Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jew Who Used Caligraphy to Escape Holocaust Dies

Susan Sarandon Has 'Nothing Good to Say' About Woody Allen: 'He Sexually Assaulted a Child'
Yep. But kike perverts gonna kike pervert, Susan. I mean, what do you expect, you old hag? You've been working with them for the past three centuries.

Pfizer To Stop Selling Drugs For Use In Lethal Injections
Which is leading to a series of botched, torturous executions with less tested products because authorities can't obtain already established products for the job. How marvelous!

Angry bees attacks in Northern California block
Notice that political correctness has officially killed the term "Africanized" bees. Wouldn't want to stereotype African bees as "angry".

Woman taken to hospital with nurse shark attached to her arm.
Unless the nurse shark is Filipino, the hospital won't hire her.

Ernest Michel, Who Bore Witness to the Holocaust and Led Charities, Dies at 92
Quoting: Ernest Michel survived the Auschwitz death camp because of a calligraphy course he had taken at his father’s insistence. His penmanship became flawless, and the Nazis put it to use at Auschwitz, sparing him from the gas chambers. Riiigghhttt. And he also ate and shit his calligraphy pen set each night to keep the guards from taking it away.


  1. I like the new format but you should have hitler anime banners and pepe frog pictures to keep up with the alt right fags

    Ernest Michel survived being gassed? Amazing how the public believe it just because shlomo says it

    1. HA! I'm glad you approve. I should also put up some gifs of God Emperor Trump while I'm at it - to give the authentic Alt-Fag experience.

      Of course the public believes everything the kike says. To do otherwise would be raaaaacist.

  2. "...for the past three centuries" HA HA HAAAAAAAA!!!!!


  3. Sorry to be the bearer of tragic news:

    1. HA! Thank you for the link.

      Dying of penile cancer caused by taping your junk so you could prance around as a tranny is just God's way off telling you he didn't like being second guessed.

  4. I like the apt precision of the phrase "bore witness to the Holocaust."