Monday, April 04, 2016

Haggling Mandatory at Jewish-Themed Restaurant

A Queasy Dinner at Lviv's Controversial Jewish Themed Restaurant

From a waiter with fake peyot who calls himself Moishe to insisted haggling, it's not surprising this Ukrainian eatery has been called anti-Semitic.

At first glance Pid Zolotoju Rozoju, Ukrainian for “At the Golden Rose,” isn’t a particularly remarkable restaurant.  [...] Since it opened in 2008, the restaurant has faced allegations that it crassly perpetuates anti-Semitic stereotypes, particularly in a place where Nazis and locals wiped out nearly all traces of Judaism – including the very synagogue after which it is named.

But after sitting down and seeing the menu, I understood the uproar. There are no prices. That’s because “it’s Jewish tradition to haggle and bargain afterwards,” said my non-Jewish waiter.

Perhaps I should open a Holocaust-themed restaurant here in the states. Each table would have its own oven, and the raw food would arrive at the table via a model train ...

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