Friday, April 01, 2016

Time to Admit Superiority Of Black Female Beauty

Because the beauty of the Black African woman must not perish from the Earf.

Let's face it, white girls just can't compete with black women. Just do a size comparison and you'll realize it immediately.

You call those little things lips? They are an embarrassment. Honestly White girls, what do you think White men think about when you are kissing them? Besides, "Ouch! This is what it must be like kissing a chicken's beak!" The answer is that White men are fantasizing about the size and thickness of lips that you can never give them.

And before you get all defensive White guys and try to defend your women over their tiny, shriveled lips, be honest and challenge yourself with this inferior white ass vs. superior black ass:

You know where you want to put your white python. I'm not advocating race-mixing mind you. A-drey-drey is still racist as all get out. White men and women can't spoil beautiful Nubian ass by mixing our blood with the blacks and ending up with a race of thin-lipped, caramel colored flat asses. But this April 1st, remind yourself that racial superiority is best determined by carefully-selected side-by-side pictorial comparisons of human vs. sub-ape anatomy.


  1. With the latest posts involving hulking black asses,
    I expected (and was relieved) to read both without having to come across the word "booty," even
    sarcastically. Thank you for not promoting wiggerdom
    in any shape, sense or form.

    1. You are most welcome.

      Thursday's post about hippo-ass Niggi Minaj gave me the idea for this April Fool's Day post.

  2. Nothing wrong with a woman having a big ass,as long as the woman isn't a 300lb tub of lard

    Another reason to suspect obongo is gay is no one has accused the ape of cheating,I've never heard of a magic nigger who has been 100% faithful

    1. I think most heterosexual men (note - this means actual hu-men, not sub-apes) still want a woman with curves and a shapely posterior. The media's obsession with giant, protruding, hottentot ass like a Kardashian is the triumph of the niggerization of White society and the rise of the Kwa.

      Meanwhile, the faggots of the fashion industry in Europe make women who have the figures of gangling teenage boys their model of female beauty.

      The Mass Media offers up those two deviant standards and then says "Choose your preferred perversity White folks!"

  3. Nasty fat added niggers. A fat flabby ass is no comparison to a fit white ass

    1. Hmm... in that case, how does a flabby white ass compare to a fit black ass? And before answering, please remember that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.