Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Mischling Makers Who Will Rule You

Just a reminder to you Kwanians that whether you vote Republican or Democrat this fall, if your choice is between the douche and turd sandwich that are currently in the lead, you will be voting for a person with mischling grandchildren.


  1. It's no coincidence. Jews are genetic parasites. This is the biological analog of a cuckoo bird laying it's eggs in the nest of an eagle.

    I really wish Gause's law of competitive exclusion was understood by more whites in theory and practice.

    1. Whites didn't need to understand it when they were the invasive species. Now that they are being invaded ...

  2. dont worry jebus will save america
    Trump can say anything the meme loving retards will still love him, here is an example

    the great leader (trademark daily cuck) says he has no problems with trannies using any bathroom , so our fave tranny jenner takes a shit at trump towers

    will the daily cuck have this as front page news, underneath the pepe trump banner?

    1. Great link, thank you. You're absolutely right. For all their talk of being red pilled, they are perfect Kool-Aid drinkers when it comes to zaide Trump. Der Daily Cuck put out an article against the transgender bathroom propaganda just before Trump issued a statement supporting the latest MultiKult assault on common sense. What a curious position to be in as jew-wise pro-Whites. Shilling for a closet leftist with Jewish grandkids because you secretly believe he is going to deport Mexicans. It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Then again, if RAMZPAUL is correct, Der Daily is a branch of the ADL, which might explain some things. This is ironic because RAMZPAUL is consistently misogynistic toward White women, but White Knighted for a jewess while condemning White nationalism.

      Can any of these dumb fuckers quit the Jew???

    2. "Can any of these dumb fuckers quit the Jew???"

      Doubtful. From what I've observed the "white nationalists" of America just seem to be trying to reverse the Christian axiology of the anti-white movement.

      The white nationalist leaders are Messiahs, and the white nationalists are their apostles, who spread the gospel that whites dindu nothing, whites are saints and angels, whites are the true eternal victims of history, led astray only by the wicked Jewish witchcraft.

      Instead of doing... just about anything practical in real life. They could even start small.

      Sorry for interjecting. This is a different anon from above.

    3. I appreciate your interjection. I am looking for different perspectives than those I currently find around the World White Webs.

      I think you're right. White Whateverists are co-opting the victimization narrative, right down to the claim they are being genocided. Any part they play in their own demise is excused as the result of hypnotic kikery, and/or Whites simply being too angelically perfect to fight back. And in a colossal act of hypocrisy, the fact that their glorious savior has mischling grandchildren is waved aside without further comment. (A crime that would be evidence of complicity in the so-called genocide should it be found in any other person.)

      What is the use of being Jew-wise if the soul is poisoned with the Christian martyr-complex and/or its secular leftist equivalent?

      I'd be interested in hearing what practical things you would suggest White Whateverists do. The World White Web seems to advocate 5 primary activities:

      1) Avoid vaccines.
      2) Harass people online with internet memes.
      3) Vote Trump.
      4) Collect disability and lift weights.
      5) Send monthly donations to White Whateverist "leaders".

      Previously within the top 5, now demoted:
      - Get game.
      - Stockpile provisions for the race war and get target practice daily.
      - Move to remote towns without running water or sanitation and live like an Injun on the rez.

    4. Honestly? I wouldn't know. The White Whateverist movement in various incarnations has been floating around at least since the end of WWII and from what I've seen it hasn't made any real life headway into the masses.

      Perhaps it is the reluctance to admit most whites as dead loss. At least the current incarnation’s modus operandi seems to be an awareness campaign. Which is all fine and dandy, I suppose, but what then?

      If we are all aware, will the Jews have a change of heart, throw up their hands and say, “well, now we feel really sorry for all the mischief we were up to! Here, we give back your mass media, your banks and your political parties”? Will all the “minorities” just meekly go home saying, “oh, we feel ever so bad for trying to conquer your countries!”?

      Personally I started with my TV. It amazes me how many white nationalists still watch Hollywood trash, and then waste time writing 5,000 word essays about the secret fascist sympathies in Hunger Games as if your average consumer is going to read it and have an awakening. For seemingly Jew-wise people they sure are dumb.

      I suppose I would focus my study on insurrections. Every empire collapses; when and how it collapses is different. Rome wasn't built in a day, indeed, and neither did it collapse in a day.

      The fact is whites don’t have leaders. They don’t even have communities. They are basically like diaspora Jews without the racial creed that keeps them together and apart from everyone else. Without a sense of community and racial awareness, it is hard to muster up resistance or any sense of hate at what is happening to the white countries, the European heritage, around the world.

      I guess my list would look something like this:

      1) build a community; preferably out of cities as they tend to be the breeding ground for deviants, race mixers and “minorities”.

      2) buy out an old school building or something where the white nationalist “leaders” can do what they apparently do best; teach

      3) train every generation of boys to be leaders and soldiers according to their abilities

      4) completely root out Christian axiology; teach every generation of whites the will to power and that everything goes into the betterment of the race.

      5) In that regard, stop naming your kids after Jewish mythological figures. Even the blacks got this and started giving their kids retarded names to raise their sense of apartness

      6) However, if white nationalist Christians insist on keeping the Bible, then they should do as I suspect the Jews do; take OT as what to do to others and NT as what to say to others

      7) Stop giving anything to the system that is dead-set on killing you and learn how to be self-sufficient. With or without help the system is going to collapse, as they all have, and it’s only a matter of surviving what comes afterwards and seizing the power

      Or if you prefer; take a leaf out of the Jewish book. For what it’s worth they have survived the past three thousand years as a diaspora minority. Of course, they also have no art or inventions to speak of so we would have to do some adjustments for ourselves.

      The thing is, you can rebuild civilizations only if the people of said civilization still exist. But most white nationalists seem content just to stop at the awareness campaign and then, I don’t know, we’re all aware and God takes care of the rest? In that sense they are just like the leftist lemmings who they despise.

      PS. It's not like certain victim narrative in the mythos of a people is inherently bad. Every people have a certain victim narrative balanced by the "master race" narrative. White nationalists seem to have completely embraced the victim narrative and abandoned the master race, which is bad when the rest of the world has no qualms about killing their pale asses dead.

      Come to think of it, for race realists they seem pretty dumb, too.

      - Different Anon

    5. Hello Different Anon,

      I truly appreciate you returning to share your thoughts on the matter. There is nothing there that I find fault with as dangerous or misguided (unlike the rest of pro-White thought today). When you itemize a strategy as you did, it becomes incredibly clear how virtually no tangible progress has been made by Der Movement in a real world sense. I am not going to critique your strategy because I would really like to see someone try it before it is critiqued. Just for Jebus's sake - somebody do something!

      White Whateverist leaders think all they have to do is be the alarm clock, and eventually the sleeping giant will awake. After all, how many times can the giant slap the snooze button? But is the giant even the same creature he was 50 or 100 or 200 years ago?

      Is the blood so weak now that it has no will to continue on? If you are more spiritually inclined, substitute soul for blood in that question. I've said before I think White racial awareness is a defect in a modern White person. That means I acknowledge I am defective. The race has been weeding out its zealots via shunning, punishing, and even outright killing any and all who openly express White racial awareness. White Whateverists blame this on hypnotic kikery, but I just don't believe its that simple. This is because our race's long history of fratricidal wars, persecutions, and other cruelties cannot possibly be driven by kikery when the kikes had not yet even landed on our shores. We have the capacity for self-harm. Further, expulsion of Jews NEVER creates the White utopia. Even when Juden-free, the Christ-insanity remains, so there is no true Juden-free White society.

      I have more to say ... but it is too scattered to be coherently expressed. The World White Webs is dreadfully predictable to me now. I thank you for offering me a different take.


    6. I would like to thank you, too.

      I once commented in one of the white nationalist blogs how being aware of the Jewish problem isn't enough because many great minds have been aware of the Jewish problem and before their expulsions the masses have been aware of the Jewish problem, and yet here we are again. Jews and gypsies are the best examples of whites being completely incapable of dealing with their unwanted, parasitic and malignant minorities. So much for allegedly being genocidal freaks. Needless to say, I was called a Jew for my troubles.

      So I appreciate your thoughtful, polite replies.

      My outlook is basically positive in spite of the decided inaction of the Movement. I see this period of time when the weak, the traitors and the deviants will be culled--by the sheer power of natural selection if nothing else--and hopefully the whites with even a smidgen of racial awareness, even if it is unconscious, will survive to the next era. They would just need a real leader and teachers to guide their collective will towards survival and power.

      At this point the above-mentioned community would help where they could cultivate said racial awareness, the will to power and skills for survival. I am certain there are plenty of white nationalists who have children and they could even marry them off to each other to further cultivate aforementioned traits and talents. Though, I suspect such a suggestion would be beyond the pale for most of them as they only seem to want the current society without niggers and Jews, and maybe a few over the top homosexuals.

      They don’t seem to understand that this struggle won’t end with just the expulsion of Jews and other minorities, but it will be infinite and every effort should be made to ensure that we will succeed and continue to succeed well beyond our deaths.

      Whites’ worst enemy isn't Jewish witchcraft. It’s apathy. Apathy even in the face of knowledge and awareness.

      When I get depressed I try to remember that whites never started with large numbers, that the Black Death killed over half of the entire European population (which wasn't very large to begin with, then), that after seven hundred years we still expelled the Muslims and drove out the Mongols. It will take time. It might never happen during my lifetime but I will hold out hope that the future generations of whites will live.

      (PS. Of course the Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese ended up horribly race-mixed with the dangerous combination of Christianity, Jews, Moors and their slaves, but some of them quite retained their European heritage. As did Europeans in South America where the Spaniards race-mixed themselves to oblivion sans Jews. At this point it would help to entirely transvalue the Christian axiology and to root out the economic greed in us. Which is why I think being Jew-wise isn't enough. We need to fundamentally change ourselves if we wish to survive and be our own sovereigns.)

      - Different Anon

    7. You're very welcome.

      I've come to the same conclusion that Whites are actually very tolerant of the foreigner throughout their history, and that the desire for the extirpation of subhuman vermin ( has always been an exception rather than the rule - unfortunately. Sigh.

      I have always worried about the leader principle in White Whateverism. The fish rots from the head. That explains the current state of White Whateverism. Further, cut off the head, and the body dies. That explains the previous failures of White Whateverism. Trumplingism is all I needed to reinforce my conclusion that leaderless resistance is preferable. However, I also maintain that resistance does not have to be paramilitary. Thriving in a system that wants to destroy you is another form of resistance.

      It would be nice to think your combination of positivity + realism are more prevalent among the silent majority of pro-White people than what I currently find at the vocal (and irrational) top of the heap of the White interwebs.