Saturday, April 09, 2016

Texas Teacher Caught Spanking Her Monkey

Just another school day in the 'Kwa. Quoting:

BEAUMONT, Texas --A high school math teacher is facing an assault charge after video surfaced of her hitting a student at least five times in class.

CBS affiliate KFDM reported Mary A. Hastings, a 63-year-old geometry teacher at Ozen High School, was arrested and has been placed on paid leave.

Hastings, who appears exasperated, scolds the student for being a disruption. She hit the student while saying, "...because you're stopping him from graduating you idiot [ass]."

Let's watch:

Seems this is the time of year for public school high jinks. Everyone in the prison has had enough and is ready to be paroled for summer - guards and inmates alike. Now, there are some important things I request White Whateverists not do in relation to this teacher:

1) Do not proclaim her to be one of us. There is no evidence of racial malice. She called him an ass, not a nigger - when he is clearly a nigger. On a more serious note, a racially aware White woman does not spend decades in the public school system squandering her life by teaching niggers 'how do maff'.

2) Do not defend her actions. None of us should EVER get in this situation or a similar one. Defending White people who have arguments or get in fights with koons reinforces the idea that White people should not back down in the face of niggerishness. In fact, the only right thing to do is to back down and get out of the situation immediately. Do not associate with them, and do not lower yourself to their level. NOTE: This does not apply to self-defense. You still have a legally protected right to use necessary force to secure your safety and the safety of your loved ones. But do not confuse everyday bullshit with matters of life and death. That is what niggers do all the time, and when you get dragged into it, you become White trash.

3) Do not do what she did. See #2. The best policy is to avoid the groid at all times. If you are in a profession that requires you to be in contact with groids, you need to either find a different job, or become very familiar with your Human Resource Department's policies and procedures. If you stay in such a job, you must think of yourself as a robot. No strong emotions, no ego, no opinions, and no reason to be there except a paycheck. Feign mild autism if it keeps colleagues from questioning your social deadness and seeming lack of awareness of the outside world beyond your job.

I really hope that any White, racially-aware person who is on the borderline of throwing away their future will stumble upon my blog and take this advice to heart. Other White Whateverist websites have a nasty habit of turning these media pariahs into White heroes (consider Darren Wilson) which is misleading in the extreme. This war is generational, and it won't be won on social media. Heroes secure the future for their White children, they don't throw away their livelihoods or lives on mud control (LINK).

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