Friday, May 27, 2016

Obongo Doesn't Apologize for Hiroshima

The darkest theory yet about why Donald Trump keeps winning.
HAHAHA! This one is too perfect. They say that he subconsciously taps into people's fear of death. Now consider that you have an entire race that is committing geno-suicide, and their only vocal defenders (White Whateverists) are the most insanely pro-Trump people on the planet, and it really looks like the Washington Post might have stumbled on something here (even if they didn't specifically connect it to the White death-urge).

SB Nation Says Lack Of Diversity Led To Daniel Holtzclaw Story Fiasco
So - a sports website writes an article defending a negress-raping mongoloid and the reason was because the sports website wasn't diverse? Yeah ... sure.

A dreaded superbug found for the first time in a U.S. woman
20 years ago they were warning that the human race would be destroyed by superbugs created by the overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial agents. This bitch didn't even die from her superbug infection. Pop science and media hysteria make such a good team!

The Worst Crime Ever Committed By an Architect
Wanna guess where this little piece of evil might be located? Think - what is the very definition of evil nowadays? Hint: Uncle may have fancied himself an architect, but even he didn't draw this one up himself. Oy vey!

President Obama Visits Hiroshima
Quoting one stupid jap: “I hope that sometime in the future, they will start to realize that this was not the right thing.” Yes, hopefully people will realize that the right thing would have been to firebomb your Island of Misfit Pedophiles back into the Stone Age and let the Russians have half of it as yet another rape playground - just like they did for your primary ally.



    Always great to see idiots outraged by something that doesn't concern them

    Maybe for their next advert the gooks can put a jew into an oven and
    he comes out as a bagel or a bounced check

    1. Outstanding! Thank you for the story. The link is missing one letter, for those who want to take a peek:

      Chinky-poos are the next target of the kikes. They are going to need to feed their racism if they want to successfully resist.

  2. Arrrggghhh! I couldn't help myself and commented on that Auschwitz architecture article using my Disqus handle and now I'm probably on some mossad hit-list (as if I'm not already, haha!)
    It was only after hitting Post that I realised from the paucity of comments and their universally supportive attitude towards the thesis of the article, and when I spotted that dreaded "your comment is awaiting moderation" that I realised my comment will never see the light of day.
    So, in brief, here it is: "Yes, the door to the "gas chamber" only had a handle on one side. There's only one small problem: the handle was on the INside of the chamber. Think about that for a minute."
    Pray for me. There goes my chance of getting an Israeli visa!

    1. Hello skilpad. I checked the list you mentioned and you have moved up a few notches.

      You are correct that the door had handle on the inside - but it was electrified and shocked anyone who touched it. Damn dem ebil Nazees!