Monday, May 23, 2016

Queerbo Chorus Humiliated at Basesballs Match

Austria’s Pistol-Packing, Immigrant Bashing Donald Trump Loses
This is why I told you yesterday to wait for it. For spin on how this was really a victory and we can still vote our way out of White Genocide (TM), head to any other White Whateverist website.

Sub-Ape Arrested After Using a Dolly to Wheel Around His Dead Wife
Give sub-apes the wheel, and look what happens.

Donald Trump Finally Released a Plan to Fight Global Warming
... on his golf course in Ireland. For Trumpefuhrer, Global Warming exists when he is filing a lawsuit, but while campaigning, not so much.

Internet Sensation "Chewbacca Mom" Interviewed
Looks the same with or without her mask.

Gay Men's Chorus Humiliated at Padres Game
Quoting: It was Pride Night at Petco Park, and the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus walked out to center field before the Padres game and readied themselves to sing the national anthem. But as the 100-member group stood facing the crowd Saturday, suddenly someone else was singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” — a woman’s recorded voice over the loudspeakers. [...] [Some fans] "shouted insults, among them, ”You sing like a girl.” Oh, DATGOY! You is turribull!


  1. The media are such pussies,any politican who isn't a hardcore liberal is labelled "the new hitler" or in norbets case trump

    I fail to see how a group of people that eat poop and fist each other can be humiliated,do fags even watch baseball?

    1. The Mass Media know how to communicate in symbols. Hitler and Trump stand-in as representations of the evils of White male power. This is ironic because Hitler blew his brains out as his master race nation collapsed, and Trump is a reality TV star elitist with mischling grandchildren. White Power!!! Heh, heh, heh ... But notice that it is both sides who crave the symbol to stand in for the substance. They line up neatly on their side of the field, Team Clinton and Team Trump. Team Blue and Team Red - choose your pill. Team Left and Team Right - now fight, fight, fight! If you aren't with us, you're with them!

      White Whateverism was supposed to free White people from the fraudulent duality of the system. How convenient der Movement has so completely reinvested itself in the existing order...

      As for 'can fags be humiliated', their sense of shame is transferred entirely away from their deviance and into the frivolous absurdities of their performance. Nothing humiliates faggots more than being upstaged while they are attention whoring.