Saturday, May 14, 2016

Secret Harvard Meeting On Synthetic Genome Denounced

John Boyega: New ‘Star Wars’ Is ‘Darker, Bigger’ Than ‘Force Awakens’
Darker and Bigger? The Daily Interracial Cuckold Porn Stormers Will Be Thrilled.

About 200 involved in deadly brawl at [Russian] cemetery
Yep. Sure. Russians are going to save Western Civilization.

EXCLUSIVE: Father speaks of son, who was found decapitated
Quoting the father "This sucks. I just bought him a Make America Great Again trucker cap." (Not an actual quote.)

Mother of Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes [finally] speaks out
Took her four years to say "I'm very cognizant of how bad this all was". Really? While you are in the mood for pouring your heart out, why not tell us how bad your tennis game has gotten since the 'tragedy'.

Harvard's secret meeting on synthetic human genome fuels debate
No it didn't. It fueled outraged pearl-clutching from a handful of moralizing bio-technophobes.

Adrean's Added Snark:

Nothing says "I am a herd animal." like chewing your cud (gum). May I suggest that gum chewing be relegated to juveniles who don't know any better, and prostitutes trying to get the taste of dick out of their mouths?

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