Sunday, May 22, 2016

HuffPo Mocked For Diversity Fail

'Photo Finish': Austrian Presidential Election Heads to Run-Off
Wait for it...

Owners of Barbaro suffer another loss on Preakness day
Murdering horses for the amusement of elite.

California High School Managed To Screw Up This Year’s Diplomas
An annual tradition in the 'Kwa.

Middle schooler collapses and dies during field day tug of war
Because exercise is good for you. Take a look at the pic ... that was one large sixth grader.

HuffPo Editors Post Photo on Twitter to Celebrate Their ‘Diversity’ — and Then Critics Have a Field Day
Another field day so soon?!? How many fat girls died this time? j/k. Take a look at all the diversity at HuffPo:

One guy on Twitter said it looked a Gilmore Girls fan club meeting. Ha!


  1. In order: "Austrian Run-off. Wait for it." But, but... Nazis!
    "Murdering horses." Indeed, where's PETA?
    "Middle Schooler Collapses, weather was mild" Yeah, but 76 degrees is still too much for TrigglyPuffer Fat Priders.

    1. HA! TrigglyPuff's heart would have undoubtedly exploded had she been standing during her fit. Unfortunately for us all, she was wedged into her seat until the Fire Dept. arrived with the jaws of life to extract her.

  2. As somebody else remarked about these HuffPo editors: "The only hardship these women have suffered in their lives is synchronized PMS and carpal tunnel syndrome."

    1. HA, again! It put me in mind of this:

  3. I always call it Puff Ho.