Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trump Gets Mad After Being Trapped into Charity

Obama-Backed Solar Plant Literally Incinerates Itself
Blinded itself with science.

Moochelle Rolls Out New Anti-Sugar Food Labels
Expects there will be no more obesity very soon.

Texas man shoots, kills 3-year-old stepson as boy jumped on bed
More accurate [and racist] title: White trailer trash shoots jumping-beaner stepson.

Lake Mead drops to the lowest level in history
The only thing declining faster than White birth rates.

Trump Campaign Retracts Claim That It Raised $6 Million for Veterans
A bunch of jews inflated a claim to 6 million? Now where have we heard of such a thing before, hmmm? Of course, none of this will matter to Trump's worshipers. It put me in mind of these lyrics, [edited] for giggles:

Now cynics claim a little of the cash has gone astray
But that's not the point my friends
When the money keeps rolling out you don't keep books
You can tell you've done well by the happy grateful looks
Accountants only slow things down, figures get in the way
Never been
[an oompa loompa] loved as much as [Donald J. Trump]


  1. They are happy to overlook the mischlings, flip flopping on tranny bathroom freaks and other crap,I doubt they even know about any donation as papa anglin didn't publish the story, much more important stuff like calling everyone a CUCK ,how hilarious I'm about to due from laughter

    1. You're exactly right - they are happy to do so. Thinking about their delusions critically would make them unhappy, just as they were before they found a leader who said things that they wanted to hear. Now all they have to do is fill in der Leader's gaps themselves with the help of the QS's daily storm of lies and fantasies. And if that is too low rent for them, they have the Alt-Fags to fulfill the same role without making Nazi Pepe memes.