Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Old Mudshark Decapitated by Cuckolded Husband

The amount of giggling I have been doing after reading about this story is truly satanic. A man in the UK has been found guilty of murdering his British mudshark after she admitted she had made him a cuckold.

Quoting 1:

Dempsey Nibbs, 69, flew into a rage when his wife, 60-year-old Judith Nibbs, admitted she had slept with at least eight other men during their 30-year relationship. Nibbs battered his wife over the head with an iron bar.

A court heard how Mrs Nibbs may still have been alive when her husband decapitated her because he ‘couldn’t stand the sight of her face’.

Quoting 2:

A man has been found guilty of beheading his long-term partner at their east London flat before flushing the remains down the toilet. Crane driver Dempsey Nibbs killed Judith Nibbs, his partner of 30 years, after he became angry when she admitted to having affairs.

Oh, that's just terrible, A-drey-drey! How can you giggle about such a horrific murder? And what's this about her being a mudshark? Are you assuming that she cheated on him with black men?

Nope, that's not the story at all. See, this isn't some Daily Interracial Cuckold Porn Stormer fear-fantasy of black men stealing White women from White men, as the Mass Media tries so hard to insert into every other television show or commercial. This is a Compulsory Diversity News story about the reality of race mixing - a mental illness of degenerates. The position of CDN is that race mixing is like homosexuality - a mental deviance that should not be normalized but receive Sonderbehan... achhh - old habit, sorry - special treat... - er - mental health assistance. As I have stated previously:

It is all too common to simply blame the nig-nogs for bringing their inherent dysfunctionality into such relationships and dragging the Chalky down with them. But that is neither fair nor reasonable. Had the Chalky not been a deviant in the first place, the episode of race mixing would not have occurred. And too often it is overlooked that the vast majority of American nig-nogs are in fact mixed-race themselves - spawn of White male chimpo-philiacs who could somehow become aroused enough to have their way with a negro-babooness.

So how is this a story about race mixing? Take a look at the man who murdered and the woman who cuckolded him:

Outstanding, don'tcha think? You see, sub-ape, if you understood from the beginning that the only reason a White woman would be interested in you in the first place is because she is a mental defective and sexual deviant, then the fact you were cuckolded 8+ times over the course of 30 years wouldn't have come as a shock. You would have expected it. But you believed the Mass Media fantasy that love conquers all. It doesn't. Racism conquers all. A racist would have been able to tell you that your woman was a perverted whore, otherwise she would not have consented to be fucked by a bald gorilla such as yourself in the first place.


  1. Well played Sir! Well played!

  2. She probably picked it up on discount while she was on a sexcation in Bongo-Bongo-land. Forget all the unrepentant mudsharks in Kwa, I wish I could force all the "nice" little old ladies in churches across America to see each and every news reports of coal burners having their heads handed to them.

    1. HA! That's one way to spend a Sunday morning. I'd assist but, Chalky Devil that I am, I cannot set foot on hallowed ground without catching fire.