Saturday, May 28, 2016

Niglet Falls in Ape Pit at Cincinatti Zoo

Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Will Not Like This Street Art Mural
The Quadroon Streicher however is going to hurt himself masturbating to it.

30 men in Brazil sought in gang rape of 16-year-old girl
Forget football/soccer ... gang rape is the universal pastime of muds everywhere.

Hollywood Reporter: Lewis Carroll May Not Have Been a Pedophile
Well, certainly not by the standards of the Hollyweird kike elite, no.

Donald Trump Tells Drought-Plagued Californians: ‘There Is No Drought’
Sure why, not? It's all a matter of perception. Trumpenfuhrer says the gub'mint is diverting the water “to protect a three-inch fish". Geez, does this guy ever stop talking about his dick? Now let's include at least one non-sex-joke today:

Gorilla killed after 3-year-old falls into enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo
It doesn't take much imagination to fill in the blanks as to what happened. Obviously the 3-year-old strangled the gorilla with his/her bare hands. j/k So - we imprison ... er ... rescue endangered animals for our amusement ... er ... educational purposes, and put them in a situation where if a human trespasses in the animal prison ... er ... habitat, we will kill the animal to protect the human. Reason triumphs! Certainly it would not have been better to just not have animal prisons ... er ... zoos in the first place. No ... certainly not.


  1. Well, I'll just state the obvious about the Cincinnati Zoo incident: of course, it was a urban pavement ape who climbed into the pen; it was just trying to join his brother, and, they shot the wrong ape.

    1. Well, in that case, my sympathy lies with the zoo shooter. Can you imagine being in the position of being told - shoot that gorilla! - and someone pointing to an ape and a sub-ape? Then you have to decide whether or not to ask "Which one is the gorilla?" or take a 50-50 chance because you can't tell the difference. Just turribull.

  2. Indeed, the no-doubt white security "agent" was placed in the impossible position of quickly determining which ape was the aggressor ape and which was the "innocent" ape, and, of course, the shooter made a hasty, incorrect decision.. but that decision was directly related to the turribull, turribull legacy ob de slabery. So, millions or dollars of responsible, working taxpayers monies will be wasted rewarding a sheboon sow's inability to control her pack of babysat niglets. Makes sense to me.

    1. "Hasty, incorrect decision" - HAHAHA!

      "millions or dollars of responsible, working taxpayers monies will be wasted rewarding a sheboon sow's inability to control her pack of babysat niglets." - Yes, that is exactly how the system works. It's incredible I know, but White people working to subsidize non-Whites, defectives, and corporate welfare is the foundation of the Kwanian economy. In "1984", Orwell said that the purpose of war is the destruction of the product of human labor. As war would now result in the destruction of life on planet earth, a new way of destroying the product of human labor had to be found - brown subhumans and their elite handlers!