Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prince Murdered by Illuminati for Baal Temple Failure

From the CDN Ministry of Truth

The Artist Formerly Known as Satan's Hand Maiden was found "dead" at Paisley Park this morning, and boy howdy are the sheeple burying their heads in the sand for this one. "Dead". Right. Implying that he has been "alive" since he was "born" 57 years ago. Please. If I was to name 12 reasons why this hoax has the stink of Illuminati mindfuck written all over it, you would think I was a Zionist shill - that's just how obvious this thing is. Anyone who even tries to point out this didn't happen is probably in on it - that's just how obvious the fact it didn't happen at all is. It's like ... why even mention he "died" when everyone already knows he was never alive to begin with? Sheesh. But for those who don't understand why he was ritually murdered, there are reasons that you need to be made aware of so you don't fall into the trap of thinking Prince is dead. So let's get through this thing called "life" together, shall we?

Who was Prince? You are meant to think this:

But what you should think is this:

But what you know is true is more like this:

But what we have foundational transcendental knowledge of is his parallel existence of this:

Does that mean he was reptilian? HA! Don't be coy. Your unconscious mind put the pieces together before the images loaded on this page. If he hadn't been dead, that's the only part of himself left to murder. And they can't have that, can they? So, partially yes.

And what does this have to do with the Temple of Baal? Almost everything, but somewhat less than nothing, because that's how this hologram monster was projected along the violet wavelength. Note: There is no such thing as a purple wavelength - only violet. Why didn't they tell you that at school? Because how could you believe there was such a color as PURPLE in a RAINbow if you had been taught that VIOLET is the light, and purple is the misperception of Yah-shu-ha-wey's PURPLE helmet Y-S-H-U, the Hebrew equivalent of A-L-E-P-Y or numerically 1-9-9-9. As in, we are going to party like it's. If the Temple of Baal had been reconstructed in New York, Prince wouldn't have had to divert his flight on April 15th. 1-9-9-9 minus 4-1-5, 1-5-8-4 (he was pronounced "dead" at 10:07 this morning) 1-0-0-7 + 4-1-5 is 1422 which is nearly 1584 to the untrained mind, but somewhat off to the awake such as ourselves. The discrepancy is meant to throw us off balance. Until this integer is considered:

If your asking why it's sideways, you are completely under mind control and you should not even attempt to go any further. What follows won't seem as lucid to you as the preceding paragraphs, so proceed at your own risk if you value your comfy little "world" (pod) you sleeper. 1584-1422 = 162 (as seen above). Get it now pod people? Sorry. I shouldn't be so condescending. But its up to you to try to see reality, the "truth" can only get you so far before you need to apply your 6th sense.

And here is where it all ends, the triumphal arch of Palmyra in London. Exactly on the spot where Prince was meant to pass through the gates of the Temple of Baal on the 19th for the Blood Sacrifice of the Beast. But if you cannot deliver the sacrifice, you become the sacrifice. The Pewter Rule of the Global Satanic Conspiracy. And that is why his download is complete, as David Bowie warned us with Black Star. You can't tweak your nose at the Nazi Rothschild's when they control your bandwidth (ask Alex Jones), and his compression over the years to try and stay relevant to the agenda made no sense to anyone except on the racist Alt-Right, which found in David Bowie the White equivalent of Prince. So had he actually been alive to be murdered, this would be sad. But his death is a global tragedy.


  1. People who cry when their favourite celebrity dies are really pathetic

    Also it's funny how the joo media treated prince after he died,when he was alive they wrote countless article's describing him as a freak which he was,there was a story about how he removed his ribs to suck his own muh dik

    1. Have faith he is sucking his own dick in hell right now.

  2. Prince-- to mudhsharks everywhere-- was a more grown-up version of Emmanuel Lewis, aka "Webster," the diminutive darky of the eponymous TV show. Something about cute-ish, midget mud dikkers drives the coal burners wild. I guess they can "save" a black
    with the added benefit of having a cuddly darky doll to fetish. That tiny groid had his comeuppance, though, from wearing high heels, jumping off risers and
    doing the splits. It did a number on his hips, and he was in constant pain. Now his crack addict/prostitute sister has won the Bantu gibs-me sweepstakes. Now, A-D-D, can you stop worshipping the "artist formerly known as Chintz" and get back to bagging on the candidate formerly known as "making America Greece again"? You know he's "amazing, awesome, unbelievable, iconic and legendary"... SO much MORE than Chintz. What's the chance that ANY of the 2,000 songs in his vault will be a "hit" of any kind?

    1. In support of your theory about his coal burner popularity, I will mention that I heard about the death of Prince while at work. Four White women in their late forties / early fifties were seeking out others to talk about it to. They were flashing back to the early 80's and ranting about him like teenagers. They mentioned owning his albums, watching his videos, one claimed to have seen him in concert. Their adoration was really funny because the shortest of these women would have been half a foot taller than Prince, who was 5'2".

      Meanwhile, it made me think back to the "death" of David Bowie, and how the Alt-Fags were dick riding his corpse and even conspiracizing that he had staged his own magical retirement / phony death. Hence this post meant to parody such behavior. Sorry if you didn't like it, but I got quite a few laughs while writing it.

  3. Not interesting.

    Interesting. And funny:

    1. As I commented in another recent post. The vocal portion of my audience prefers when I stick to nigger jokes.

      So, back to my appointed task. To point out why the link you left is funny ...

      The niggeress in that story sprayed her infant with WD40 and lit it on fire. Not exactly hilarious, but this part is:

      "Dorvilier initially told a neighbor that she was burning dog feces, police said."

    2. Precisement.

      And the Jebusites think abortion is cruel....

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