Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Four person toilet in NYC’s Boom Boom Room

Jane Goodall Weighs in on Harambe Shooting
She said it looked like the gorilla was protectively putting his arm around the child. Yeah right. Get back in the mist. Acting fatherly toward a black child is only something White cucks do.

Opinion: Donald Trump’s promise to ‘make America great again’ is a political swindle
This article is a pathetic waste. It starts by calling Trump out for a swindle, and then explains why his campaign promises won't help Amerikwa. Fool! The swindle is not that his ideas won't make Amerikwa great again, it is that he has no intention of putting even a quarter of them into effect. That's why arguing about the results of his plans is pointless. Nice hysterics though.

Donald Trump breaks with nation's only Latina governor
Maybe he'd like her better in a taco bowl.

Crocodile victim celebrating end of friend's cancer treatment
Irony alert. Death and DATGOY collaborated on this one. Nice for humanity to have a reminder every now and again that actions have consequences - and death is inevitable.

Four person toilet in NYC’s Boom Boom Room
Aptly named establishment at which to make a certain kind of boom boom in public. And it's not the first time they have exposed people's private business publicly. See below. It's a freakin' kike-pervert fantasy come true.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Misbehaving Jap Boy Left in Woods

Three Days, 700 Deaths on Mediterranean as Migrant Crisis Flares
It's that magical time of year again. Say a prayer to Neptune giving thanks for the 700 drowned, and requesting more stormy seas.

67K and counting sign 'Harambe's Law' petition
The law would punish people whose behavior puts endangered zoo animals at risk. Interestingly, another petition related to his incident calling for the parents to be investigated for child neglect has 190K signatures. Oh, humans - always doing anything but actually tackling the root of the given problem.

A Nearly 12-Year-Long Vigil Ends, and a Massachusetts Church Closes
Probably should have imported more beaners to fill the pews - the typical Catholic strategy.

Australian MP blames 'human stupidity' for suspected fatal croc attack
Lurv this quote: "This is a tragedy but it was avoidable. You can only get there by ferry, and there are signs there saying watch out for the bloody crocodiles [...] If you go in swimming at 10 o'clock at night, you're going to get consumed." If only we had a similar attitude at the Cincinnati zoo.

"Misbehaving" 7-year-old Japanese boy disappears in forest after parents abandon him
The parents initially lied about the incident, but later changed their story and said they left him there as a punishment. If they are willing to lie about that, what else are they concealing? To help in the search, the Jap po-pos released this police sketch image of the boy ...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Interwebs Go Nuts Over Shooting of Gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo

Prepare to clutch your pearls...

Bangers Tag Vietnam War Memorial in CA
Memorial Day Outrage 1. Consider that the current Secretary of State threw away his medals for that war.

Driver Plows Through Kentucky Memorial Cross Display
 Memorial Day Outrage 2. Methinks distilled spirits were involved.

Civil War Battlefield Looted
Memorial Day Outrage 3.They didn't actually loot the graves, so we know the perps weren't Negroes.

Chicago Tribune called 'Un-American idiots' for Backwards Flag in Holiday Ad
Memorial Day Outrage 4. No, they are un-American idiots for what they do 365 days a year, not just for some stupid advertisement on Memorial Day. But involve a flag, and suddenly Kwanians give a crap about Mass Media idiocy.

Other news in outrage ... Interwebs Go Nuts Over Shooting of Gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo
Non-Memorial Day Outrage. People are losing it over the death of Harambe the gorilla. In fact, they are thrilled to be so outraged. Of course, if the zoo had taken the risk and the child had been killed, the outrage would have been ten times worse, so the zoo did the right thing for themselves in a losing situation. I despise zoos not for what they do to the animals, but for what they say about humans. After all, we do far worse to some animals - slaughtering them on an industrial scale. Others we breed specifically to be pet toys for our amusement, and exterminate the old, sick, and generally unwanted ones. Certain wild animals humans value highly, and we imprison them in showcases for our amusement and claim it is for education, or hunt them for trophies and Chinese aphrodisiacs. And the thing is, beyond the need for food and removing them from our living spaces, human interactions with animals are completely unnecessary. It demonstrates how debased human nature truly is. And rather than take this event as an opportunity to reflect on the worthlessness of human life, humans are taking this event as an opportunity to exaggerate the importance of an ape's life. Pathetic.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Niglet Falls in Ape Pit at Cincinatti Zoo

Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Will Not Like This Street Art Mural
The Quadroon Streicher however is going to hurt himself masturbating to it.

30 men in Brazil sought in gang rape of 16-year-old girl
Forget football/soccer ... gang rape is the universal pastime of muds everywhere.

Hollywood Reporter: Lewis Carroll May Not Have Been a Pedophile
Well, certainly not by the standards of the Hollyweird kike elite, no.

Donald Trump Tells Drought-Plagued Californians: ‘There Is No Drought’
Sure why, not? It's all a matter of perception. Trumpenfuhrer says the gub'mint is diverting the water “to protect a three-inch fish". Geez, does this guy ever stop talking about his dick? Now let's include at least one non-sex-joke today:

Gorilla killed after 3-year-old falls into enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo
It doesn't take much imagination to fill in the blanks as to what happened. Obviously the 3-year-old strangled the gorilla with his/her bare hands. j/k So - we imprison ... er ... rescue endangered animals for our amusement ... er ... educational purposes, and put them in a situation where if a human trespasses in the animal prison ... er ... habitat, we will kill the animal to protect the human. Reason triumphs! Certainly it would not have been better to just not have animal prisons ... er ... zoos in the first place. No ... certainly not.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Obongo Doesn't Apologize for Hiroshima

The darkest theory yet about why Donald Trump keeps winning.
HAHAHA! This one is too perfect. They say that he subconsciously taps into people's fear of death. Now consider that you have an entire race that is committing geno-suicide, and their only vocal defenders (White Whateverists) are the most insanely pro-Trump people on the planet, and it really looks like the Washington Post might have stumbled on something here (even if they didn't specifically connect it to the White death-urge).

SB Nation Says Lack Of Diversity Led To Daniel Holtzclaw Story Fiasco
So - a sports website writes an article defending a negress-raping mongoloid and the reason was because the sports website wasn't diverse? Yeah ... sure.

A dreaded superbug found for the first time in a U.S. woman
20 years ago they were warning that the human race would be destroyed by superbugs created by the overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial agents. This bitch didn't even die from her superbug infection. Pop science and media hysteria make such a good team!

The Worst Crime Ever Committed By an Architect
Wanna guess where this little piece of evil might be located? Think - what is the very definition of evil nowadays? Hint: Uncle may have fancied himself an architect, but even he didn't draw this one up himself. Oy vey!

President Obama Visits Hiroshima
Quoting one stupid jap: “I hope that sometime in the future, they will start to realize that this was not the right thing.” Yes, hopefully people will realize that the right thing would have been to firebomb your Island of Misfit Pedophiles back into the Stone Age and let the Russians have half of it as yet another rape playground - just like they did for your primary ally.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trump Campaign Chief Candid About Trump's Dishonesty

Red Nose Day 2016
Not content with all the clownish attention whoring they do the other 364 days a year, Hollyweird freaks choose one day a year to actually wear one of the props that defines their profession.

Brad (Super-Cuck) Pitt "Saves" Girl
He created the mob, then got to be play savior to a girl who was almost crushed by said mob for the attention he paid her. Yeah ... what a hero.

Python Slithers Up Toilet, Bites Man's Genitals
This happened in Thailand, so the man probably wanted to have his genitals removed anyway to increase his street value.

Heads Roll at Baylor University Over Sexual-Assault ReportsMillions of White men suddenly cry out in terror: BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NIGGERBALL!?!?! OH SWEET JEBUS BABY NO!!! THIS COULD INTERFERE WITH NIGGERBALL!!!!!!

Donald Trump’s campaign chief just made an amazing admission about his candidate
No, it's not amazing. Everyone knows Trump is playing games with the far right (everyone except the far right). Even those on the far right acknowledge the wall may never be built and the muzzie ban never put in place, but they think the great Overton Window has shifted, making it possible these things might happen. What they don't understand is that the rules that apply to Trump do not apply to them, and never will. No window has shifted. They will still get fired for calling a colleague Pocahontas, even if they worked at a Trump-owned business. It is all so laughably pathetic.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mud Used to Bait Electric Eel

Costco Investing in Organic Fast Food Restaurant
Quoting: The restaurant's specialty is its spicy fried chicken made from organic, air-chilled chicken breasts fried in coconut oil. [...] The chain will be adding tator tots to the menu as well. A curious combination of pretension and elementary school cafeteria sensibilities.

iPhone builder Foxconn just replaced 60,000 employees with robots
Go ahead leftists, whip out your iPhones and tweetter how enraged this makes you.

Man's Head Reportedly Severed by His Camel
His wife's toe is fine, however

A Shocking Find In a Neanderthal Cave In France
Not all that shocking, but I call BS on the timeline. Give it a few years, and the error will be revealed. And speaking of shocking ...

Man Gets Attacked By Electric Eel After He Uses Himself As Bait
Used to use niggers for this purpose when hunting alligators.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Facebook Triggers Fat Acceptance Freaks

For First Time In 130 Years, More Young Adults Live With Parents Than Partners
Prosperity, fuck yeah!

#GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriendJust like Commander in Chimp America has.

Supreme Court Upends All-White Jury Verdict, Death Sentence — Justice Clarence Thomas Dissents
Quoting: Thomas [...] recounted [the killer's] confession to having murdered a 79-year-old retired schoolteacher “after having sexually assaulted her with a bottle of salad dressing.”
Further Quoting Thomas: A pubic hair on a coke can should have been sufficient. (Not an actual quote).

Justice Dept. will seek death penalty for accused Charleston church gunman Dylann Roof
Took them nearly a year to get around to it. Roof should actually feel honored, quoting: Federal death sentences are rare, and executions under this statute are even rarer. Since the federal death penalty statute was reinstated in 1988 and expanded in 1994, the federal government has put three inmates to death.
Facebook Apologises For Rejecting Ad Featuring Plus-Sized Model
First off, you would need an entire Facelibrary to post an ad for a female that fat. Secondly, DATGOY is behind this one. Facebook rejected a fat-positive ad because they thought the woman was being depicted in a derogatory way. Do you get it? Fat-priders send a picture they think is beautiful and will build public acceptance of their cause, and Facebook's PC police block the ad to spare the feelings of fat people who they think will be shamed by it. HAHAHAHAHAH! The irony is so thick it's fattening. We don't have to fight the Left, just step back and let them eat each other.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Queerbo Chorus Humiliated at Basesballs Match

Austria’s Pistol-Packing, Immigrant Bashing Donald Trump Loses
This is why I told you yesterday to wait for it. For spin on how this was really a victory and we can still vote our way out of White Genocide (TM), head to any other White Whateverist website.

Sub-Ape Arrested After Using a Dolly to Wheel Around His Dead Wife
Give sub-apes the wheel, and look what happens.

Donald Trump Finally Released a Plan to Fight Global Warming
... on his golf course in Ireland. For Trumpefuhrer, Global Warming exists when he is filing a lawsuit, but while campaigning, not so much.

Internet Sensation "Chewbacca Mom" Interviewed
Looks the same with or without her mask.

Gay Men's Chorus Humiliated at Padres Game
Quoting: It was Pride Night at Petco Park, and the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus walked out to center field before the Padres game and readied themselves to sing the national anthem. But as the 100-member group stood facing the crowd Saturday, suddenly someone else was singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” — a woman’s recorded voice over the loudspeakers. [...] [Some fans] "shouted insults, among them, ”You sing like a girl.” Oh, DATGOY! You is turribull!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

HuffPo Mocked For Diversity Fail

'Photo Finish': Austrian Presidential Election Heads to Run-Off
Wait for it...

Owners of Barbaro suffer another loss on Preakness day
Murdering horses for the amusement of elite.

California High School Managed To Screw Up This Year’s Diplomas
An annual tradition in the 'Kwa.

Middle schooler collapses and dies during field day tug of war
Because exercise is good for you. Take a look at the pic ... that was one large sixth grader.

HuffPo Editors Post Photo on Twitter to Celebrate Their ‘Diversity’ — and Then Critics Have a Field Day
Another field day so soon?!? How many fat girls died this time? j/k. Take a look at all the diversity at HuffPo:

One guy on Twitter said it looked a Gilmore Girls fan club meeting. Ha!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trump Gets Mad After Being Trapped into Charity

Obama-Backed Solar Plant Literally Incinerates Itself
Blinded itself with science.

Moochelle Rolls Out New Anti-Sugar Food Labels
Expects there will be no more obesity very soon.

Texas man shoots, kills 3-year-old stepson as boy jumped on bed
More accurate [and racist] title: White trailer trash shoots jumping-beaner stepson.

Lake Mead drops to the lowest level in history
The only thing declining faster than White birth rates.

Trump Campaign Retracts Claim That It Raised $6 Million for Veterans
A bunch of jews inflated a claim to 6 million? Now where have we heard of such a thing before, hmmm? Of course, none of this will matter to Trump's worshipers. It put me in mind of these lyrics, [edited] for giggles:

Now cynics claim a little of the cash has gone astray
But that's not the point my friends
When the money keeps rolling out you don't keep books
You can tell you've done well by the happy grateful looks
Accountants only slow things down, figures get in the way
Never been
[an oompa loompa] loved as much as [Donald J. Trump]

Friday, May 20, 2016

More Likely to Die In Extinction Event than Car Crash, Yay!

Donald Trump meets with Henry Kissinger
Surely, they met to discuss how to avert White Genocide (TM). Nixon used to refer to Kissinger as his "jew boy". When Trump says his "jew boy", he's referring to his own grandson.

TRUMP: Here's the one thing Bernie Sanders and I have in common
Surprisingly, it's not mischling grandchildren. Bernie has no biological grandchildren at all. His son Levi is a cuck who adopted three chingy chongs. At this point, Sanders is the only one of the three presidential candidates who doesn't have Jewish grandchildren. Oh, DATGOY! Here's another manifestation of the divine DATGOY involving adopted chingy chong grandchildren.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto proposed legalizing same-sex marriage
Finally, a legitimate reason for Western media to report news from Mexico that isn't El Chapo related.

Windows 10 pushy upgrade message interrupts live TV broadcast
Nice to see Microsoft branching out into the malware market.

You're More Likely to Die in a Human Extinction Event Than a Car Crash
Stop trying to cheer me up.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

CDN Ranked #1 on Google for Impregnating Negresses

These 5 Facts Explain Why Venezuela Could Be on the Brink of Collapse
Why do you need five? The fact that it is filled with muds should be enough of an explanation.

Oklahoma legislature passes bill making it a felony to perform abortions
Better also make it illegal for pregnant women to buy coat hangers as well.

Connecticut Says It Can Automatically Register Voters Without Legislative Approval
Sure, why not? May as well cast their votes for them as well. Rigging the election after the fact is so inefficient.

Sports Authority to close all remaining stores
Guess nobody respected their authority.

CDN Ranked #1 on Google when image searching with the term "Impregnating Negresses"
Great. Almost ten years at this spot on the interwebs and that is the traffic Google is sending me. Why do I even bother looking at the search terms people use to find my blog? It is so disturbing - as I previously detailed here. Of course I know why I look at the search terms, because it is also hilarious. Here's another relevant image:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nigger Congressional Candidate Caught Browing Porn "For Research"

Auschwitz mug reveals jewellery hidden 70 years ago
And ten million kikes watching this story on the nightly news cry out in unison: "That's my grandmother's ring!" Moments  later, the telephone system for the state of Israel collapses as lines are jammed by hysterical Jews calling each other to find a lawyer who will sue the Auschwitz museum to recover their legacy.

Antibacterial Agent [Triclosan] May Not Be a Dirty Word After All: Study
Another week, another completely contradictory study touted by the Mass Media morons who have been telling you the exact opposite for years.

Woman 'preferred death' to voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton
So in other words, another cretin who thought voting made any damn bit of difference. And even funnier, she apparently didn't realize that if she felt compelled to vote, she could write in any candidate she wanted. No, death was preferable to learning how voting works.

J.K. Rowling on Trumpenfuhrer: “His freedom to speak protects my freedom to call him a bigot. His freedom guarantees mine.”
Holy shit. A Brit who understands the 1st Amendment. Armageddon doth approach.

Porn-searching congressional candidate in Virginia has no regrets about screenshot goof
Claims porn browsing was "research". Silly negro, stick with research such as ...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Biblical Numerology Predicts Trump Will Usher in Messiah - HA!

Man Drives Truck Onto National Mall, Thinks He's Exposed to Anthrax
He claims he saw a farmer spreading something on a field and decided to obtain a sample. He then drove to the Mall and called authorities to warn them. In exactly what disaster preparedness scenario is driving directly onto the National Mall with a sample of manure a reasonable response to fearing you have been infected with anthrax? Why doesn't anyone ask the simple question if this guy is insane? Because if he isn't, the 'Kwa has reached a new level in its progress toward Idiocracy.

Melania Trump Says She's the One Who Sets Her Husband 'In the Right Direction:' 'I'm Not Only a Beauty, I'm Smart'
Oh, and humble too! Regarding the beauty part, Melania - you are starting to look like one of the wooden puppets in Team America World Police.

Burlington College Closing Due To "Crushing Debt" Incurred Under Presidency Of Bernie Sanders' Wife
Judging from her impressive girth, I'd say the debt was incurred keeping her fed.

Newt Gingrich’s Sad Audition To Be Donald Trump’s Vice President
HA! I sure do hope Trump picks him, so that Trump can publicly unload on Newt like he does on lick-spittle Christie.

Biblical Numerology Predicts Trump Will Usher in Messiah

Just like it predicted the same for Obama, GB II, Clinton, GB I, etc. The same bible code that told us John Paul II would be the last pope, and then Pope Benedict, and now Pope Lenin. Yay, bible!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby Bison Euthanized After Do-Gooder Tourists Abducted It

Netanyahyu: Iran 'Denies and Belittles the Holocaust and It Is Also Preparing Another Holocaust'
Yes, they have the head-shrinking kettles all lined up next to the fat rendering vats. It's quite a sophisticated operation.

[Sub-ape] threw gas on girlfriend as she smoked, igniting fatal motel fire
Uhh... the fatality was her. She didn't die in a motel fire you cretin. She died after her boyfriend set her on fire and left her to burn to death. The motel room catching fire was incidental. I suppose if he shot her in the face while she was driving by him and then she hit a tree with her car, you'd say she died in a car crash. Isn't it amazing you get a paycheck to write this drivel? In a sane society, your shoddy reporting would result in termination. By the way, one more laughable detail - the sub-ape-ess's last name was "Bacon".

Beaner Pastor says Amerikwa has "a narcissistic, selfie view of Christianity and ... this idea that it’s all about being liked."
Virtue signalling isn't new bible beaner - it's as old as Jebus himself.

[Nigger] Wendell Pierce of ‘The Wire’ Arrested After Fight Over Bernie Sanders
He's a nig ... er... big Hillary fan. Actually, works either way. He's a nig who is a big Hillary fan. He assaulted a couple of Sanders supporters for some unknown reason. As if there needs to be a reason to chimp out. Muh Drivin' Miss Hillary.

Baby Bison That Was Placed In A Van By Tourists In Yellowstone Is Euthanized

Dear DATGOY, the irony of this story is too rich. The tourists "thought" they were rescuing the bison from the cold by putting it in their van and taking it to a ranger station. The calf was then rejected by its herd when it was returned, and it had to be put down because it was wandering toward humans and getting on the road. The story ends saying "The bison, by the way, just became the U.S. national mammal." Ah, Amerikwa.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jew Who Used Caligraphy to Escape Holocaust Dies

Susan Sarandon Has 'Nothing Good to Say' About Woody Allen: 'He Sexually Assaulted a Child'
Yep. But kike perverts gonna kike pervert, Susan. I mean, what do you expect, you old hag? You've been working with them for the past three centuries.

Pfizer To Stop Selling Drugs For Use In Lethal Injections
Which is leading to a series of botched, torturous executions with less tested products because authorities can't obtain already established products for the job. How marvelous!

Angry bees attacks in Northern California block
Notice that political correctness has officially killed the term "Africanized" bees. Wouldn't want to stereotype African bees as "angry".

Woman taken to hospital with nurse shark attached to her arm.
Unless the nurse shark is Filipino, the hospital won't hire her.

Ernest Michel, Who Bore Witness to the Holocaust and Led Charities, Dies at 92
Quoting: Ernest Michel survived the Auschwitz death camp because of a calligraphy course he had taken at his father’s insistence. His penmanship became flawless, and the Nazis put it to use at Auschwitz, sparing him from the gas chambers. Riiigghhttt. And he also ate and shit his calligraphy pen set each night to keep the guards from taking it away.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Secret Harvard Meeting On Synthetic Genome Denounced

John Boyega: New ‘Star Wars’ Is ‘Darker, Bigger’ Than ‘Force Awakens’
Darker and Bigger? The Daily Interracial Cuckold Porn Stormers Will Be Thrilled.

About 200 involved in deadly brawl at [Russian] cemetery
Yep. Sure. Russians are going to save Western Civilization.

EXCLUSIVE: Father speaks of son, who was found decapitated
Quoting the father "This sucks. I just bought him a Make America Great Again trucker cap." (Not an actual quote.)

Mother of Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes [finally] speaks out
Took her four years to say "I'm very cognizant of how bad this all was". Really? While you are in the mood for pouring your heart out, why not tell us how bad your tennis game has gotten since the 'tragedy'.

Harvard's secret meeting on synthetic human genome fuels debate
No it didn't. It fueled outraged pearl-clutching from a handful of moralizing bio-technophobes.

Adrean's Added Snark:

Nothing says "I am a herd animal." like chewing your cud (gum). May I suggest that gum chewing be relegated to juveniles who don't know any better, and prostitutes trying to get the taste of dick out of their mouths?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Trump Leading with Spics - Riiiight

I have found Twitter's character limit too restricting for my comments on Unrectified Reports. So today I will post them here.

He takes on his mother's lifelong quest to leave no muzzie cock unsucked.
As premature as your baby born with spina bifida.

Trump's just gotta have this.

In the 1960's, Kitty Genovese's cries for help went unanswered. In the 2010's, bystanders come running, phones in hand, so they can record the violence for social media. Progress.

HA! Get used to coexisting in the 'Kwa. Regardless of race, creed, or faiths, under Trumpenfuhrer we will all love each other.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Alligator Chew-Toy's Family Is Begging for Shekels

I suggest that GoFundMe should require the following explanatory statement on each of their fundraisers:

Go Fund Me ... Because I don't want to be responsible for my own actions, and neither does my family.

Quoting this story: Alligator Bites Off Man's Arm During A Mental Breakdown That Led Him Into Lake

Family members are trying to raise money to cover a prosthetic arm for a Florida man, who had most of it bitten clean off in an alligator attack after he reportedly suffered a mental breakdown Officials said they were called to a Lakeland home on Wednesday night in response to 21-year-old Jesse Kinsinger's "psychological issues." [...]

In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel,
[his mother] said Kinsinger was suffering from PTSD stemming from an armed home invasion two years ago. As cops arrived on the scene, Gross said Kinsinger "bolted" from the apartment complex and into a wooded area with a lake nearby: "He knew that law enforcement were looking for him." [...]

When officers spotted him,
[po-po's] said "they discovered him laying on the shoreline with three-fourths of his left arm missing from an apparent alligator incident." [Po-po's] said it appeared that his hand, as well as six or seven inches of his arm, were torn right off. [...]

A man who claims to be his brother-in-law wrote on their GoFundMe campaign, "I jumped over the railing to get to him last night, when he told me 'My hand hurts.' I asked him what hand he was talking about, and when he lifted his arm, there was nothing but meat and bone. There wasn't a single thing left."

Now let's read the brother-in-law's attempt to cash in on the idiocy ... er ... raise money to help deal with this tragedy.

Last night, my brother-in-law, Jesse Kinsinger was the victim of an alligator attack at my apartment complex in Lakeland, FL.

My name is Mike Taylor, and I'm trying to raise $100,000 to get him a new working arm. No body deserves to have this happen to them, and my family and I just don't have the money to provide this.

So far, Taylor has raised $250. That is precisely $250 more than he should have raised. In a sane society, he would have his arm torn off [by the legally appointed and empowered ministers of arm-pullery] for even suggesting that his mentally defective relation should receive $100k for a "new working arm" - especially since it is a sure bet that said defective hasn't done any "work" in his entire life. But we do not live in a sane society. Therefore, the donors didn't ask simple questions like, 'How did you manage to price the cost and plausibility of acquiring "a new working arm" when (as of 3 hours ago) the defective is still in surgery? How do you even know this freak is going to live, let alone if he is going to get "a new working arm"?'

Lazy alligators. A crocodile would have finished that mud right off.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Driver of the Bus Screams Nigger! Nigger! Nigger! ...

All ... through ... the town...

A bus operator for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is under investigation Tuesday after cellphone video showed him yelling racial epithets at a woman during a parking dispute.

During the dispute, the man made racist remarks to Mayra Villarreal as she recorded the argument with her cellphone.

“We do not tolerate this type of hateful behavior at our agency,” the railway’s spokesman Paul Rose said. “We will conduct an investigation and seek full disciplinary action, which includes termination.” The driver has been placed on leave.

Let's watch:

Please, gentle Chalkies. Come here to anonymously vent your spleen after a day's work, and keep your cool while on the streets of the MultiKult-occupied West.

Also if you want to keep your job, try not to teach your dog to Sieg Heil on social media, and don't tell your student the reason you pick on her is because she is black.

All are hilarious, but ... "No! No! Bad Chalkies! No!".

Monday, May 09, 2016

Hermann Goering's Relatives Sterilized Themselves

And why do you think that is, hmm? Quoting:

The niece of Hitler's deputy Hermann Goering has revealed she had herself sterilised rather than risk giving birth to 'a monster'.

Bettina Goering, who now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a great niece of Goering, who founded the Gestapo secret police, organised the Holocaust and ordered the Blitz on Britain.

The 60-year-old, who practices herbal medicine, is one of a number of relatives of infamous Nazis who have revealed how their family ties have affected them.

She has revealed how both she and her brother were voluntarily sterilised. 'I had my tubes tied at the age of 30 because I feared I would create another monster,' she said.

Oh, purest heart - the monster was you all along. You are a self-mutilator, a dangerously delusional mental defective, Life Unworthy of Life. But more amusingly, you are also the plaything of my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY (DATGOY). You see, like you, the Nazi's felt certain people should be sterilized based on the monstrosities they might birth. And here you are, reaffirming that their vision of the world was the correct one. And read the grateful and supportive comments from the public who heard about you! You have helped normalize the idea that relatives should suffer for the actions of their kin. So you see, you didn't fall as far from your uncle's tree as you might think you did, which is why I affirm that the monster was in fact you all along. Your addiction to guilt is the equivalent of your uncle's addiction to morphine. How delightful!

Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Right still don't understand DIEversity

Today, let's consider this article from the Daily Caller:
Psychologists Explain Why New ‘Diversity’ Efforts On Campuses Will Fail

Two top psychologists have published a lengthy essay in The Wall Street Journal warning costly new efforts to promote racial diversity on college campuses are likely to increase, not decrease, racial tensions and animosity. [...]

Schools like the University of Missouri, Yale University and Princeton University have seen large-scale racial protests coupled with lists of demands given to administrators by activist groups. Rather than standing up for themselves, many targeted schools have tried to placate activists by granting some — or all — of these demands. Yale has pledged a five-year, $50 million faculty diversity initiative. Brown University is spending $100 million on a similar effort. Other schools have pledged to hire diversity coordinators, increase non-white faculty, and expand ethnic cultural centers without attaching a specific budgetary figure to it.

Regardless of their approach, though,
[psychologists] warn that these efforts are unlikely to resolve racial tensions on campus and may in fact make them worse. The reason, they say, is precisely because they will entrench a college environment that divides people by race.

You poor damn fools. That is not failure - that is exactly what diversity measures are intended to do. That is the point of DIEversity. To promote racial, gender, sexual, and every other form of grievance against White Western Civilization and destroy it, all while claiming it is being done in the name of tolerance and justice. I figured that out over ten years ago while I was on Amerikwa's college campuses achieving my get-out-of-manual labor certificate (diploma), and that realization became the basis of Compulsory Diversity News. It's fascinating that much brighter, more well-adjusted, more successful people still don't have any clue what the point of DIEversity is, even at this late date.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Apparently, God's Plan Involves Beaner Zika-Babies

Continuing with yesterday's theme of brown Life Unworthy of Life, let's meet a 17-year-old beanerette who has decided God wants her to have a Zika-infected baby.

A pregnant Connecticut teen who tested positive for the Zika virus has decided to carry her baby to full term despite the risks of birth defects. "I'm not happy that my baby is going to be born with Zika but God has given me a miracle," Sara Mujica tells PEOPLE. [...]

Mujica and her fiancé, Victor Cruz, 19, learned they were pregnant on March 14 – just four days after she started exhibiting symptoms of the Zika virus, which has been linked to severe birth defects, including microcephaly. [...]

The teen believes she contracted the virus while visiting her fiancé in Choloma, Honduras, where he currently lives. Then, on May 2, Mujica's mother received the news that her daughter's Zika test results came back positive. "My mom called me hysterically crying, she told me her heart was breaking for me," Mujica says. "I was in shock."  [...]

The teen says she and her fiancé deliberated whether or not to keep the baby given the risks. "I mean it's a hard choice, I don't know exactly how I'm going to bring up a child with a disability," she says. "But I am Catholic and I believe that I must raise the child that God gave me."  

O.K., that's enough. My capacity to choke back my own venom is not limitless. I'm sure many of you can guess the first target of my venom. Sure Sara, you're such a good Catholic that you won't abort your Zika baby. But you are not enough of a good Catholic to resist fucking outside of wedlock. Spare me the indignant, don't judge lest ye be judged bullshit. Your God is the father of injustice, and I wouldn't expect a fair trial from him. Also, spare me your two wrongs don't make a right bullshit, when the majority of Christians today don't find sex out of marriage a "wrong" to begin with. You mindless fuckers just do whatever the hell you want, and let God sort it out afterward anyway. You don't need rationalization, let alone reason. Hence we have joys like Zika and HIV to contend with. Now back to the farce, already in progress ...

Now, Mujica is trying to raise the money she needs to return to the United States sooner than her current return ticket so she can seek the healthcare recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [...] She's also working to secure a visa so that her fiancé can come back with her. "He's helping me with anything and everything possible and I'm going to really feel alone without him," she says.[...] Mujica and her fiancé have set up a GoFundMe to help support their baby. 

Now for the fun part. Unlike many GoFundMe sob stories, Sara Mujica's story doesn't have all the proper elements to be a smashing success. Her story alienates Leftists, because it appeals to Catholic anti-abortion sentiment. Her story alienates observant Catholics, because she is a slut. Her story alienates right-wing anti-abortion types, because she is a beaner trying to bring her spic baby daddy to the U.S. That pretty much leaves her with 1) born-again White Christian cucks, and they aren't likely to pick-up the story from People magazine, and 2) other beaners, and they have their own </= 17-year-old pregnant daughters in need of Zika-baby donations. The result is 24 hours after her story was posted, she has raised a total of $200 out of the $50,000(!) she wants. At that's what she wants without even knowing if her child will be born disabled! What a greedy cunt! Now, this is not to say support won't increase once the White Christian cucks find out about it, but for now she gets to face comments such as these:

Nice. But honestly, we should hope she gets the money she requests from the cucks, because it will reduce the tax burden on those of us who will have to finance her baby whether or not it is born disabled. Of course, it would be better to hope God has a miraculous slippery staircase he intends to bless her with before her Zika baby emerges from her nethers.

Friday, May 06, 2016

CDN Demands Gub'mnt Issue Free Vaccines for Brown People

In this very weird video, a mulatto man breaks down while slobbering over his crippled retard mud son. Since I am a terrible person, I enjoyed this video very much. What kind of person are you? To find out, press play.

Now, there are those superstitious types who will inevitably say you will be punished by God/Karma/The Universe if you don't feel sorry for this mulatto and weep along with him. You may even end up with your own retard mud baby as a result! So, are such people saying this mulatto did something to deserve his retard mud baby? Just what did he do to deserve this? Hmm? It's a question he asks himself in the video.

Are good and bad people equally likely to be afflicted with retarded mud babies? Why? Is it that good people receive their retarded mud babies because "God only gives you what he knows you can handle." and bad people receive their retarded mud babies because they are being punished? What does it say about God that he would afflict a child with disease in order to reward the goodness / punish the  badness of the child's parents? And here is one more consideration along those lines - Our society only gives this father two options: raise his afflicted child, or hand it over to the state. Given those options, the good person keeps the child out of moral obligation, while the bad person can just give it away. Isn't it interesting that God didn't factor that in with his punishment plan?

There is yet another layer to all this, that those of you willing to watch even part of the video will ascertain. The boy was not always like this. And what could have caused that, do you think? Let's look at the Go Fund Me page of this miserable mulatto:

Isn't it wonderful to know that many of our White Whateverist leaders function on the same conspiratorial level as random internet sub-apes?

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Chingy-Chongess on Sub-Ape-ess Viorence

What is the most likely scenario in which a small Asian girl could break the neck of a large black heffa? Today's story reveals that the answer is by falling upon said heffa from a great height. Quoting:

A woman who was severely injured after an 18-year-old college student fell on her from an eighth-floor Center City window ledge last year has sued the teen's estate, the property companies, and the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

The incident left Erica Goodwin, 45, of Lansdowne, permanently disabled and unable to return to her job at the state Department of Human Services, her lawyer, Joe Tucker, said Wednesday.

Goodwin was walking on 16th Street about 6 p.m. on Jan. 15, 2015, when Rebecca Kim fell from an eighth-floor window of an apartment building at 1530 Chestnut St. The building housed students enrolled at the Art Institute; Kim, a Temple University freshman, was there visiting a friend.

Would it help if she said she so sowwy? Well, she can't - because she is dead. So time fo dat heffa to get paid. What I want to know is what evil racist White man needs to be held responsible for this unusual incident of (seemingly accidental) Asian upon Negro violence? Probably Herman G. Window, inventor of the window, or C. Thaddeus Ledge, inventor of the ledge. Who are we kidding? We know everything is the fault of every White man everywhere.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Indonesian Village Mistakes Sex Doll for Angel


When a fisherman found her in the sea off Indonesia he was convinced she was an angel who had fallen from heaven. [...]

Discovered the a day after a solar eclipse, he was convinced the heavenly creature had blessed the superstitious remote community and news spread like wildfire. [He] took the “angel” to his home in the village of Kalupapi where his mother dressed her in fresh clothes and a new hijab to wear everyday. Excited villagers even took her on a boat trip, giving her pride of place on their vessel.

But local police decided to investigate amid fears that the furore surrounding the village’s new resident could lead to unrest. And it didn’t take long for the investigating officers to figure out the truth: the heavenly angel was actually an inflatable plastic sex doll [...]

As hilarious as that is, there is actually a lesson here for White Whateverists as well. The lesson lies in why the sex doll was mistaken for an angel ...

With her pale skin, perfect features and wide-eyes, [the fisherman] vowed to look after his holy find. 

Can you see the lesson? No? Well here it is. A big part of White racial awareness is bound up with the beauty of White people in general, and White women in particular. Don't believe me? Try these 14 words ...

"Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."

As long as there are factories churning out sex dolls, said beauty will not perish from the Earth. Whether it is because the Western ideal of beauty has been forced upon the brown people of the Earth, or whether it is because White racial features truly are the human(oid) standard of beauty (as I suspect), it is unlikely that standard will perish just because White people do.

How is this a lesson? I'm getting to it - sheesh! A huge component of White Whateverism involves fetishizing White physical beauty, and lamenting the corruption of that White physical beauty via race mixing. But just because you find something outwardly beautiful doesn't mean you have true knowledge of its nature. The villagers didn't know their "angel" was a masturbation tool. And looking at a beautiful White woman or handsome White man, you don't know anything about the perversity of their nature either. Their nature may be decidedly anti-White. And the importance placed on the beauty of such people could lead to overvaluation of the importance of their salvation or loss.

Let's consider an example. Say there are two White sisters, called Jane and Sue. Jane has a shapely figure, straight teeth and a pretty smile. Sue is a beanpole with buck teeth and a gummy smile. You know both are White, and you can even get a DNA test to prove they are not only White, but sisters. Now if it is discovered sexy Jane is fucking a nigger, White Whateverists see it as race treason, an offense against the order of the universe, and go into a fit of rage. If they discover toothy Sue is fucking a nigger, White Whateverists say, no big loss, I wouldn't have wanted to do her anyway. That is unacceptable. Is it beauty you are trying to save, or the race?  Be careful, or you may end up with a race of inflatable cum dumps.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Google's Racist Teacher's Day Doodle

No one else ever seems to call out Google for their racist Doodling. Here's their latest offense, captioned by CDN.

Previous offenses: 1, and 2.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Jews and the Brown Singularity

In this story, we read that a beaner who hates kikes converted to Islam and then decided he wanted to blow up a synagogue. He found a willing entrapper in the FBI, who is celebrating having foiled a fantasy plot they played a large part in developing.

A Florida man was arrested last week for intending to use “a weapon of mass destruction” at a synagogue near Miami, according to federal authorities.

The FBI says the man never possessed an actual explosive weapon, but instead got an inert device from a bureau employee working undercover after a weeks-long probe.

Officials said that they began investigating James Gonzalo Medina in March after learning that he had discussed wanting to attack a south Florida synagogue. Medina, 40, of Hollywood, Fla., was arrested Friday while carrying the device toward the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, which is also home to a Holocaust memorial and an education facility for children.

When I first read this I thought, "Nice that it wasn't a White Whateverist fuck-up for a change!" Then I remembered most White Whateverists have abandoned anti-kikery, as they wouldn't want to upset Glorious Leader, der Grandfather of the Mischling Master Race.

So, a brown person doesn't like the kikes. Oh Lord, kumbaya. What ever will the Chosen do when they are alone together in the dark with the mud people? I've said it before - when the last Chalky is thrown in a mass grave by the dark murdering hordes, said hordes will turn and rend their Jewish handlers. Jews will pay a terrible price for helping replace Chalkies with Muslims and other non-White filth, but Jewish biology and identity combine to make it impossible for them to do anything but slowly kill their hosts and doom the majority of their own kind to extinction. Parasites gonna parasite.

The parasite doesn't know and doesn't care what will happen when the host dies. It doesn't care that the majority of its kind will die with the host. By its nature, the parasite simply expects to be expelled in the fecal tide that immediately follows the host's death. From there, it dilutes out in all directions in the local water supply, until the next hapless victim laps it up. For the Jewish species of parasite, that dilution is called Diaspora. And I suspect the next hapless victims will be East Asians. But first, civilization will have to get through this thing called the Death of the White Race, and that is going to take a whole hell of a lot of Jews with it as collateral damage.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

White Saviorism Today: Witch Children

Today we are going to talk about witch children.

Which children?

Witch children.

No - I mean which children specifically?


I could fill a entire blog page with that gag, but let's move on.

The Witch Children: Tortured by evil exorcists, but 'multicultural' Britain is too liberal to admit they exist 

‘Witch branding’– telling a child they’re possessed by witchcraft and face life-threatening exorcism – is already an epidemic in Africa. Today there are hundreds of cases of witch branding in Britain, perhaps thousands. Most involve people from Africa, where traditional beliefs in black magic are widespread.

Others involve Muslims who believe in ‘jinns’ or spirits, an element of Islamic theology.
The children are ‘cured’ with the utmost brutality: starvation, violence, sometimes torture, and in a number of appalling cases, death.

Sensible policies for a happier Britain. I bet you're going to tell me its up to White people to stop this, right?

[...] the trafficking of foreign children into Britain is getting worse. Yet, content in our own well-meaning attitudes, we are doing nothing in response. In fact we are complicit. We are helping its spread through our porous borders, the weaknesses of our welfare state, and the hapless political correctness of our police and social services.

Oh, White people. It's all your fault once again. Can't you do anything right? The rest of the article is basically a 21st Century appeal to pick up the White man's burden in the White homeland, ending with the gratitude of a witch child saved by Chalkdom. No need to "send forth the best ye breed" anymore for two reasons:

1) The burden is now living in your country.
2) You don't breed anymore.