Monday, April 18, 2016

Serena Williams Is a Man, He-Man to Be Precise

J.K. Rowling needs to issue an immediate apology to the interwebs. Last year, she got in a Twitter exchange with a muggle who claimed Serena Williams is built like a man. I documented the story here. Let's look at the tweetering in question:

He's an idiot, eh? Take a look at Serena's outfit for a recent 80's costume party she attended and tell me, what does that make you then, dumblewhore?

Reprising what I said when Rowling made her quip that her husband wouldn't look like that in a dress, would her husband look like that in a He-Man costume? Serena Williams is a freaking man, hormonally if not in dingus. And she knows it too, hence her costume choice. She actually has thicker arms and legs than a man who attended the party also dressed as He-Man!

This is the great madness that has infected White people since the Death of the West. Whities cannot admit to the reality that their senses perceive. They subordinate their perceptions of what is to what should be. There is no such thing as race, regardless of all sensory data to the contrary. There is no such thing as gender, regardless of all sensory data to the contrary. Gravity is nonsense - as long as you and I both agree that you float - you float. Now White lemmings ... head for that cliff.


  1. Nigger females are naturally more manly and 10 times as ugly as white women

    At least 5 times a day I stare at subapes and think "is that a man or woman"?

    Even the so called beautiful black women like beyonce look like trannies

    1. I agree. Even without doping, black women are uglier and more masculine than females of any other race. You know who else agrees? Science. Not that I need science to tell me what common sense can, but some like to have numbers to back up their perceptions.

  2. Tranny men have long worn huge spike heels and shoulder-length wigs to make themselves look less stocky, and the steatopygosity is helped by "body shaper" underwear. Williams could easily be giving blowjobs at any gay men's orgy pit and they wouldn't bat an eye.

    She's not a man any more than Bruce Jenner is a woman. But she is a solidly masculinized freak, just another leaden clump dragging down the gene pool.

    1. She's not a man any more than Bruce Jenner is a woman.

      HA! True. But at this point neither are very good examples of their birth genders, are they?