Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Indonesian Village Mistakes Sex Doll for Angel


When a fisherman found her in the sea off Indonesia he was convinced she was an angel who had fallen from heaven. [...]

Discovered the a day after a solar eclipse, he was convinced the heavenly creature had blessed the superstitious remote community and news spread like wildfire. [He] took the “angel” to his home in the village of Kalupapi where his mother dressed her in fresh clothes and a new hijab to wear everyday. Excited villagers even took her on a boat trip, giving her pride of place on their vessel.

But local police decided to investigate amid fears that the furore surrounding the village’s new resident could lead to unrest. And it didn’t take long for the investigating officers to figure out the truth: the heavenly angel was actually an inflatable plastic sex doll [...]

As hilarious as that is, there is actually a lesson here for White Whateverists as well. The lesson lies in why the sex doll was mistaken for an angel ...

With her pale skin, perfect features and wide-eyes, [the fisherman] vowed to look after his holy find. 

Can you see the lesson? No? Well here it is. A big part of White racial awareness is bound up with the beauty of White people in general, and White women in particular. Don't believe me? Try these 14 words ...

"Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."

As long as there are factories churning out sex dolls, said beauty will not perish from the Earth. Whether it is because the Western ideal of beauty has been forced upon the brown people of the Earth, or whether it is because White racial features truly are the human(oid) standard of beauty (as I suspect), it is unlikely that standard will perish just because White people do.

How is this a lesson? I'm getting to it - sheesh! A huge component of White Whateverism involves fetishizing White physical beauty, and lamenting the corruption of that White physical beauty via race mixing. But just because you find something outwardly beautiful doesn't mean you have true knowledge of its nature. The villagers didn't know their "angel" was a masturbation tool. And looking at a beautiful White woman or handsome White man, you don't know anything about the perversity of their nature either. Their nature may be decidedly anti-White. And the importance placed on the beauty of such people could lead to overvaluation of the importance of their salvation or loss.

Let's consider an example. Say there are two White sisters, called Jane and Sue. Jane has a shapely figure, straight teeth and a pretty smile. Sue is a beanpole with buck teeth and a gummy smile. You know both are White, and you can even get a DNA test to prove they are not only White, but sisters. Now if it is discovered sexy Jane is fucking a nigger, White Whateverists see it as race treason, an offense against the order of the universe, and go into a fit of rage. If they discover toothy Sue is fucking a nigger, White Whateverists say, no big loss, I wouldn't have wanted to do her anyway. That is unacceptable. Is it beauty you are trying to save, or the race?  Be careful, or you may end up with a race of inflatable cum dumps.


  1. Beauty And brains is the preferred combo,if sue had brains she would know the dangers of race mixing,today we have 300lb plus women rambling about fat pride

    Here is a great story,buried by the
    Tranny loving media, disgusting faggot deserved it

    It's great that the DM is correctly describing the freak as a man

    1. That's freakin' hilarious! Thanks for the link.

      You're right - what a disgusting monster that little faggot is.

  2. Drey-Drey, you have a knack for drawing clear lines of distinction in the race/culture war that even the dumbest of 'kwanians should be able to understand. You, Chateau Heartiste and the blog site Kakistocracy deliver the most devastating indictments of the suicidal white race.

  3. I must admit I began to read this blog as a “guilty pleasure” because it is always fascinating to see the depths of decadence humans are capable of sinking. Then I was surprised that you don’t get more comments because you have such meaningful insights.

    I hate to ask, but don’t many white women already act like inflatable sex dolls and call this “empowerment”? Then there are the feminist lemmings who chirp “it is a woman’s choice!” as if nihilistic individualism is any basis for a civilisation. I’d say the leftist lemmings are the ones most eager to see the world burn if I wasn't convinced the lot of them would die first were a complete societal breakdown to happen.

    In regards to your hypothetical scenario, I cannot help but wonder are either of them a big loss if they were susceptible to race-mixing in the first place? But yes, both would be contemptible because they are tossing in the trash bin what took hundreds of thousands of years to achieve.

    - Different Anon

    1. That's very kind, and I am glad there are some people out there who enjoy my insights. There was once a time when I was surprised more people weren't interested, but that was long ago. When I was on Turner Radio Network, the show with people who claimed Jews were shape-shifting demons was more popular than my show.

      I quickly embraced the uniqueness of being the least popular person among the least popular people on the interwebs. HA! That's sort of an achievement.

      Yes, I agree - the majority of White women act like inflatable sex dolls and have personalities to match. Equality of sleaze was easier than equality of accomplishment or responsibility. And what's worse is that the majority of White men don't care, they just want cheap access to a variety of holes - and they aren't too picky about who else has been in there or what they left behind. But I am curious if you have any insights on healing the rift between the White genders. Feminism teaches White women it is all the White man's fault. PUA/MGTOW teaches White men it is all the White woman's fault. Isn't it interesting that non-Whites are at the head of those philosophies?

      I agree that neither Sue nor Jane is a loss, as their behavior has proven that in spite of their phenotype, their nature is not White. But from those compassionate souls who see it as a loss, I am requesting consistency. To lament the loss of one and rationalize away the loss of the other on the basis of sexual desirability is foolish, and yet common among White Whateverists. The inconsistency is hypocritical.

      I try to use CDN to expose the laughable absurdity of the world as it is - full of contradictions and hypocrisy. The hypocrisy, I believe, arises when contradictions are coupled with moralizing.

      This puts me in mind of a conversation I had in the comments section regarding the PUA MGTOW types low opinion of women. I argued that their universal condemnations of all women as gullible, degenerate whores would be applicable to their own mothers, sisters, and daughters, and yet they would probably want to defend their loved ones from such slander. The commenter responded that in his opinion, his close female relatives were gullible degenerate whores who deserved the slander. (Shrug). If that is his experience, who am I to disagree with his perspective? I may find is viewpoint terribly sad and feel sorrow for him, but at least he was consistent.

    2. "But I am curious if you have any insights on healing the rift between the White genders."

      That is quite the hard question you asked. How to heal a rift between them when neither sex wants to be accountable for their own actions?

      I suppose my advice would be to count both groups as a loss. The pick-up artists don't see/want to see their own hypocrisy in reveling in the wasteland feminists created or for wanting their women to be inflatable sex dolls while despising them when they act as per their wishes.

      It certainly does not seem that they want to save the white race even if the famous blogs have adopted some kind of nationalistic stance. Unless their version of saving something is the same as most people's these days. Just apply a fancy moniker to yourself (like men are brave, honourable and disciplined as preached by the PUA leaders) and you're done. You never have to actually live or act on it.

      And feminists... are either devoted enemies of the white race or they are far too dumb for me to mourn their loss from the white gene pool. I once knew a girl who was a feminist because, according to her words, she was once upon a time called a girl. I cannot help but be relieved if she doesn't breed.

      Both ideologies seem to aim to further infantilise men and women, and to make the world into an endless playground of individual hedonism with no responsibilities.

      But from what I've observed the average men and women are rarely pick-up artists or feminists. Of course, the average woman (or man) might spout some version of feminist rhetoric on occasion. But usually they have learned it from their TVs or they are having an irrational fit of emotions.

      Outside of these two spheres, there doesn't seem to be any great rift between the two sexes. Just everyday individual squabbles and petty quarrels. I do not know if this is different in other countries.

      "I try to use CDN to expose the laughable absurdity of the world as it is - full of contradictions and hypocrisy."

      In that case, you will never run out of material.

      - Different Anon

    3. "neither sex wants to be accountable for their own actions"

      Well put. Applicable to so many aspects of life today beyond just the gender wars.

      "Outside of these two spheres, there doesn't seem to be any great rift between the two sexes."

      I disagree. Here in the Kwa, the divorce rate approaches 50%, 50% of Americans are single, and around 40% of children are born out of wedlock. That to me qualifies as a rift, but perhaps your experience or interpretation of said experience leads you to a different conclusion.

      The majority of men and women may not fall into the PUA/MGTOW vs. Radical Feminist camps, but they struggle with the consequences of what the Death of the West has meant for gender relations, and they will be subjected to the will of the ideological extremes who are motivated to see their poison become the new normal. The fact that the latest wave of Cultural Marxism today is not yet mainstream is of no consequence when one looks at the generational nature of White decline. It is kind of like looking at the hippies back in the 60's-70's and saying - casual drug use, aberrant sexual practices, and leftism aren't mainstream right now, so its not like the country is going to eventually shift toward them being socially acceptable in 40 years. O rly? Well, smoke a Dr.-prescribed joint, get your gay husband to blow you, and then head to Target where your adopted niglet daughter can converse with a tranny in the women's bathroom that both presumptive presidential candidates approve of, then tell me that one again.

      It is my ardent desire that the human race regains its sanity and completely denies me any absurdity to mock. Failing that, the extinction of the human species (in all its various states of evolution/devolution) would also be acceptable.

    4. Ah, right. I forgot all about the divorce rate. I must apologise.

      Come to think of it, was there any further information on it? I remember encountering it in ‘manosphere’ blogs in passing but never read up on it any further.

      Such as, what percentage of the population actually marries? Did they take into count only first-time divorces or did they also take into count “repeat offenders”? What’s the racial breakdown of divorce rates or the divorcĂ©es? I cannot with confidence say if those are pertinent questions and you are free to ignore them. I'm not actually expecting answers to them as I am more or less "thinking out loud".

      I think the divorce rate has more to do with the removal of societal and legal consequences of it. Marriage used to be seen as a contract between two families but now it’s about individual choice and “love”. And since America has built a multi-billion dollar industry around weddings, then silly (and increasingly narcissistic) women want a wedding but not the “shackles” of marriage. And since they have a lot of legal and financial incentives to divorce… well, it’s a matter of “if I can, I will”, I’d say.

      This is one of the reasons why a complete societal breakdown or getting to power would help. It is rather impossible to make mass scale changes without power.

      And I must say you painted quite the horrid picture of the future. Or perhaps it is already the present time.

      "It is my ardent desire that the human race regains its sanity and completely denies me any absurdity to mock. Failing that, the extinction of the human species (in all its various states of evolution/devolution) would also be acceptable."

      Ha! Well then, let's hope it is either of the two.

      - Different Anon

    5. No need to apologize. I am not one to argue data or statistics for something that ultimately comes down to human experience. I am not sure how to correct what I see as a breakdown of the cooperation of White men and women in securing the future for their race. Hence I asked for advice. Again, the focus of my interest is not about a broad social change, but in what the right answer would be for racially-aware Whites. What should be the pro-White approach? The 14 words is overly concerned with idealized feminine beauty, and not on working gender relationships. The pro-White movement today is dominated by misogynistic White males who blame White Western women for the race's decline. So far, their answer to their own perception of White female failure seems to be 1) Russian mail-order brides, 2) secret Asian wives, 3) Fudge-packery. These are not acceptable answers.

      Yes, the picture I painted was of the current state - casual public acceptance of drugs, gay marriage, and transsexual bathroom rights would have been unthinkable looking at the hippies of the 60's-70's, but here we are. I am simply warning that the Leftist fringe today is the cultural mainstream 40 years later. The end of Whiteness is the current spirit of the radical Left. It will be mainstream within a few more decades, as self-evident in its rightness as homosexual love is considered now.