Sunday, April 17, 2016

Featherhead Church Split Over Pot, Yagé, Sacred Whoring

I actually feel sympathy for the real featherheads on this one...

James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney, founder of the Oklevueha Native American Church, says marijuana, ayahuasca and "sacred sexuality" are as important to his church as peyote.

Flaming Eagle? HA! Sounds like a name for a gay Injun in an Adam Sandler movie. Continuing...

Mooney's attempt to extend sacred status to nontraditional plants and practices has enraged the leaders of the oldest branches of the Native American Church, who say his churches represent an attempt to capitalize on federal protections designed to protect a persecuted heritage by appropriating their name. [...]

Sandor Iron Rope, president of the National Council of Native American Churches and the Native American Church of North America, said in an interview that claiming anything other than peyote as a sacrament is an offensive perversion of the traditions his ancestors died to protect. [...] "I've traveled extensively amongst tribes and I've never sat in a Native American Church marijuana ceremony or even heard about one. I'm full-blood Lakota and I've never experienced it. I've never even heard of it." [...]

We're like totally real Indians dont'cha know.

It's this big stewpot. Let's bring crystals in. Let's bring crow feathers in. There's a pretty red rock in the alleyway behind my office. Let's pray to that." [...]

James Mooney claims to belong to the Oklevueha band of Seminole, but Bouby said there is no Oklevueha band of Seminole, and that there are no Seminole subtribes. [...]

Last month, James Mooney even testified on behalf of the Sedona Goddess Temple, an Arizona organization he helped found, that claims its religious sacraments consist of "sexual healing." Despite his efforts, the temple's so-called high priestess was convicted of running a brothel.

Iron Rope could Flaming Eagle's bondage buddy in the aforementioned Adam Sandler movie. For Jebus's sake - it's the current year. Can't featherheads get over their Injun name bullshit? That might make it more difficult for every Joe Schmoe to declare himself Big Chief Bong Sucker and attach his specific brand of New Age nonsense to their stink lodge psychedelic "sacraments".


  1. Nobody's an "Indian" without the DNA evidence to prove it, and even then it's not deserving of special privileges that I have to pay for. IME having to work with these dorkuses in Minnesota, they're mostly white-hating whites.

    The whole "Indian" meme is basted together out of a fabric of 19th century bureaucratic nonsense and Victorian noble savage myths, so I see no reason James Irish Surname can't declare himself one. Just as I can declare myself a Discordian Pope or Illuminatus or Unitarian.

    1. I am trying to recall ever meeting a Native American in real life ... Perhaps I have, but it must not have made any impression on me. I think it is possible that my only knowledge of featherheads comes from history books and the Mass Media.

      However, I have met hundreds of Whites and dozens of blacks who claim featherhead blood. The Injun blood myth is heap big popular among Kwanians.