Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Right still don't understand DIEversity

Today, let's consider this article from the Daily Caller:
Psychologists Explain Why New ‘Diversity’ Efforts On Campuses Will Fail

Two top psychologists have published a lengthy essay in The Wall Street Journal warning costly new efforts to promote racial diversity on college campuses are likely to increase, not decrease, racial tensions and animosity. [...]

Schools like the University of Missouri, Yale University and Princeton University have seen large-scale racial protests coupled with lists of demands given to administrators by activist groups. Rather than standing up for themselves, many targeted schools have tried to placate activists by granting some — or all — of these demands. Yale has pledged a five-year, $50 million faculty diversity initiative. Brown University is spending $100 million on a similar effort. Other schools have pledged to hire diversity coordinators, increase non-white faculty, and expand ethnic cultural centers without attaching a specific budgetary figure to it.

Regardless of their approach, though,
[psychologists] warn that these efforts are unlikely to resolve racial tensions on campus and may in fact make them worse. The reason, they say, is precisely because they will entrench a college environment that divides people by race.

You poor damn fools. That is not failure - that is exactly what diversity measures are intended to do. That is the point of DIEversity. To promote racial, gender, sexual, and every other form of grievance against White Western Civilization and destroy it, all while claiming it is being done in the name of tolerance and justice. I figured that out over ten years ago while I was on Amerikwa's college campuses achieving my get-out-of-manual labor certificate (diploma), and that realization became the basis of Compulsory Diversity News. It's fascinating that much brighter, more well-adjusted, more successful people still don't have any clue what the point of DIEversity is, even at this late date.


  1. Similarly, on a university campus here in Australia some ten years ago, I fully woke up to what is being done to our race and civilisation.
    I; however, had gone to university after years of various forms of manual labour.
    Either way, whilst what is being done to Australia (and other White nations) was already becoming more obvious, it was on the university campus that the machinations behind it were all the more acutely obvious.


    1. Hello, Scott. The universities will show you where the society is headed. But the current generation is always naively dismissive of the up-and-coming generation's extreme leftism on college campuses, saying it doesn't represent the mainstream. Not today ... but it will. It always does.

  2. Diversity is strength.

    War is peace.

    Slavery is freedom.

    Diversity has the same etymology as diversion.

    Manufactured victimization and grievance is lucrative.