Monday, May 02, 2016

Jews and the Brown Singularity

In this story, we read that a beaner who hates kikes converted to Islam and then decided he wanted to blow up a synagogue. He found a willing entrapper in the FBI, who is celebrating having foiled a fantasy plot they played a large part in developing.

A Florida man was arrested last week for intending to use “a weapon of mass destruction” at a synagogue near Miami, according to federal authorities.

The FBI says the man never possessed an actual explosive weapon, but instead got an inert device from a bureau employee working undercover after a weeks-long probe.

Officials said that they began investigating James Gonzalo Medina in March after learning that he had discussed wanting to attack a south Florida synagogue. Medina, 40, of Hollywood, Fla., was arrested Friday while carrying the device toward the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, which is also home to a Holocaust memorial and an education facility for children.

When I first read this I thought, "Nice that it wasn't a White Whateverist fuck-up for a change!" Then I remembered most White Whateverists have abandoned anti-kikery, as they wouldn't want to upset Glorious Leader, der Grandfather of the Mischling Master Race.

So, a brown person doesn't like the kikes. Oh Lord, kumbaya. What ever will the Chosen do when they are alone together in the dark with the mud people? I've said it before - when the last Chalky is thrown in a mass grave by the dark murdering hordes, said hordes will turn and rend their Jewish handlers. Jews will pay a terrible price for helping replace Chalkies with Muslims and other non-White filth, but Jewish biology and identity combine to make it impossible for them to do anything but slowly kill their hosts and doom the majority of their own kind to extinction. Parasites gonna parasite.

The parasite doesn't know and doesn't care what will happen when the host dies. It doesn't care that the majority of its kind will die with the host. By its nature, the parasite simply expects to be expelled in the fecal tide that immediately follows the host's death. From there, it dilutes out in all directions in the local water supply, until the next hapless victim laps it up. For the Jewish species of parasite, that dilution is called Diaspora. And I suspect the next hapless victims will be East Asians. But first, civilization will have to get through this thing called the Death of the White Race, and that is going to take a whole hell of a lot of Jews with it as collateral damage.


  1. "But first, civilization will have to get through this thing called the Death of the White Race, and that is going to take a whole hell of a lot of Jews with it as collateral damage."
    That's what's known as a "silver lining." Why can't white 'kwanians (especially Christians) get it through their thick skulls that no race but the white race is altruistic regarding other races? Giving women the voting franchise has been the undoing of Western Civ.
    White Christian women are the worst.

    1. But who gave them the vote? Cowardly, divided White men who had already felt niggers were their equals and enfranchised them! It wasn't women who made that error, now was it?

      Straight White men have no loyalty to each other when there is competition over pussy. In a stable society, women control access to sex, and men have to agree on a social contract that counterbalances the power women wield when females withhold that access to civilized men and grant it to cads. A society that weakens that agreement among gentlemen and allows men to be manipulated by women so that they fight each other will degenerate and become decadent. Eventually, they will suffer catastrophe from within (revolution) or without (invasion). In the rape and lawlessness that follow, women will lose control of the sexual access they formerly were able to grant or deny, and be reduced to having zero power. And after everyone has suffered enough, men will once again establish their social contract, women will be safe again, and a code of conduct will ensure stability until the next time men stop behaving like gentlemen and more like adolescent horndogs looking to bury their bones.

      Now, the solution the Alt-Right offers you is for men to butt-fuck one another and prance around at the next fag festival conference.

      The solution of *The* Right, which no longer exists anymore because of the Slow March Left, is that human sexual freedom must be suppressed for the good of civilization. We must all agree to it because we don't want to see our culture and our people destroyed.

      But since men today are so afraid of being left out of the mass orgy, tomorrow their females won't be left out of the mass rapes. It remains to be seen if, in the age of globalism, White people can survive this next round of chaos.

  2. The last two paragraphs reminds me of this amusing video, particularly the last half.

    1. That was funny! Thank you for the link, william. I'd never seen that channel before.