Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Muzzie Sub-Ape-ess on a Plane Asks for a Different Seat ...

... and gets removed from the flight. HA! Of course we have a seat for you, towelhead. It's in the terminal. Guess you should have flown Magic Carpet Airlines instead. Quoting:

An advocacy group has called for an investigation and issued several demands after a Muslim woman from Maryland said she was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight "without any credible explanation" Wednesday.

[Hakima] Abdulle had boarded the connecting flight when she asked the passenger beside her if he would switch seats with her so she could have a seat at the end of the row. 

Quoting Abdulle "Come on, trade seats with me, it will be a blast!" j/k

Abdulle told CAIR officials the man agreed and was about to make the change when a flight attendant intervened, telling both they would not be allowed to move, according to Chaudry. When Abudulle asked why she could not move even after the other passenger had agreed, the flight attendant told her she was being removed from the flight, CAIR said.

I wonder how many parts Muzzie this problem was and how many parts Niggy this problem was. We all know how obnoxious niggeresses get when they are told they can't do something. Their tempers can be explosive. Couple this with the fact she was in a hijab and you can bet every other passenger on that plane was thankful to see that kebab-loving freak escorted back to the terminal.

If Droopy Dog was a black Muslim woman.


  1. Thanks a l lot, A-Drey-Drey. Now I can't unsee this image
    of a dingy Deputy Dawg. Glad they booted her off, though.
    Just imagine the smell.

    1. HA! Sorry about that. But I thought the same thing. Imagine the baboon + fetid hummus funk that beast must exude.