Thursday, May 05, 2016

Chingy-Chongess on Sub-Ape-ess Viorence

What is the most likely scenario in which a small Asian girl could break the neck of a large black heffa? Today's story reveals that the answer is by falling upon said heffa from a great height. Quoting:

A woman who was severely injured after an 18-year-old college student fell on her from an eighth-floor Center City window ledge last year has sued the teen's estate, the property companies, and the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

The incident left Erica Goodwin, 45, of Lansdowne, permanently disabled and unable to return to her job at the state Department of Human Services, her lawyer, Joe Tucker, said Wednesday.

Goodwin was walking on 16th Street about 6 p.m. on Jan. 15, 2015, when Rebecca Kim fell from an eighth-floor window of an apartment building at 1530 Chestnut St. The building housed students enrolled at the Art Institute; Kim, a Temple University freshman, was there visiting a friend.

Would it help if she said she so sowwy? Well, she can't - because she is dead. So time fo dat heffa to get paid. What I want to know is what evil racist White man needs to be held responsible for this unusual incident of (seemingly accidental) Asian upon Negro violence? Probably Herman G. Window, inventor of the window, or C. Thaddeus Ledge, inventor of the ledge. Who are we kidding? We know everything is the fault of every White man everywhere.


  1. This may be the funniest story I have read all year.

    At least judging from the fact that I had to borrow a neighbor's defib unit to restart my heart after laughing myself to flatline.

    1. HA! It does have almost a cartoonish quality to it, doesn't it? It's like a person falling on a piano, instead of the other way round, and we are meant to feel bad for the piano.