Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Match.com to Pull Anti-White Propaganda


Dating site Match.com is taking down an advert which appeared to suggest red hair and freckles are “imperfections”.

The advert, which appeared in tube stations around London, came in for criticism on social media. Complaints were also to made to the Advertising Standards Authority about the billboard, which pictures a woman with red hair and freckles with the slogan: “If you don’t like your imperfections, someone else will.” [...]

“We believe freckles are beautiful. The intention of our ‘Love Your Imperfections’ campaign is to focus on the quirks and idiosyncrasies that people wrongly perceive to be imperfections – this can include freckles, a feature that is sometimes seen as an imperfection by people who have them.

Keep your weasel words. Just apologize and shut the fuck up. Freckles and red hair are not a quirk, you anti-White cretins. They are an inheritable racial characteristic that the West had a troubling history of alternately fetishizing or demonizing based on fashion. The same can be said of pallor. Fairness of skin has been treated as both the standard of beauty and something to be tanned away - skin cancer risk be damned. Red haired, freckled people are usually trapped between the two polar ideals. They can never get rid of the freckles caused by sun exposure, and they can never get the bronzed appearance of the sun worshiper. So guess that means they get to be dehumanized to shill for online dating, right? Wrong.

Oh, how the MultiKult must weep and gnash their teeth when one of their own principles is turned to the benefit of White people, instead of it being used to destroy them.


  1. Are you saying having freckles is a characteristic of the white gene?

    How do you explain shit coloured subhumans with freckles? One drop rule?

    1. This post was pretty short, so I am not sure why you felt the need to paraphrase it when the point in question can be directly quoted with ease:

      "Freckles and red hair are not a quirk, you anti-White cretins. They are an inheritable racial characteristic"

      Nothing there about a specific "White gene". Red hair and freckles an inheritable characteristic that originated in White people. Show me a shitskin with red hair and freckles and I can guarantee you it is an octoroon at best. That means the person had White ancestors both maternally and paternally. Which is also why you can get blond hair and blue eyes back out of a muddy gene pool, for example:


      This is also why racism can never be defeated with that silly trope about race mixing being the answer to racism. Even if all the people of the world are bred together into a giant brown pot of crap, the contents of the pot will settle back out into differing shades and colors and features again and again. The concept of the brown singularity relies on the absurd concept of selectively breeding mongrels, double-think at its finest.

  2. I agree,i only asked as you wont believe how many times ive been told by other whiteys that freckles equals 100% white

    this nonsense regarding pushing whites to date asians( daily cuck, ramzpaul)is madness, there are billions of white women, not all are stupid whores as those sites claim

    1. Thank you for the clarification.

      The majority of White women are just as sexually loyal to their men as White men are to their women. The fact that this is so is all the more astounding given how many resources have been devoted by the MultiKult into driving the two apart.

      As a result of race mixing, there is no individual characteristic, no singular trait that is exclusively "White". And bloody purity is a strangely misunderstood concept in Der Movement.

      On the one hand, you have the "Looks White to me." group, who you would definitely not want selecting produce for you. They would return with a bag of moldy crab apples and tell you they are Granny Smith's finest private reserve.

      On the other hand, you have the creationist seedline types, who believe Whites were spontaneously created 100% pure and have mixed with mudbloods (with the exception of themselves of course). There is only loss of purity in such a scenario, and no evolution beyond human limitation.

      CDN's position is that Whiteness is a work in progress, and no one is 100% pure. Instinct and behavior is inheritable too, and subject to dysgenic breeding. The most aesthetically pleasing Aryan-looking couple on the planet may have sub-ape level reasoning skills and morals. Hence, the Death of the West.

      White people arose from brown people as part of an evolutionary process. Race mixing undoes tens of thousands of years of progress, but it cannot defeat the fundamental racist impulse that drives humans apart. The destiny of humanity is to either rise to Whiteness, or descend back into ape-ery.