Friday, May 06, 2016

CDN Demands Gub'mnt Issue Free Vaccines for Brown People

In this very weird video, a mulatto man breaks down while slobbering over his crippled retard mud son. Since I am a terrible person, I enjoyed this video very much. What kind of person are you? To find out, press play.

Now, there are those superstitious types who will inevitably say you will be punished by God/Karma/The Universe if you don't feel sorry for this mulatto and weep along with him. You may even end up with your own retard mud baby as a result! So, are such people saying this mulatto did something to deserve his retard mud baby? Just what did he do to deserve this? Hmm? It's a question he asks himself in the video.

Are good and bad people equally likely to be afflicted with retarded mud babies? Why? Is it that good people receive their retarded mud babies because "God only gives you what he knows you can handle." and bad people receive their retarded mud babies because they are being punished? What does it say about God that he would afflict a child with disease in order to reward the goodness / punish the  badness of the child's parents? And here is one more consideration along those lines - Our society only gives this father two options: raise his afflicted child, or hand it over to the state. Given those options, the good person keeps the child out of moral obligation, while the bad person can just give it away. Isn't it interesting that God didn't factor that in with his punishment plan?

There is yet another layer to all this, that those of you willing to watch even part of the video will ascertain. The boy was not always like this. And what could have caused that, do you think? Let's look at the Go Fund Me page of this miserable mulatto:

Isn't it wonderful to know that many of our White Whateverist leaders function on the same conspiratorial level as random internet sub-apes?

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