Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trump Campaign Chief Candid About Trump's Dishonesty

Red Nose Day 2016
Not content with all the clownish attention whoring they do the other 364 days a year, Hollyweird freaks choose one day a year to actually wear one of the props that defines their profession.

Brad (Super-Cuck) Pitt "Saves" Girl
He created the mob, then got to be play savior to a girl who was almost crushed by said mob for the attention he paid her. Yeah ... what a hero.

Python Slithers Up Toilet, Bites Man's Genitals
This happened in Thailand, so the man probably wanted to have his genitals removed anyway to increase his street value.

Heads Roll at Baylor University Over Sexual-Assault ReportsMillions of White men suddenly cry out in terror: BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NIGGERBALL!?!?! OH SWEET JEBUS BABY NO!!! THIS COULD INTERFERE WITH NIGGERBALL!!!!!!

Donald Trump’s campaign chief just made an amazing admission about his candidate
No, it's not amazing. Everyone knows Trump is playing games with the far right (everyone except the far right). Even those on the far right acknowledge the wall may never be built and the muzzie ban never put in place, but they think the great Overton Window has shifted, making it possible these things might happen. What they don't understand is that the rules that apply to Trump do not apply to them, and never will. No window has shifted. They will still get fired for calling a colleague Pocahontas, even if they worked at a Trump-owned business. It is all so laughably pathetic.


  1. I must say I don't understand the Trump fanboyism in the white nationalist blogs of various persuasions. I really cannot see Trump as nothing more than a yet another useless candidate, a distraction, no better than "reality tv show".

    It's not like any Overton Windows have shifted. Most of America seems to have broken down into three categories on Trump: those who think he is the next Hitler, those who think he is a ridiculous clown, and white nationalists who live vicariously through him because Trump gets to say mean words publicly and gets away with it.

    It's not like Trump is shifting the Overton Window towards white nationalism or Alt Right or even race realism. He is either ignoring them or disavowing them, but even that is regarded as some big, secret strategy of Trump because, oh my god, he is such an Alpha genius. *swoon*

    At most he seems to be promoting economic nationalism which is about as useless as it gets on racial survival as economic nationalism doesn't care about race.

    He certainly hasn't made the Alt Right any more palatable to the public because the public does not get race. The public might understand religion bad, or criminals bad, or unemployed welfare leeches bad, but start talking about how maybe they really should reject others not on the content of their character but on the colour of their skin and even the most "racist" whites will balk and go, "whoa, whoa, whoa, isn't that a little mean? I mean, look at him! He goes to (Christian) church, works a steady job, and speaks [insert whatever European language] perfectly! He's just like us!" Right.

    Perhaps it is just me. I have never understood celebrity worship either and always felt disgusted whenever I see hordes of people mob around a celebrity or the next pop culture phenomenon screaming and flashing their smart phones as if they've seen the next coming of Jesus.

    Either white nationalists understand that democracy is a sham, universal suffrage is a joke, and no political candidate is going to save the white race because politicians are charlatans, shills or Jews or they really should just give up the whole thing.

    Oh right, they should also understand that if Jews have total control of mass media, why would they give their five minutes of fame to either Trump or the Alt Right? Perhaps because they really aren't any sort of threat to the system? Or because Jews don't want whites as dead as the white genocide meme supposes?

    Nothing is more irritating than a supposed intelligent realist who sure can ignore that pesky reality when it doesn't suit their deeply held beliefs.

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis.

      There can be no nationalism in the United States except for White Nationalism, because our ancestral European identities have been blended away. Everything else is not "American nationalism", but patriotardism, and Trump is the latest brand of that. This is why I find it so sad that White Nationalism has failed completely to compete in the marketplace of ideas, and has given way to Meme Trumplingism and Alt-Faggot Trumplingism. White Whateverists just don't understand they have been pulled toward the center by Trumplingism, and that the center now is where the Left was 30-40 years ago. White Whateverists are supposed to create the revolution, not rejoin the establishment's White genocide already in progress.

      It's not about being right or wrong in your beliefs, it is about being consistent. Beliefs are often unprovable, but that doesn't mean they can't be consistent. But again, as you said, it comes down to an inability or unwillingness to reason. They hold conflicting beliefs and refuse to apply reason to sorting them out: The Jews control everything - Trump is his own man. The system is rigged - we are going to win in November. Jews plan White genocide - Trump's daughter being a Jewish incubator is not a problem. Point out the inconsistencies, and the response is - Who cares?!? We're winning!

      It's the same mindset that inflates all bubbles. But I have come to the conclusion that no one wants to listen to a word said against it. And as Tom Metzger often said on his radio show - If they won't listen, they will have to feel.

      White Nationalism has failed. Its retarded offspring will fail as well. And I believe ethnic-nationalism will also fail in Europe owing to the innate weakness of the masses of White people and their inability to think racially. "That nigger from Niger is just as Irish as Ginger McCarrottop! Didn't you see his green sports jersey?"

      That leaves only a handful of us who know the score, but we have no idea even where to begin to avert the catastrophe. We just stand on the walls and warn the Trojans not to take the horse into their city. It's our part in the tragedy, but it won't stop it.

    2. Oh no, I didn't mean to imply that there is anything wrong or right about beliefs. I've just often had conversations which were supposed to deal with the "factual world" but point out the contradiction in other people's facts or say something that contradicts those facts and people will go on the defense faster than one can say the word "triggered".

      There is also the problem that even if explicitly racial nationalism were to rise in Europe said country would most likely be bombed to the ground by US or EU.

      I mean no offense to you, as you are still American, but I really do not see a way out as long as US or EU doesn't disintegrate. If a country isn't financially or politically independent, and refuses to fight for said independence with violence, it is pointless to cry what happens to it.

      I still remain optimistic. I keep thinking of the 14th century Spain that finally expelled the Jews and the Muslims. Of course, they didn't do it for racial reasons. Like their contemporary counterparts they believed that if Muslims and Jews just converted to Christianity, they would start acting like good little Christians (or "white" in today's terms).

      When Jews and Muslims failed to live up to this fantasy, Spaniards realised there is no helping these fuckers (pardon my language again), they still act like they did as Jews and Muslims, and soon the mass-expulsions and persecutions began.

      Even if today's expulsions were done on economic interests (or excuses), I would still take it. Beggars cannot be choosers, after all.

      - Different Anon

    3. It took 700 years of fighting to finally retake the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslim invaders and their Jewish helpers, but the war was not racial, and any racial improvement was incidental, and not evident today, IMO. This is because as long as the non-White non-Christians converted, they could stay. As a result of centuries of occupation and offering a religious amnesty (if you will), the bloodlines of the Spanish are hopelessly contaminated by non-Whites. It would take many centuries of selective breeding to correct that mess. It is so untidy.

      My point is that racial expulsion of the foreign invader has never been practiced in Europe. Jews weren't expelled because they were non-White, but because they were money-grubbing non-Christians. Gypsies weren't hated because they were brown people - but because they were thieves and degenerates. Today, countries all over Europe are still infested with these parasites, regardless of occasional immune responses to the infection.

      White Americans have a much better history of racial conflict, having taken most of a continent away from inbred, Asiatic vermin. A racial caste system has also been in place for centuries that has been very successful in preserving the White bloodline, while mostly eliminating the ethnic differences of the Old World. The US was the birthplace of eugenics as well. Only since the Death of the West at the close of WWII have we turned on the very thing that made us so successful - virulent racism. We fell in love with the narrative of our moral goodness that Kikeywood created for us, and then it turned into self-loathing when Kike-academia exposed it all as a delusion. There has been hell to pay for our flaw of not understanding the threat of the Jewish parasite.

      I am not optimistic that the invader will be expelled from Europe. Nor am I optimistic that the racial caste system will hold up in the long run here in the US. To me, this comes down to the contracting White population, and the unparalleled prosperity afforded by the modern age. It is the recipe for the slow death of the White race.