more carbs.
Oh, and by the way. Oceania is at war with East Asia. Oceania has always been at war with East Asia. Eurasia is our ally.

Why police were called to a South Jersey third-grade class party
Because the 'Kwa is never more than a step away from a nanny-police-state.

Mother of Diabetic Child Outraged by Politician's Suggestion She Should Pay for Her Child's Meds
And so is the rest of Social(ist) Media. Even the politician has condemned his own remarks. I do not understand when the mental transformation in Western people occurred that what was once understood had to be acquired through either work or charity became an entitlement. Obviously, we can look at the socialized states of the 20th century as the source of the transformation, but when did the public's mind change? Am I the only person left on Earth who thinks no one has a "right" to free medical care? Ooooo, but A-drey-drey, what if it was you who needed the free meds? Oh - you mean, wouldn't I want the government to go around robbing everyone else to pay for my meds and then get self-righteous about it when one politician dared question my need? Is that what you mean?

Dad Finds Daughter’s ‘Sexy Selfies’ on Social Media and Decides to Teach Her a Lesson
As soon as I read the headline, I knew the answer was he posted similar pictures of himself. You know those "stupid White dad" / "White men are incompetent idiots" commercials that have dominated Mass Media for the past 30 years? Witness the fruits of those labors. Warning to sensitive viewers - He has bigger tits than she does.

Obongo's "Excruciatingly Awkward" Three-Way ... 
... handshake with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Nieto. Can you believe it? These are the leaders of North America. Well played, Satan.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dad Loses Leg On Father's Day Trip

Ikea Recalls 29 Million Dressers and Chests After 6 Children Crushed to Death
Ikea is also recalling the coffins the children were supposed to be buried in, as they fell apart while being carried to the grave.

Microsoft forced to pay £7,500 after Windows 10 began automatically installing on woman's computer
Select "Yes" to pay now. Select "No" to pay not later.

Alien Worlds Might Be Covered in Enormous Mountains
Basically, this article says Earth is the Tilda Swinton of mountains, and there are a bunch of Dolly Parton planets out there that put Earth to shame.

Neighbor: Man stood naked after shooting wife with crossbow
Typical Saturday night for Ted Nugent.

Father-of-two, 41, could become second Texan to lose a leg to flesh eating bacteria after becoming infected during a Father's Day trip to the beach
At least the kids know what to get him for Christmas this year.

Monday, June 27, 2016

‘Super racist’ Pool Safety Poster Causes Pearl Clutching

Texas Dad Put Baby In Fridge After Leaving Her In Hot Car, Killing Child: Police
What, did he think she was like Frosty the Snowman and would spring back to life in the cold? It's funny ... I was just looking at that advisory in a car that said "The safest place for your child's car seat is in the backseat of the vehicle." And I thought, "Yeah, but that's also the place where you might forget about them." The guy who forgot in this case was an unemployed High School teacher. Yay, Kwanian Education System!

Rapper Hosts 'Peace' Event, Is Killed on Way Home
Oh, DATGOY, you is turribull! Turned out to be more of a "Rest in Peace Event" actually.

Why Twitter destroyed Justin Timberlake
Sheesh, if only. He was trying to pander to the anti-racist crowd and ended up triggering them in a hilariously innocent way. He dared use the old "we are all the same under the skin" bullshit Sesame Street was brainwashing him with as a kid. He didn't keep up with the shift toward the White privilege narrative, which makes Whites guilty of racism simply by existing. In so doing, he revealed he is getting old. And while were on the subject on Social Media outrage...

‘The Daily Show’ Blasted For Posting ‘Single Worst Tweet of All Time’ After SCOTUS Abortion Ruling
The "worst" part about it was it just wasn't funny. I don't mean it wasn't funny from the standpoint of pearl-clutching while claiming something isn't funny because it is morally reprehensible. What I mean it was poorly constructed, poorly executed, and simply not well thought out. But what do you expect from the mediocre mulattoes over at Comedy Central?

‘Super racist’ pool safety poster prompts Red Cross apology
Now to me, a "super racist" pool safety poster says "Warning Niggers: You will be shot if you try to go for a swim in the Whites Only pool!" In this case, look below and see if you can figure out why this is "super racist". Hint: Think of ADT commercials.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Sacramento Putsch

Mother, 42, is killed by police after shooting dead her two daughters, aged 22 and 17The mother looks a lot like Gretchen Carlson. This is a weird one - it does not conform neatly with established stereotypes. Anybody have an theories?
Critic Rips CNN Over Lewandowski: Your Job Is 'Reporting, Not Paying Weasels' To Do It For You
HA! There are nothing but egg-sucking weasels all over the Mass Media "news" networks. What's one more?

Mariah Carey Treats Pregnant Blac Chyna to a Sexy Striptease from One of Her Dancers
Ewwwww. The mudbloods are such a messy, unclean people. More Brazilification of the 'Kwa.

'This Is Not My Party': George Will Goes from GOP to Unaffiliated
Wait - George Will was a Republican? Says he is a conservative. Who knew? I thought he was a queer baseball-obsessive.

At least 10 beaten, stabbed at Capitol neo-Nazi protest
What an embarrassment. Petty violence and chaos linked with the words "Nazi" and "White Supremacist" in hundreds of headlines and articles around the world. The Traditionalist Youth Network / Traditionalist Worker Party sends the Golden State Skinheads to get in fights with Antifa, while Heimbach and Parrott hide from the mob and declare "victory" from behind their computers while shilling for donations before the blood is dry. Here's what that "victory" looks like:

And what was the reason for this rally in the first place? Quoting the article linked in the title: "The group and its California affiliate, Golden State Skinheads, sent about 30 people to speak up for Trump supporters who have been denied their freedom of speech, spokesman Matt Parrott said after the violence." They did it for Trumplings. Of course. Not to protest the elites who import muds, not to prevent criminals from preying upon innocent White people, not to expose the MultiKult indoctrination in the schools and Mass Media. No - they did it to protect the right of White people to worship the Grandfather of the Mischling Master Race - Der Trump. This "Movement" is beyond retarded.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jew Neuroscientist Suggests Thinking Less

[Moronic Cunt] banned from all US National Parks for scrawling her Instagram name on protected rocks
The Information Age is nothing more than an enormous and desperate cry for attention. Humans have climbed to the pinnacle of an electronic tree, as it amplifies their hoots and howls better than the top of any real tree ever could.

Auschwitz Game Highlights Serious Holes in Google’s Review Process
The game wasn't real - it was merely a test to see how effective Google was at censoring potentially offensive content. The game's slogan was "Live like a real Jew" at Auschwitz. HA!

Possible remnants of mysterious Lost Colony found
Ughhhhh ... stupid ... stupid ... stupid. A couple of pieces of pottery were found near the site of the Roanoke colony. Mass Media Morons!!! The people from the colony went missing. The settlement itself didn't teleport into another dimension. To find remnants of the Lost Colony would mean finding evidence of what happened to the people, not trash nearby the abandoned settlement.

Jewish Comedian Interrupts Trump Speech at Scottish Golf Course ...
... by distributing golf balls with swastikas on them. This anti-Semitism narrative connected with Trump is so bizarre. The man's daughter is popping out jewspawn at a rate better than Hillary's daughter, but Trump is still an anti-Semite. When the far Left and the far Right both agree on something (in this case that Trump is an anti-Semite), the question must be asked if humanity is too stupid to survive. And continuing with today's theme of rampant stupidity ...

Think Less, Think Better
Jewish neuroscientist suggests the problem with this world is that people are thinking too much. Riiiiight. Sleeeep goyim - sleeeeep.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Sparks Xenophobia Claims - If Only

Tony Robbins asked them to overcome fear and storm across hot coals. Dozens were injured.
This is one of those great headlines that contains its own punchline. The full story is very dull in comparison.

The Whole ‘Gay Revenge’ Orlando Narrative Might Be Falling Apart
One fag even accuses the FBI of covering up the gay truth because they have not found evidence Omar Mateen was a homo. The key is that the Leftist Mass Media narrative started with "closet-case goes berserk" before the HIV+ blood was even dry. They pointed a microphone in the direction of every gaybo who would say he knew Omar Mateen. But as the testimony began to shift toward the gay revenge scenario, then the Mass Media started to question the veracity of their sources. Interesting how that works.

US man admits making up Auschwitz escape story to keep memories alive
Oh, kind of like making up race-hate hoaxes to keep the memory of segregation alive, or making up fake rape hoaxes to keep the memory of gender inequality alive. It's not lying if it serves the cause of Social Justice, i.e. destroying Western Civilization.

No One Is Less Impressed By Michelle Obama Than This Adorable Little Girl
First off, she is not adorable, she is a gorilla-faced mulatto and one of The 15% Ugliest People in Amerikwa. Secondly, beyond nigger-loving Leftists, no human is impressed with Moochelle Obongo.

Media’s ‘Xenophobia’ Claim About Brexit Doesn’t Add Up
I agree. The motivation of this is in no way overt racial interest, though closeted racial interest may have influenced the outcome to an uncertain degree. It is now up to the nationalists to prove that this was not a fluke, and that the White people of Britain can remain the majority in their own homeland. Keep Calm and Fight Immigration. I have watched the race slowly dying for decades. One day of vigor does not mean the trend has reversed. I have seen terminally ill people have a good day where they can sit up in bed and eat a full meal, only to be unresponsive in critical care by nightfall. And, let's not forget, that the current favorite to lead post-Brexit Britain is a mudblood muzzie-kike-spawn that looks like a Jewish Gary Busey. Jews to the Left of you, Jews to the Right - on both sides of the pond. If White people don't stop empowering elite kikes, mischling-makers, and race traitors to rule over them, White people are doomed.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ugliest Sub-Ape-Ess In Kwa Offends Po-Po Lovers

Daniel Radcliffe has a really strange Donald Trump story
If he does, this ain't it. In fact, what Trump said was actually completely predictable given his obsessive self-promotion. Freakin' clickbait.

As House Sit-In Ends, Paul Ryan Embraces ACLU’s Opposition to Democrats’ Watchlist Gun Proposal
Boooooo!!! Lame! For fuck's sake they didn't even last 24 hours. Here I am now - entertain me!

How Subarus Came to Be Seen as Cars for Lesbians
HA! I had no idea this stereotype existed, let alone that it was an auto manufacturer's plan that made it happen. Just proof that you're never too bigoted to learn new stereotypes.

‘Make America White Again’: A politician’s billboard ignites uproar
So, anti-Trump internet memes are now becoming pro-White political campaign slogans. This Movement ...

Councilwoman Advocates for ‘Keeping Guns Away From Dangerous People’ — but It’s Who She Says Is ‘Dangerous’ That Shocks Residents
Blah ... blah ... blah - time for the blue lives matter crowd to clutch their pearls. What is truly funny about this story is how monstrously ugly the sub-ape-ess in question is.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

McDonalds Sells Lobster - Barf Bucket 50 Cents Extra

Jaguar shot dead after escape during Olympic torch event
Humans ... such worthless creatures. Quoting the article: The Rio 2016 organizing committee expressed regrets. "We made a mistake when we allowed the Olympic torch, a symbol of peace and union of different people, to be exhibited next to a chained wild animal". Actually, the symbolism of the former represents what you think you are - heroes, and the latter represents what you really are - monsters. And speaking of monsters...

Newly Surfaced Police Reports Detail Michael Jackson’s Disturbing Pornography Collection
As opposed to a reassuring pornography collection? Once you add "collection" to pornography, you can be pretty sure it will be disturbing. The word you should have used for Whacko Jacko's collection was "Horrifying". And speaking of Whackos...

Christina Grimmie's killer was obsessed with her, police say
No shit, thanks for the memo. At least the article provides amusing details of the obsession: Loibl claimed to be an atheist, but told [his only friend] that Grimmie's Christianity had spurred a change of heart and "helped him to see the world in a different way." If there was a God, [his only friend] recalled Loibl telling him, and "he has seen it in her." And since there can be only one - Jebus must have ordered the hit. All part of His plan.

Omar Mateen was spurned by boyfriends, ‘did it for revenge'
Ha! So if this beaner is telling the truth, Mateen wasn't a jihadist closet case, he was a jilted lover who was infected with HIV by the queer beaners with whom dabbled in butt fuckery. To get revenge, he went on a religious-themed rampage. An interesting story.

McDonald's brings back its lobster roll
What kind of low-class mental defective spends $9 for a scrap of mystery lobster on a bun from McDonald's?


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Niggeress Tasers Thieving White Trash Biddy

Man Who Was Headed to L.A. Pride Charged with Molestation
So, he wasn't trying to attack the L.A. Pride queers, he was on the run from Indiana where he had been accused of child molestation. And speaking of deviants ...

Africa: Lack of Transgender Healthcare Curbs Development
A commenter left a perfect non-racist quip - Wow, I thought war, corruption, crime, lack of the rule of law, and authoritarian governments were the cause of slow development in Africa. Turns out the cause is the lack of transgender health care. You can probably guess what I think is the reason Africa is a backasswards shithole. While were on a roll discussing people who put disgusting things in their body ...

Would You Eat 2,000-Year-Old Butter? One Chef Tasted It
No, it wasn't Paula Dean.

Latino radio host tells Hillary — his family’s voting for Trump!
HA! So Latinos really are assimilating into Kwanian culture. They are learning to be just like White people by voting against their racial interests.

Nigger Tasers An Old Woman For Stealing!
Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at this. What kind of pathetic taser was that? Does it operate off one AA battery? I've seen wind up toys that spark better. And now the niggeress gets to go to jail with the thieving White Trash old biddy. Satisfying. Yay, Diversity!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mochelle and Ofra Tell Mens to 'Be Better'

Israel reportedly constructing an underground wall around Gaza
Afterward, they can airlift a giant plexiglass dome over Gaza and seal them in until they run out of air. It's a good plan, actually.

If only humanity was so easily "bleached".

Trump Ousts Embattled Campaign Manager
Desperation move. He must believe the Media is right about the state of his campaign.

He’s lined up excuses, but Donald Trump knows he’s losing
Doubtful, but there's the narrative der Trumpenfuhrer might be trying to fight. More interesting than the Leftist gloating in this article is a claim they make about the polls. They say that if Trump's poll numbers remain low, it might be because Chalkies being polled are afraid to say they are voting for him, as they do not want to appear racist. Now, this might bolster some of the Trumplings' irrational exuberance back to its old height - but it would be a tacit admission that the much famed Overton Window did not shift. Why? Because Chalkies would still only be voting for their racial interests in a closeted fashion - White racial awareness would still not be a socially/politically acceptable position. And if he still loses - there will be proof that the majority of Chalkies are not voting for dogwhistle candidates any longer.

Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey Tell Every Man to ‘Be Better’
Two enormous lesbian boons hold a get together called The United State of Women summit, and there they pronounce 4 ways for men to "be better": as fathers, in relationships, as husbands, as employers. The irony is darker than the cavernous, fetid pits these two apes call nethers. Just imagine a United State of Men summit that called for women to "be better": as mothers, in relationships, as wives, and as employees. As always, feminism isn't about empowering women, it is about blaming men for all women's problems. Kind of like how White Whateverism isn't about empowering Whities, but blaming kikes for all Whitie's problems.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fla. Official Suspended for Anti-Orlando Fuck-Up

Scientists Now Scrambling To Figure Out How To Get Men Pregnant
No, they aren't. This is a misleading headline for multiple reasons.  The article itself is more accurate - transgender freaks are wondering if uterine transplants could work for them, after a couple of uterine transplants have been performed in women. There is no Frankenstein laboratory "scrambling" to make Kaitlyn Jenner a mother - yet.

Fast food may come with a side of phthalate chemicals
I have a suspicion that this is going to be very similar to the french fries cause cancer research from years ago. The Mass Media will claim scientists have found a dangerous chemical in a food that obsessive food purists already find evil. The food purists will swell with pride that they alone avoided the sin. Then, it will be discovered that a variety of cooked foods contain the chemical (in the case of french fries, it was discovered to be toast), and it will be up to researchers to find another headline-grabbing discovery for the Mass Media. The Mass Media will then use the newest "discovery" to recapture the imagination of the food purists and make them feel superior again, until the bubble pops once more, and the cycle must be repeated.

Movie: High Yellow (1965)
I had no idea this film existed. I was watching an old episode of MTS3K called Attack of the the Eye Creatures (two the's is on the title card of the movie) and thought that the female lead in the film looked like an octaroon. I wondered if she was passing in Hollyweird, and when I looked her up on Google, I found out she was in a film about a maid who wants to pass for White. High Yellow was made by the same director/producer/writer as Attack of the the Eye Creatures, and it is so bad that it is good. The dialogue is incredibly artificial and trippy, and would have been impossible even for a talented actor/actress to deliver. There are a couple of weird subplots, but the topper involves her intimate relationship with her bosses son, who was kicked out of the military after being caught with a shemale stripper. I repeat - this is a really bad movie, but if you like really bad movies, I think you will enjoy it.

Parent-shaming and how the gator attack isn't Harambe
There is a racial overtone to the discussion of these two events that I find most pleasing. Some are saying the gator-attack parents are being love-bombed because they are White, and not because their kid actually died. Others have hate-bombed the family and blamed White privilege as a reason the father let the boy play in the water at dusk. And still others have defended the parents letting their boy play in the water by claiming the Whities were bumpkin rubes from Nebraska who couldn't have known there were alligators in Florida. I think the most important lesson is that social media thrives off of the misery of others.

Florida Official Kenneth Lewis Suspended Over Anti-Orlando Facebook Post
I've been releasing this general disclaimer for 6+ months now: Rules that apply to Trump do not apply to you. If you happen to become a billionaire celebrity grandfather of mischling - they might apply to you, but it is unclear how many orange Archie Bunkers the WrestleMania-loving trailer park mob will worship at one time.

I have trouble telling niggers apart - so I am not sure if that is Diamonds or Silk behind the Orange Messiah.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Media Lauds Lezzies Trying to Queer Toddler

Rio state government declares financial disaster as Olympics loom
Excellent. Brazil's economy will be as rewarded as Greece's economy was, just with more microcephaly.

Trump Is Holding the GOP Hostage
Author claims republican leadership are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. HA!

The Clintons just increased their chances of having more presidents
Chelsea plopped out her jew-spawn, adding another to the ranks of the mischling master race that will rule your mudblood descendants in fifty years, White Amerikwa.

Ron Lester Of Billy Bob ‘Varsity Blues’ Fame Dies At Age 45
500 pound guy lost 348 pounds, his career, and ended up dying in middle age of massive organ failure - and the article about his death still had the gall to say gastric bypass saved his life. HA! again.

Buzzfeed Glorifies Lesbian Couple Attempting To ‘Queer’ Their Toddler
Fag fathers do the same thing, they just use their dicks, not tutus.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Holocaust Survivor Band to Play at Auschwitzpalooza

Alien contact could be 1,500 years away, say Cornell astronomers
Lucky aliens - humanity should be extinct by then, and they will won't have to worry about actually interacting with the psychotic ape people of planet Earth (all shades included in this condemnation 'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth.)

Carbon dioxide is at highest level in 4 million years
Gee, I would really like to believe the Lefties finally got something right for a change and this will be catastrophic for the human population in this century. Here's hoping.

Puerto Rico could see hundreds with Zika birth defects
The island's average IQ will stay the same though - borderline retarded.

Fury as Feminist Tweeterer Blames Toddler Alligator Death on “White Privilege”
Not too far off, but it's really just the "actions don't have consequences" mentality of the 21st century 'Kwa that is to blame. Note that the Tweeterer has had to purge herself from social media as a result. Delightful! Whitie gets to play the outrage card for a change and win.

Holocaust Survivor Band to Play at Auschwitz in Memory of Victims
The article says they don't have a set playlist. May I suggest they consider the following?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pistorius Walks on Stumps for Lesser Sentence

Michigan Mandates Holocaust Education
Not sure if lead poisoning or Holocaust educatumication is more damaging to children's brains, Michigan lawmakers opt for both.

Stephen Colbert draws swastika to slam Donald Trump's Orlando reaction
Audience got it half way through, proving the conditioned response is very deeply programmed. Interesting.

British lawmaker dies after shooting and stabbing attack that stuns nation
Let me guess - false flag to turn the tide against Brexit? Nailed it. Wow, I am finally starting to get better at predicting what conspiracy theorists will say! Could it have been a false flag? Yep. Can you do anything about it? Nope. There's no utility in calling it out. It makes the conspiracists look insensitive, not just crazy, which theoretically could push even more people away from their camp as the moral posturing begins. Not mentioning politics at all is the only sensible thing to do.

Stocks, Sterling Surge After British MP's Death
Sorry - not the only sensible thing. Remember also to capitalize.

Oscar Pistorius hobbles without prosthetics in plea for a lesser sentence
Disturbing pic. And to think, Reeva had those stumps all to herself and she threw it all away just to take a shit in the middle of night.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Legend of Zelda Sparks Gender Wars

Proof Donald Trump Is an Alien Warlord
Highly Recommended! This probably isn't what you think it is, and it is in fact ten times funnier than the headline lets on.

To Be Outed in the Worst Possible Way
In this case, the headline is a lot funnier than the article, which is a rather morbid take on what the families of closet-cases might experience if their lurved ones died in the Orlando shooting.

Orlando Chick fil A workers reverse Sunday hours policy to feed volunteers
fil A's for gays. In the comments section you will discover that the queers aren't too grateful, since the religious nuts are using this as yet another opportunity to claim moral supremacy over the bug chasers.

Can coffee cause cancer? Only if it's very hot, says WHO agency
And next year they will tell you iced coffee causes liver failure, and the smell of coffee reverses dementia, and people who drink freshly ground coffee live 10 years longer, but are 3 times as likely die from extreme rectal prolapse. Hooray for Pop Science and the Mass Media!

Nintendo offers really stupid reasons why you can't play as a woman in The Legend of Zelda
I had a momentary bout of madness reading this article, cackling hysterically while descending into that dangerous frame of mind where I believe none of this can be real. It all came down to this part:

[The game producer] said "The Triforce is made up of Princess Zelda, Ganon, and Link. Princess Zelda is obviously female. If we made Link a female we thought that would mess with the balance of the Triforce. That’s why we decided not to do it."

This makes no sense and isn't even canonically correct. The Triforce isn't composed of Zelda, Ganon, and Link; it's a representation of three traits — wisdom, power, and courage — As for the claim that the Triforce has to be held by two men and one woman, that's just bewildering and completely ignores that gender isn't binary [...]

Even reading it now, I am on the verge of an out of body experience. This can't be real, can it? The world cannot have reached such a level of absurdity that radical redefinitions of gender are being used to argue against the Japanese predisposition to having absolutely no sense of continuity, which is apparently causing The Legend of Zelda to become non-canonical. Where am I? Time and space have lost all meaning!!! I think I may have stumbled upon the switch that shuts off the Matrix.

These giant tits are canonical!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Muzzie Journalist Dares Call Terrorists Muzzies

*Orlando Shooting Edition*

Democrats turn their backs on Paul Ryan’s empty gesture for Orlando
Fascinating. A new hashtag slogan is born. #NoMoreSilence. It makes sense - the moment of silence does have a kind of submissive, resigned quality to it. Ramp it up Lefties. Grab dem guns! I need some entertainment.

Watch Obama Get Angrier About Trump Than He’s Ever Been
Obongo finally shook off a bit of his natural torpor. Was it because Trump implied Obongo was soft on Muzzie terrorists, or because the target of this Muzzie terrorist was a bunch of faggots? Perhaps a bit of both. Two of Obongo's favorite things just collided, and he must be very emotionally fragile as a result. HA!

Federal prosecutors convene grand jury to investigate wife of Orlando massacre gunman
This is not the moonchild ex-wife mind you, but the current wife and mother of his three-year-old. She apparently knew what was going to happen and did nothing. How incredibly dim she must be if that is true. Her life is destroyed. She should have gotten on the first flight back to DurkaDurkastan as soon as news broke.

Sacramento Baptist pastor praises Orlando massacre
Baptist Beaner Boy Bashes Butt Burglars! Outstanding - the Brown Singularity will finally mean an end to all racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism, ableism, etc. etc. etc. Sure it will ... next ...

Admit It: These Terrorists Are Muslims
A Leftist, Muzzie journalist dares to speak the truth, and suggest that you cannot have a tolerant, MultiKultural society and not condemn Islam for its worst qualities. He's right, of course. But he has dangerously wandered out of the double-think trap of Leftism while looking for consistency in his beliefs. He has seen Lefties criticize Christianity for much less severe actions than Islam, and yet seen Islam protected by same Lefties. He doesn't get why, because he doesn't understand that MultiKulturalism isn't about uniting the world in love, peace, and happiness. It is about killing off White people. And when MultiKulturalism accomplishes this, it will have signed its own death warrant, because it cannot exist without White People. Oh, Mr. Muzzie Journalist, you are so close to the truth. You are almost there! But, for the sake of your sanity, stay away from the Bucket of Truth!

Monday, June 13, 2016

That's Queer - Orlando Prompts Rubio to Rethink Retirement

Nightclub Witness: Orlando Terrorist Spared Black Clubgoers
Reportedly, he said he didn't have a problem with the blacks. Milo Fagopolis must be thrilled his favorites were spared.

Lil Wayne's Private Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Rapper Suffers Seizure
Uh, oh ... looks like Prince might have company in Hell soon. 

ALF actor Michu Meszaros dead at 76
Oh ... my ... non-existent ... God. There was a midget actor inside of Alf? Add it to the list of things I would have been happier never knowing.

Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Tweets About Orlando Shooting
So he engaged in a little racist self-congratulation - it's one of the 7 basic Tweets.

Rubio Indicates He May Be Reconsidering Plan to Retire From Congress Following Orlando Terror Attack
A gay nightclub is shot up in Florida and Rubio rethinks his life plan as a result? That's queer, don'tcha think?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Omar Mateen's Moonchild Ex-Wife Offers Weird Prayers

How an Outsider President Killed a Party
The president in question is Zachary Taylor. An interesting look at the demise of the Whig party.
And here's another story about a fellow named Zachary Taylor...

Homeless 72-year-old man who was EATEN by a Florida alligator
Guy had one hell of a unibrow. Wonder if he was a descendant of Taylor via a Seminole slut?

Texas [Sub-Ape] Says He Was Choked for Smiling in Mugshot
Doubtful. Lurv this quote: “This is how I always take my pictures,” [the nigger] said to the booking officer, according to the lawsuit. Someone should remind him that nigger males don't smile while being photographed - therefore, his behavior was highly suspicious!

Omar Mateen Terrorist was 29-Year-Old Islamic Radical
CIA Hologram!!! No gays died!!! Obama gun control black-op!!! Israeli false flag to spread Islamaphobia!!! Have I covered all the interweb crazy we should expect today?

Ex-Wife of Omar Mateen Offers Weird Prayers for Victims of Ex-Husband's Rampage
She kind of looks like a not-fat Snooki. As usual, when gays are victims of violence, the perpetrator is portrayed as a closet homo, in spite of evidence to the contrary. The "You are what you hate." TV Trope. It is a strange impulse that seems to be remnant of a time when accusing someone of being gay was supposed to be the worst insult. Can you imagine if we applied the same logic to other violent criminals? Dylann Roof shot those people because he was secretly an elderly nigger! Christina Grimmies' shooter was secretly a crappy pop musician! The Planned Parenthood shooter had personally had 7 abortions!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mystery of Paki Who Drank Strychnine

One-third of the world cannot see the Milky Way -- why that matters
I doesn't, which is why you had to base your entire article around the premise of arguing that it does. Otherwise, you wouldn't have had a hook for such a ho-hum realization This generation has access to images of the surface of other planets. It just watched the transit of Mercury without an epidemic of mass blindness. Seems a fair trade for 33% not being able to see the Milky Way. Especially considering that the remaining 67% subsist on less money per day then it would cost to buy a Milky Way candy bar at a 7-11. Go offer the 67% a Milky Way candy bar in trade for being able to see the actual Milky Way, and see what happens.

How Sexism Held Back Space Exploration
Yeah ... right. Pre-Women's Liberation - Man on the Moon. Post-Women's Liberation - Amerikwa can't get their rockets up (into space). There is a metaphor here about emasculation.

Demonstrators form human chain near US base in Germany
They want an end to drone strikes being carried out from that base. Mustn't kill the Muzzies before they get a chance to migrate to Germany!

Mitt Romney Says a Donald Trump Presidency Would Lead to 'Trickle-down Racism'
HAHAHAHAHA! I hurt myself laughing at this one. Romney is secretly an Alt-Righter, apparently! He believes in their insane theory that White people will become more overtly racist because Trump wants a wall. Romney thinks Trump is shifting the Overton Window toward bigotry. It's absolutely laughable! There is further irony, Praise be to DATGOY!, in that any "trickle-down" implies that you have to let the elite get the most, and then a little bit will trickle down to the plebs and they can benefit as well. Is there some gaggle of White Supremacist elitists engaging in an orgy of casual racism? Or is it just Donald Duke tweaking the media's nose because he is a billionaire and can get away with it? To test this, go to work Monday and call your Injun coworker Pocahontas and see if the "trickle-down" theory of racism is working and you can get away with it. If not, delude yourself into believing that if Trump is elected, by this year next time you will be able to get away with it - cuz then Amerikwa will be Gurrrrrr-reat! again. And by then, you should have been able to find another job.

Mystery of Butt-Ugly Old Paki Who Drank Strychnine Near Manchester
Considering he was a dead-ringer for Watto from the Star Wars Prequels, I'd say he had ample reason for self-harm.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Beaneress Reporter Attacked by Niggeress on Live TV

One man's quest for Loving Day, a holiday for multiracial Americans
As opposed to Hating Day, a holiday to recognize all other Americans, right? The Loving in question is a reference to the interracial couple whose case overturned anti-miscegenation laws in the U.S. The Loving case is particularly useful because it can serve to remind White men that it was one of their kind's craving for chimp cunt that was responsible for the end of aforementioned anti-miscegenation laws. So when you see a pretty white girl lugging around a niglet - remember Richard Loving.

In a first, Iceland power plant turns carbon emissions to stone
An interesting green initiative. However, there is a concern that certain microbes might then feed off the stones and produce methane, a theoretically more potent green house gas. But when has green science let unintended consequences get in the way of saviorism?

Accused Charleston killer Dylann Roof gambles, wants lone judge
I recommend against this (to the ether). I recommend he drag out the trial as long as possible (having to pick a jury would help with this) and hope for a death penalty sentence so he can remain secluded from the general prison population. Then he can drag it all out again in the appeals. In another decade or two, the death penalty may no longer be permitted in the U.S.

This 11-minute Donald Trump rant is a Republican nightmare
No - the standard Republican nightmare is being labelled a racist by the news media. Trump losing the presidency would not be a nightmare if they thought it would prevent them carrying his baggage.

Beaneress Reporter Attacked by Groidess During Live TV Broadcast
And the beaner back at the TV station keeps right on with the show. Beaners are gonna make great replacements for White people. Once the last Chalkie is tossed into a mass grave, it will fall upon the Beaners (as the inheritors of White American civilization) to ignore black criminality and violence.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Trump's Kike Son-in-Law "Power Behind the Throne"

Fossils Suggest That Island Life Shrank Our 'Hobbit' Relatives
The idea of island dwarfism isn't new, but what I found interesting in the article was this bit: Despite their small brains, the Hobbits were smart enough to make stone tools. But Adam Brumm from Griffith University in Australia says they didn't seem to get any smarter. "This technology, whatever it was used for, essentially stayed the same for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years on this island,". An accurate description of the precolonial situation in black Africa and Australia, wouldn't you say?

This restaurant just unseated Chipotle as the most popular Mexican chain
Yeah, but Chipotle's seat is a bloody-diarrhea splattered toilet with an overflowing barf bucket sitting right next to it.

A look at chronic absenteeism across America
One of the responses to this "national problem" was to obtain 30,000 free back packs for schoolchildren. Uh huh ... that's the reason they couldn't go to school. And while you're at it, you should distribute 30,000 muzzles to prevent dogs eating children's homework.

Donald Trump's Hispanic voter 'doomsday'
Mass Media Doomsdayers have been so successful so far in predicting what will be the end of Trumpenfuhrer, haven't they?

Donald Trump’s Son-in-Law Emerges as a Silent Force Behind the Throne
Cuz Muh White Savior. Nice that Kushner so instinctively takes to the kikes' historical role.

Sorry White Nationalist Trump fans - her tongue is for Jewish asshole only.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Mongoloid Mama Pens Anti-Abortion Screed

Nothing to recover after man falls into acidic hot spring at Yellowstone
HA! I wonder if the idiot had his phone out like this doofus did.

Donald Trump Says He Doesn't Believe in "American Exceptionalism"
Says he doesn't believe it is very nice term. Wonder what he'd say about Israeli Exceptionalism.

Mother of Girl Who Lost Race to Transgender Athlete Speaks Out
Oh, Turnabout - your play is so fair. Feminist cunts have spent 100 years saying "Anything you can do, I can do better.", and they still can't even beat an Eskimo transvestite in a school race. Hear them roar!

Supreme Court To Reconsider Death Sentence For Black Man After Expert Gave Racist Testimony
The expert said the perp was more likely to reoffend because he was a minority. Since the truth is racist, it makes perjury look good by comparison.

Mother of Mongoloid Pens Open Letter to Doctor Who Advised Her To Abort
Since she didn't take the doctor's advice and this article is from The Blaze, you can probably guess the letter wasn't an admission she was mistaken. The comments section is filled with the most bizarre proclamations of Mongoloid supremacy - they are the Most Loving, the Most Happy, the Most Honest of all human beings. Who are you trying to convince? Methinks the retard-makers doth protest too much.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Twin Yoga Scam Artists Pull a Thelma and Louise

Senate holds hearing for bill to help Holocaust survivors recover looted art
Holocaust Survivors - the only demographic actually growing in the West.

‘Super PAC’ Highlights Donald Trump’s Mockery of Disabled Journalist
I'm really curious to see what the Left can come up with that will shake the Trumpling's faith in their fuhrer. Showing him mocking hand flappers probably ain't it. Mass aerial fire bombing probably ain't it either, as it didn't work with Donald's predecessor. I think it all comes down to failure. Unless the Left can halt Trump's winning streak, his fanboys won't be swayed. Of course, failure is inevitable. The question for the Left is will it occur before or after the election?

British Serial Pedophile Sentenced for Preying upon Children in South East Asia
Wow. There but for the grace of Trump goes the Quadroon Streicher.

Abandoned Japanese boy: Seven-year-old Yamato Tanooka 'forgives father'
Shucks, he survived. He was smart enough to hunker down in the first dwelling he encountered, so that definitely improved his odds. Crafty Asians.

Twin Yoga Scam Artists Pull a Thelma and Louise Death Dive
Alison and Ann Dadow. What a couple of screwballs. They were in massive debt and under criminal investigation. You know what they needed? Some sort of relaxing hobby. Something that would give them a sense of inner peace and centeredness. Not sure what that could have been. By the way, the picture that goes along with this article kind of makes them look like trannies / like the Wayans bruthas in White Chicks. That alone would be reason to drive off a cliff.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Happy Death of Western Civilization Day!

Their son was killed. They believe his parrot is telling people who pulled the trigger.
Police have issued an arrest warrant for Polly Wanda Cracker.

Ancient Roman writing tablets discovered at London building site
The very first handheld, mobile communication device in the UK.

Pope Francis Bestows Sainthood on Nun who Saved Jews During the Holocaust
Jebus Cripes. So what miracle was attributed to her? The miracle is that the Nazis found any Jews at all, given the number of people (and wolves) hiding them.

Gorilla killing: 3-year-old boy's mother won't be charged
Another brutha put down by the man and don't nobody du nuffin bout it. It cuz that gorilla wuz black! If he'd been white, then they would have pressed charges against the guy who shot him.

Happy Death of Western Civilization Day!

This might not be the exact anniversary of the day Western Civilization died, and certainly no side was blameless for bringing it about, but this was the day 72 years ago when there was no turning back. The battle cry of those White boys murdering each other might as well have been "For Judaism!!!" If you can still find one, be sure to spit in a WWII veteran's face for dooming us all!

Well, on the side of God's Chosen, anyway.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Muhammad Ali: First and Last Muzzie Super Hero

Army releases names of all 9 soldiers killed in Fort Hood truck accident
Army personnel being killed in a manner other than being shot by a disgruntled Muslim colleague? Unfathomable.

Obama commutes life sentences of meth cook from Garland, crack dealer from Fort Worth
Meanwhile in the Philippines...

The Philippines’ New President Will Give You A Medal If You Kill A Drug Dealer
Note that in either case, the gub'mint is still not doing its job. Interesting.

Richard Simmons released after being hospitalized 'bizzare conduct'
What could that faggot do that would count as bizarre given his history? Wear pants?

Muhammad Ali: America's first and last Muslim hero
This is pathetic propaganda, and therefore dishonest as all get out. The title implies Ali was a hero because he was a Muslim, when it is very simple ... he was a nigger The Sports (TM) hero. Then he went muzzie, and people got used to him - not to Islam. After lauding all his struggles against racism and religious intolerance, as if they were the reasons Kwanians thought him a hero, the article ends by acknowledging its flawed reasoning by saying that Ali himself once told Kwanians to "get used to" him, and the last line concludes: "And we did." Again - Not them ... him. Nice try.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Israel Won't Extradite Lezzie Child Molester

Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Died of Septic Shock
With all that brain damage, of course he forgot and left his tampon in too long.

Bernie Sanders to Shillary: Yes, Trump’s Foreign Policy Ideas Are Scary. But So Are Yours
Quoting another dovish kike: "Donald Trump is 'dangerously incoherent' says HRC. HRC is dangerously coherent, for war, war, war."

Trump on black supporter: 'Look at my African-American over here'
Was it Diamonds or Silk? Or does he have a third Stepin Fetchit?

Texas Man Allegedly Posts Gruesome Photo of Girlfriend’s Dead Body on Facebook
That's what she gets for dating someone who looks like he is ready to establish a Caliphate in Fort Worth.

Israel won't extradite suspected [Lesbian] sex offender to Australia
Kikes gonna kike ... and then they gonna run off to Israel so they can't be prosecuted for their kiking, because Holocaust. Funniest thing is they can't extradite her because she is mentally ill. You don't say?

Friday, June 03, 2016

Does a child die of hunger every 10 seconds? I wish.

New praying mantis named after US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
More of a kadishing mantis actually...

Woman found dead in Brooklyn Park was married to UCLA shooter
Another day, another white woman married to mud is found dead. Only 7% of Kwanian Whites are in mixed race relationships, and yet the same story over and over and over again. To be clear - as Presbidemf Obongo would say - their rate of violence and victimization is much higher because the rate of mental illness with these people is much higher. Sane people don't want to race mix because they simply aren't attracted to animals.

Google Removes a Chrome Extension That Identified and Tracked Jews
At first I thought this meant Google had cracked down on White Whateverism - and then I realized that since the rise of Der Trumpenfuhrer, grandfather of the mischling master race, calling attention to Jews is now a big no-no among our "leaders". How excited the Quadroon Streicher and David Duchess must be now that Ivanka Trump's name won't be in brackets in every news article!

'Israeli Police Help Palestinian Girls Commit Suicide'
Thanks Jews! No, I mean it ... really ... thank you. Muzzie cunt wanted to come to the 'Kwa. Thank you for putting her down like the sub-human filth she was. Now, if any of your people are feeling suicidal, may I recommend they run toward the Palestinian border so the muzzies can return the favor?

Does a child die of hunger every 10 seconds?
The short answer is no, the figure is grossly exaggerated - and I am really bummed out about it. We have got to do better than this!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Dogs Ran Away from East Asia?

UCLA Shooter Turns Out to Be a Disgruntled Dothead
Another article in the L.A. Times claimed the murdered professor had played White savior, helping the sub par dothead get through his doctoral dissertation. How'd that work out, hmmm?

Surgical tech caught switching syringes tests positive for HIV
Guy's name was Rocky Allen. Oh, Rocky! How could you?

Matt Erickson, Trump-loving weirdo with bad Facebook posts, is running for Congress
Holy crap, the article annihilates this guy. As he is a racist, I find that unfortunate. But since he is a Trumpling, I enjoyed the article and the video provided.

Islamic Scholar Says 72 Virgins Might Be Mistranslated ...
... and it might have been 72 raisins. Personally, I will never be able to look at the California raisins the same way ever again.

A New Origin Story for Dogs
Scientists these days have too much time on their crinkled hands. While meandering along, considering many different possibilities, this article throws out the theory that there might have been more than one origin point for dogs, an eastern and a western. The western was then replaced by a strain from East Asia. And why would dogs run away from East Asia, do you think?

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Ayatollah's Office Praises Excellent Holocaust Cartoon Contest

12-Year-Old Science Whiz Gathers and Shares All the ‘Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism’
Oh, Lord ... let the triggering begin. Whatever side of this debate you are on, one of the first things to do is probably to ignore what a 12-year-old is going to tell you about it.

Mestizo Arsonist Accidentally Set Himself on Fire at Chicago Food Festivus
Refried beaner.

Bernie Sanders keeps repeating his biggest mistake of the campaign
Believing he has a chance to win? Seriously though, the author says Bernie is making a mistake not attacking Shillary over her e-mail scandal. He may be a kike, but not attacking her over it actually makes it appear like he has some sense of integrity. But perhaps it is just a calculation. After all, if it truly is going to sink her, he doesn't need to do a thing. And if it isn't, then it would make him look weak to go after her over something that will fizzle out.

General Mills recalls 10 million pounds of flour
It may be contaminated with a deadly strain of E. coli. Please, General Mills, don't be like the poultry industry! Let your slave labor force use a toilet instead of standing on the assembly line with their diapers overflowing.

Holocaust Cartoon Contest Organizer: Ayatollah’s Office Called the Event ‘Excellent
It's funnier if you say it in a Mr. Burns voice. Below is the "exxxx-cell-ent" entry. Kudos to the Frenchie who made it! Hopefully, he won't be donating the prize money to a Holocaust charity. Oh, Irony!