Sunday, May 29, 2016

Interwebs Go Nuts Over Shooting of Gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo

Prepare to clutch your pearls...

Bangers Tag Vietnam War Memorial in CA
Memorial Day Outrage 1. Consider that the current Secretary of State threw away his medals for that war.

Driver Plows Through Kentucky Memorial Cross Display
 Memorial Day Outrage 2. Methinks distilled spirits were involved.

Civil War Battlefield Looted
Memorial Day Outrage 3.They didn't actually loot the graves, so we know the perps weren't Negroes.

Chicago Tribune called 'Un-American idiots' for Backwards Flag in Holiday Ad
Memorial Day Outrage 4. No, they are un-American idiots for what they do 365 days a year, not just for some stupid advertisement on Memorial Day. But involve a flag, and suddenly Kwanians give a crap about Mass Media idiocy.

Other news in outrage ... Interwebs Go Nuts Over Shooting of Gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo
Non-Memorial Day Outrage. People are losing it over the death of Harambe the gorilla. In fact, they are thrilled to be so outraged. Of course, if the zoo had taken the risk and the child had been killed, the outrage would have been ten times worse, so the zoo did the right thing for themselves in a losing situation. I despise zoos not for what they do to the animals, but for what they say about humans. After all, we do far worse to some animals - slaughtering them on an industrial scale. Others we breed specifically to be pet toys for our amusement, and exterminate the old, sick, and generally unwanted ones. Certain wild animals humans value highly, and we imprison them in showcases for our amusement and claim it is for education, or hunt them for trophies and Chinese aphrodisiacs. And the thing is, beyond the need for food and removing them from our living spaces, human interactions with animals are completely unnecessary. It demonstrates how debased human nature truly is. And rather than take this event as an opportunity to reflect on the worthlessness of human life, humans are taking this event as an opportunity to exaggerate the importance of an ape's life. Pathetic.


  1. Obviously the parents of the little shit are to blame and should be billed for replacing harambe

    The same twatter and facespook crybabies turn a blind eye to islamic terror,rape and black on white violence so fuck them and their crocodile tears

    1. The worse thing that can befall the twatters (nice one by the way, like it) is for people to ignore their hand-wringing. That would be the biggest outrage of all. So much moral posturing to be empress of the drama queens.


    Yep, apes cause innocent ape's death. Whites yet again
    having to sort out negro dysfunction.

    1. Oh, but Whities lurv to play savior though, don't dey? Heh Heh Heh.