Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby Bison Euthanized After Do-Gooder Tourists Abducted It

Netanyahyu: Iran 'Denies and Belittles the Holocaust and It Is Also Preparing Another Holocaust'
Yes, they have the head-shrinking kettles all lined up next to the fat rendering vats. It's quite a sophisticated operation.

[Sub-ape] threw gas on girlfriend as she smoked, igniting fatal motel fire
Uhh... the fatality was her. She didn't die in a motel fire you cretin. She died after her boyfriend set her on fire and left her to burn to death. The motel room catching fire was incidental. I suppose if he shot her in the face while she was driving by him and then she hit a tree with her car, you'd say she died in a car crash. Isn't it amazing you get a paycheck to write this drivel? In a sane society, your shoddy reporting would result in termination. By the way, one more laughable detail - the sub-ape-ess's last name was "Bacon".

Beaner Pastor says Amerikwa has "a narcissistic, selfie view of Christianity and ... this idea that it’s all about being liked."
Virtue signalling isn't new bible beaner - it's as old as Jebus himself.

[Nigger] Wendell Pierce of ‘The Wire’ Arrested After Fight Over Bernie Sanders
He's a nig ... er... big Hillary fan. Actually, works either way. He's a nig who is a big Hillary fan. He assaulted a couple of Sanders supporters for some unknown reason. As if there needs to be a reason to chimp out. Muh Drivin' Miss Hillary.

Baby Bison That Was Placed In A Van By Tourists In Yellowstone Is Euthanized

Dear DATGOY, the irony of this story is too rich. The tourists "thought" they were rescuing the bison from the cold by putting it in their van and taking it to a ranger station. The calf was then rejected by its herd when it was returned, and it had to be put down because it was wandering toward humans and getting on the road. The story ends saying "The bison, by the way, just became the U.S. national mammal." Ah, Amerikwa.


  1. Relax america, the uk is catching up with you,we recently elected paki sadiq khan as the first muslim london mayor,what next? First trannny prime minister? How about first nigger Brain surgeon? Maybe in another 5 million years

    The fags in parliament are already mumbling about gender neutral bathrooms,we will be as vibrant and progressive as murca,bismillah yahweh

  2. London hasn't had a mayor that dark since the Roman Empire. Welcome back to the condition of foreign occupation.

  3. I'd say all Jews should immediately get tattoos of Mohammed as anti-lampification insurance.