Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The American Führer Arrives in Berlin

Herr Drumpf is supposed to be in rural Maryland this evening, in an area that those from D.C. consider drive-thru country on the way to the beach. Keep your windows rolled up if you don't like the smell of manure on fields or chicken processing plants. Many times before, I have personally passed by the location where this rally will take place, and it is one sad backwater. The historic part of Berlin, Maryland is a somewhat quaint town that Metropolitan people have moved to and gentrified, but everything else nearby is rundown and impoverished. The high school gymnasium where Trump will hold his rally is literally the largest capacity building in the immediate area, but its parking lots are smaller than a typical shopping mall. I'm betting it is going to be a traffic nightmare.

It is really strange that Trump would go to Berlin, Maryland of all places in the state. Regional media says he wanted to hold the rally in the resort town of Ocean City, but another event was already booked. There is also talk that the reason Trump considered going to Berlin is because he has a campaign staffer who went to the Stephen Decatur High School. HA! What a great way to show your celebrity boss you're an idiot. Bring the mega-wealthy reality TV star to your rural high school where, standing at the intersection beside the school, you will see the cultural highlights - an abandoned McDonald's, an abandoned Harley Davidson dealership, an Exxon with two pumps, and an Arby's. That's it.

I mention the cultural highlights because it was at that abandoned McDonald's parking lot that a nigger student from the high school beat the shit out of a White student in January of last year. I covered the story here, because the D.C./Baltimore media had lost its mind over a report of an Instagram post with a swastika and "Day of the Rope" message that had circulated among the Stephen Decatur H.S. students. There was a meltdown in the press over "RACISM!!!". But when one week later black-on-White violence occurred instead of the promised "Day of the Rope", the media claimed the beating was not racially motivated. As I said at the time:

"[...] anonymous swastikas = racism; niggers beating white children on camera = not racism."

Honestly, Trump's visit to that little speck of nowhere is just more proof to me of my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY's (DATGOY) existence. The Great White American Führer, grandfather of the mischling master race, makes a stop over in Berlin one day after sweeping the Jew York primary, and parks his limo next door to the parking lot of the boarded up McDonald's where a White boy was beaten senseless in a black-on-White attack the D.C. media chose to ignore. What's more, protestors from the Metropolitan D.C. area are planning to stage a demonstration in that very parking lot against Trump's racism! HA! Oh, DATGOY! 


  1. Oh, and I forgot. It's Hitler's birthday too! HAHAHAHA!

  2. Fneh.

    Americans aren't supposed to take the chief of their executive branch of gubmint so seriously. That's the whole damn point. You're SUPPOSED to hate the POTUS.

    1. Kwanians take the WWE seriously, so why should we be surprised when they finally show an interest in who's presbidemf?