Friday, April 15, 2016

Things not to do on line with a koon at the ATM.

As much humor as I found in the following article/video, I feel compelled once again to remind White people not to do this sort of thing. Not from any moral concern, mind you, but strictly from a strategic point of view.


A video showing a racially fueled verbal attack at a Montgomery Regions Bank ATM on Tuesday afternoon is making waves on social media. The original video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views since first being posted to Facebook the same afternoon.

"Regions is shocked and appalled by this," bank spokesman Jeremy King said of the incident in a written statement. "We take the safety of our customers very seriously, and we do not tolerate this type of behavior in our branches or on our property."

Arnita Robbins, who posted the video on Facebook, wrote the racial tirade started "all because (the white male bank customer) wanted to wait in his car instead of line."

Regions has spoken with the woman in the video and offered support and assistance to her, he said. Bank officials have also spoken to the man in the video.

"Due to privacy laws, we are limited in what we can share, but in a situation in which a customer verbally abuses another customer or a Regions associate, we close that customer's account," King said.

So let us review, you Cracker Devil.

1) Did abusing the Negropotamus get you to the ATM any faster?
2) Did this confrontation with a boon make your life more or less convenient?
3) Did you enjoy turning this shitskin sow into a social media hero?
4) Did you do anything that will help White people, or did you just give more ammunition to the enemies of White people and their sub-ape pets?

Consider what I had to say in a recent previous post about interacting with sub-apes:

Defending White people who have arguments or get in fights with koons reinforces the idea that White people should not back down in the face of niggerishness. In fact, the only right thing to do is to back down and get out of the situation immediately. Do not associate with them, and do not lower yourself to their level. NOTE: This does not apply to self-defense. You still have a legally protected right to use necessary force to secure your safety and the safety of your loved ones. But do not confuse everyday bullshit with matters of life and death. That is what niggers do all the time, and when you get dragged into it, you become White trash.

You haven't been exposed yet, old feller. But social media is attempting to track you down at this moment. May I offer you a recommendation? Call your local media and offer to apologize. When you meet, read a statement that apologizes for your discourtesy and incivility, and promises that such an incident will never happen again. When asked (and you will be) why you aren't apologizing for your racism, respond the race doesn't exist, it is a social construct, and you will not legitimize such an absurd concept as race by responding to accusations of racism. Rudeness, however, is something for which you feel the need to apologize, and you do so unconditionally. Then terminate the interview with a cordial smile.

Please, Chalkster ... do it.


  1. i cant blame the guy,i have been around enough niggers to know they do shit like this to provoke others,the video was edited, who knows what the beast said to him

    and now for something really pathetic

    lol at the comment section

    1. I can sympathize with his annoyance, but not with his response. You and I both have been around enough niggers to know that their *very existence* is a provocation - like cockroaches. The fact that we (you/he/I) live in an infested area means that we are already in a bad situation. Now what are we going to do about it? Coexistence with cockroaches yields a quality of life consistent with coexistence with niggers. Shouting at niggers is about as effective as shouting at cockroaches.

      Given this man's age and geographical location, there is a high probability he falls into one of two camps:

      1) Votes Republican, goes to Church on Sunday, will ask for Jebus's forgiveness if caught.

      2) Votes Trump, gets his religion from TV evangelists if at all, will ask for Jebus's forgiveness if caught.

      The chances that he is racially aware are very low. The chances that he will ever support pro-White causes is next to nil. Fuck him, and his White Trash behavior.

      And speaking of White Trash behavior, do I dare go read what the trolls have been jerking off to in the basements under their dilapidated bridge? Given the title and the predilections of their diminutive leader, I am guessing it is a yellow fever induced hysteria with all praise to der Trump fuhrer for allying us with Japan again?

      ...I'm back and yep, pretty much. "They're so clean! They're so racist! They're so honorabru! They're national brothers!" Gag. And then there's this nonsense:
      "I wouldn't mind to live in a World ruled by the Japanese."

      Great idea, moron. You can set up a vending machine outside your daughter's bedroom with her soiled panties in it. Then you can go online and masturbate to photo-shopped pictures of her being raped by tentacles.


  2. I just wish I could discern what the angst from the white guy is all about. It seems that he's pissed off that either the sheboon jumped the line ahead of him or is taking too long. The audio is bad, so it's hard to tell. Either way, as you said, it's a losing proposition for the 'kwanian wannabe white supremo. Might I suggest he replace "motherfucker" with "fat gorilla" and "goddamn whore" with
    "worthless pavement ape"?
    But "Goddamn nigger" will be allowed to pass without further comment.

    1. I think you're on the right track. I am *guessing* that he was waiting in his vehicle with his dog for one nigger to be finished at the ATM. He then got out and started walking toward the ATM but this Negropotamus got there before him. Furious that is was not still 1956, and that segregation does not apply any longer, he started berating the Niggeress along the lines of "Didn't y'all koons see me a sittin' over there? I was next in god'derned line!" She told him too fuckin' bad and then he got riled up while the first nigger took out a cellphone and started recording.

      I greatly enjoyed your proposed revisions to his script, but still would have preferred this incident never happened at all.

  3. I'm not going to watch the video, and I'm not going to comment on it per se. It's got to be partial. Everything mediated is. That is the primary and ultimate lie of the Jew--that is their entire eschatology: the partial, mediated, controlled, shaped truth presented as the whole truth...when in fact it's just a story, a distraction. The mediated massaged People Of The Storybook minutes of fame that turns a genuinely lived or experienced moment or emotion into something to be ashamed of because it wasn't controlled, scripted, surveilled, and recorded.

    In this, Adrean, you were taken in by the Jew-man Zuckerberg. It is his panoptical technology that surveils all genuine lived moments for something to turn into a global Judenspectacle. In reacting to that, you are doing something very similar to what you say you revile when whites do it in interaction with sub-apes.

    1. Nonsense. It's not just what is mediated that is partial ***everything is partial*** that is the nature of being human. You will never know what is going on in the mind of another. You can never observe an event from all angles. You can never comprehend the whole truth because your senses are limited. That gives you the opportunity to accept that events take place exactly as the enemy says, but interpret them completely differently then your enemy says you should. I believe this is the answer to the anti-White Mass Media, but what do you and most White Whateverists do? You either deny events took place as they did, or claim the event was part of a conspiracy and you alone can reveal the reality of what took place. You fight the details and not the meaning. You even start your comment by saying you refuse to look at the input that runs contrary to your beliefs. And there is good reason for you not to subject your beliefs to challenge, because if you believe that every daily event is scripted by Jews, you are delusional.

      Compulsory Diversity News takes whatever input the Mass Media offers and converts it into something that the Mass Media does not want promoted. The Mass Media will accept two viewpoints on this article:
      1) Racism still exists! BLM!
      2) Not everything is racist! ALM!
      ...Now line up puppets and dance!

      Read the comments on the news stories about this event and you will see the puppet show take place. That is reaction. And avoiding the spectacle is the inaction. CDN is the way between the two - respond in an undesirable fashion. Can you imagine how frustrated the media would be if the mass reaction to this story was in line with mine? "That's no way to treat a negropotamus! Shame on that cracker devil! We all know we must be extra courteous to the sub-apes because it is a fact they cannot control their TNB."

      CDN uses this story as an opportunity to contravene the Mass Media narrative and simultaneously heap scorn on the Negropotamus and the Cracker Devil at the same time. You can take the event at face value and still come up with an interpretation that the Mass Media would despise and delete from their comments section if it was posted there. Also, in the real world, most White racially aware people are going to have to interact with niggers and make a decision when the TNB starts - lower yourself to their level, or rise above it. This article is an opportunity to promote a very different viewpoint on such events - only you can prevent chimpouts. But you have decided to bog down a simple, silly public service announcement with your turgid take - a White autist diatribe on how the Media spin stories to promote their own kikey agenda. No shit?!? For reals???

      Don't be disingenuous. Either you know what CDN is about and you choose to ignore the point in a drunken stupor, or you don't have any idea what CDN is about and you choose to ignore it as you did the video provided. Compulsory Diversity News cannot exist without the three things in its name. CDN can't simply shut out the "panoptical" compulsory Media state, because the Mass Media is unavoidable in the modern world. CDN can't ignore the language of Diversity, because it uses the absurdity of Diversity as a punchline. And CDN can't ignore what is making news just because kikes own the major media outlets. CDN is a chronic regifter. Take garbage in from the internet, package it in a box with a lovely bow on top, and return garbage to the internet that sent it.