Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Mississippi Pushes Back Against Homo-ization

Isn't it a strange thing that while the so-called Alt-Right movement shills for a faggot to teach us to be better White men, and blushes and giggles when Queerbo Milo spits out the black dick he is sucking and gives them a sticky peck on the cheek, actual Right-of-center things still happen in the real world? And somehow, those accomplishing actual Right-of-center things don't even require cuckold memes directed at establishment conservatives in order to push back against the Death of Western Civilization. Who'd have thunk it?

Mississippi governor signs law allowing businesses to refuse service to gay people

The new law states that it protects “sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions,” including the belief that marriage is only between a man and a woman and that sexual relations should only occur in such a marriage. It also says that a person’s gender is “determined by anatomy and genetics at time of birth” and goes on to say that businesses can determine who is allowed to access bathrooms, dressing rooms and locker rooms.

Well, hot damn! Some freakin' common sense for once. We'll see if it makes a difference. But I wanted to point out that while the Alt-Right movement veers wildly into a muddy ditch and keeps applying the gas while pointed face down in the muck, showering everyone who drives by with the reeking slime from their spinning tires, there are in fact other ways to fight the culture wars. Sad that we have to leave social conservatism to bible-beating Christians, as they seem to be the only demographic left that still opposes the normalization of faggotry. I say sad because they are, as a group, woefully suicidal on the matter of race.

Why is everyone making this so difficult?

A people are destroyed thru their bloodlines. Race-mixing and homosexuality are equally ruinous abominations that doom peoples. Those who practice or tolerate either will be rewarded with disease, madness, and death. What good is the Alt-Right to White people if they cannot decry both race-mixing and homosexuality? And how could anyone call themselves a White Nationalist and not decry those twin poisons?


  1. The funny thing is that all the anti sodomite legislation passes so easily in the south due to the high percentage of blacks. They hate fags. Must be their genetic memory recalling a time in Africa when a homo dindu almost wiped out their tribe with disease.
    When NC voted to ban gay marriage, the ban passed ~ 70% for the ban/ 30% against. Whites voted approx. 60/40 but the blacks went almost 90/10.
    Much like NC's ban on gay marriage and their new biological bathrooms bill, this Mississippi law will be tossed into the trash by a federal judge sooner rather than later.
    Alt right's biggest problem as I see it is that meme's, hashtags, and essays are considered a plan of action. As if a collective agreement has been made that we're better off analyzing/documenting our systematic destruction on the interwebs than doing anything in the real world to counteract that destruction.

    1. The sub-apes are uniquely afraid of homosexuality because their men are already dangerous enough without making them queer predators to boot. Here's a post I made about famous nigger-hater Pastor Manning warning black women that white homos will steal their men. HA! Yeah right, that's a threat behind bars.


      I agree with you that the Alt-Right is permanently stuck in the discussion phase of revolution, as White Nationalism was before it. A leader needs to lead by example. If we follow the example of the Alt-Right leaders, we would all be writing essays, recording podcasts and begging for donations so we didn't have to get real jobs.

      There has been another recent trend of "handing out flyers". HAHAHAHAHA! Every White Whateverist leader out there is now talking about how they've been busy handing out flyers, as if that is a novel accomplishment, and not something that has been failing to wake White people up for decades. Oh, but how will anyone know about our conference in the Fall without a flyer?!? UGGGGGHHHHH.

      I think it wouldn't be so bad if they just admitted that the time they spent on the internet is for social contact and diversion, and isn't progress in any way, shape, or form.

    2. They are so stupid. I bought a book written by a fag that is teaching me to become a barbarian. When i'm finished I'm going to exit my cubicle violently, kick over the water cooler and smoke some meth in my toyota celica. Then I could form a tribe of manly men ("manly" as defined by a sodomite of course)to conduct the white version of urban dindu warfare and restore masculinity(as defined by a sodomite of course)

    3. HAHAHAHAHA! Best laugh I've had in weeks - "exit my cubicle violently, kick over the water cooler and smoke some meth in my toyota celica".

      The funny thing is that this mannerbund faggotry is over a century old and was really about 19th-century closeted gays finding a cover story so they could go frolic in the woods together naked. Now it is being repackaged as a cure to the Death of West. There is no cure for death, morons. Dead-end ideas like mannerbund faggotry helped poison the West to begin with, it can't restore it to life.

    4. Dindus may "hate fags," but most of the males I've known were on the downlow. I'd guess they're primitive enough that they haven't connected the two things. The females, maybe, but then 2/3 of them are rugslurpers themselves....

      BTW I love the term "mannerbund faggotry." I can spit it out succinctly as expressive of my hatred for these white men who brag about taking it up the ass roughly from other white men, as though that proves or explains anything other than their need to sit shifted over to one ass cheek.

      Jack Donovan lecturing white men about how to save the west makes my gorge rise as badly as it used to on a daily basis when I had to live and work in downtown San Francisco. I used to feel mildly tolerant of fags. Figured that if they had their own segregated areas, they'd stop doing things like lurking in parks, etc.

      Instead, in SF, everywhere I looked, white men were the vanguard of degeneracy.


    5. The distinction between homosexuality and faggotry is what the modern world and White Whateverists can't get a grip on. They conflate the two constantly because the West is dead and there is no fundamental grip on reality anymore.

      Homosexuality is a mental deviance on par interracial attraction, or wanting to have sex with animals, or cross-dressing, or transgenderism. It's all just mental deviance, or illness if you prefer to look at it clinically. Faggotry is practicing and embracing the deviance and trying to mainstream it. That is why the Alt-Right is not Right. They have not only conceded that a mental illness is an acceptable way of living, they have promoted the mentally ill as role-models for the Right! It is astonishing and horrible at the same time.

      I lurv it when we are told not to criticize the Alt Right or White Nationalists because their should be no enemies to the right. What the fuck? With their pro-fag agenda, who the hell are these Alt-Fags to the right of anymore? And when White Nationalists fall in line to lick Donald Trump's ass when his daughter is a brood mare for mischlinge, who are they to the right of anymore?

  2. No stranger than so called nationalists urging everyone to vote for trump

    The alt fag line up is almost complete,all they need now is a nigger and a tranny,and possibly a dothead

    Pepe the frog for president

    1. A good point - I should expect this absurd behavior from the Alt-Right at this point. Their beliefs are a bundle of confused, half-baked tweeterings.

      The Alt-Fags need a nigger, a tranny, and a dothead to complete their line up? Well, all they have to do then is turn around to the person butt-fucking them on a nightly basis and say, "How would you like to join the Alt-Right, sweetie?"