Friday, April 08, 2016

Meet the New Feminist Muslim Muppet

For the past several generations, Sesame Street has been the MultiKult propaganda 'Kwanian children having been getting at home before they are old enough to get the MultiKult propaganda of the public school system. They are complimentary culture destroyers, equally appealing to parents looking for a cheap babysitter. In recent decades, Sesame Street has gone global with their MultiKult agenda. In 2002, Sesame Street introduced Kami, an HIV positive muppet from Africa, who was teamed with Leftist celebrities to make Public Service Announcements about the monkey plague. Today, meet Sesame Street's latest bit of MultiKult poison ...

Sesame Street unveiled a fresh face Thursday: a hijab-wearing Afghani Muppet named Zari who will teach kids about “girl empowerment, social and emotional wellbeing.”

Zari will first appear in season five of Baghch-e-Simsim, which is the Afghan version of Sesame Street. The popular children show’s Twitter account was abuzz with Zari content Thursday.

I found her so inspiring, I made this little captioned picture to celebrate. Please enjoy ...


  1. Wait a this for real?

    1. That depends on what you are referring to with "this".

      If you mean is it real that Sesame Street created a female Muslim who wears a head scarf and is supposed to teach girls about female empowerment, then yes.

      If you mean does she carry around her severed felt clitoris with her like a trophy, then no. That part I made up to mock the fact that only in the Leftist Western mind can there be such a ridiculous thing as Muslim female empowerment.

  2. OK I meant the first part...not the missing part.

    So I guess we'll have true utopian equality when we're all circumcised and lobotomized regardless of race, creed or color*.

    *some exceptions may apply. See merchant for details.

    1. HA! I can understand your disbelief. Leftism parodies itself the more successful it gets.

      Note that the merchants themselves are the only one's exempt from from the lobotomy part. The circumcision part is still a requirement for the male merchants.