Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fear of White Latino Racism

I encourage everyone to please read this article about identity issues with White/Brown/Black Latinos, and what it means for Amerikwa. This is a very important discussion that is being entirely ignored on the Right (be it Cuck-Right, Neo-Con-Right, Alt-Right, White-Right, etc.). But the fact that the Left is looking at it tells you that it is fertile ground for their anti-White Crusades.

Basically, the article considers the differences in classification of Whiteness in Latin America versus the one-drop impurity classification of Los Estados Unidos. It does a great job of pointing out that the one-drop impurity classification has failed to keep out many Brown Latinos, granting them Whiteness, but that it still generally excludes Latinos who actively embrace their mixed-race biology, or Latinos with obvious black ancestry. The author worries that Whiteness in America will be perpetuated by "White" Latinos being taken into the top tier of America's racist hierarchy, which is incidentally my concern as well, though for reasons of racial purity, not social justice!

The shooting of unarmed African-American teenager Trayvon Martin by a half-Peruvian and half-White man named George Zimmerman, the rise of so-called Hispanic conservatives like Ted Cruz, Al Cardenas and Marco Rubio, and the examples of racist comments by Latinos in the media like Rodner Figueroa, have made it impossible to have a conversation of Latinos and race. It is becoming clear that Whites from Latin America, although marginalized by Anglo-Whites, have been able to pass as honorary Whites and benefit from the inequalities formed by White Supremacy. This is not new, and it has a history.

Impossible to have a conversation about race? Do you mean La Raza? You can see immediately that the fear here is losing the literal cream of the Latino crop to Whiteness. My problem is that I don't like soybean milk, so I am not interested in this Latino crop either.

Many people who neglect to explore the history of Latin Americans in the United Sates fail to analyze people like the famous white Cuban Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz), who penetrated the American television series “I Love Lucy” (1951) at a time when Black people were not even allowed to perform next to White actors.

During this time, White Latin Americans were seen as foreign, inferior and exotic and yet many passed and enjoyed White Privilege. Even all three of John Wayne’s wives were from Latin America at a time when anti-Black and anti-immigrant sentiments were powerful hateful discourses.

An excellent point. I have always hated I Love Lucy. When I was a kid, I just didn't think it was funny. And when I got older, I saw it as one of the first normalizations of race-mixing on television - which made me hate it even more. I have never understood how racist White people could sit their children down in front of the TV in the 1950's to watch a mixed-race couple read out cornball dialogue penned by kikes. Such a thing was only possible because those Whites had made a concession of Whiteness to Ricky Ricardo. This is something that has to be acknowledged by we racially aware Whites today. The Leftists are correct, there is such a thing as White privilege. Where they are incorrect is in seeing it as something that benefits pure-blooded Whites the most. It does not, because being purely White also means being saddled with White Guilt. White Privilege actually benefits the racially suspect the most, because it gives them a chance to co-opt an identity they would not have plausible access to if they had been a shade darker, and yet, they do not have to simultaneously take on the baggage of White Guilt. Arnaz gets to be White when it comes to having access to television airtime, but remains ethnic enough that he can avoid White guilt for his privilege of honorary Whiteness. Do you get it?

Another example - Marco Rubio has obvious Amerindian blood. He condemned Ted Cruz for not being able to speak Spanish. Rubio claims two identities in MultiKultural Amerikwa. Yet, he is able to pass for White and rise within America's conservative, defacto-White party specifically because the one drop rule has been abandoned in the 'Kwa in favor of the "looks White to me" rule. That is how he benefited from White privilege. And to me, it proves that White privilege today is of most benefit not to pure blooded Whites, but to those who want to straddle identities and claim both minority and majority benefits.

This is important to understand because der Movement is already trying to hold its hands up and bid the next tide not to come in. In the face of the White privilege accusation, there is the knee-jerk tendency to declare it non-existent, or argue that it is a genocidal ploy, or to meme it away with jokes without considering what it means. I won't provide the links - if you know the World White Web, you know the parties to whom I am referring. In fact, however, White privilege is real - and it is most obvious in cases such as those of Arnaz and Rubio. Further, the Left's calling out of White privilege may be genocidal, but the Right extending it to non-Whites is ethno-suicidal. That's how kikes became White, and how less-mixed beaners infiltrate now. Identity would not have survived selective pressures had it not been beneficial to the species. All identities confer privileges - even if it is merely the benefit of not having a beaner spit in your chimichanga because you can speak Spanish and have a suntan. The question is, how should we White, racially-aware people respond to accusations of White Privilege? I suggest the answer is to direct the MultiKult to eat their own first. Do not fight the White Privilege accusation. Redirect it to White identity co-opters.

Hollyweird Race Traitors Plotting Together


  1. Nice catch on the Ball & Wayne. I always hated I Love Lucy too as a kid watching reruns of it. Always felt there was something...wrong...about it. Couldn't articulate it till my 20s, and by then there was no safe space to give it voice.

    Challahwood has been constructing and rewarding anti-white Crusades for a very long time. Then they moved it into our living rooms. "Penetrated" is the term used in the story you cited. All hail white America being penetrated by greasy-haired lisping Cuban Pete.

    I always hated John Wayne for the same reason. Ever see a movie called "Donovan's Reef"? An absolute paean to race-mixing, and that includes the mating of Irish to old stock Americans.

    I used to wonder as a kid why there were no movies about my ancestors--Vikings, Siberians, North Sea people. We shaped the modern world. We made high tech civilization and its liberties and laws. We learned how to pull together against winter. But somehow in Europe the Catholics got all the credit, as though everywhere they went, their magickal cannibal-lunch-based religious influence somehow made high tech civilization spring out of the chthonos like Athene out of the forehead of Jove.

    Well, NOT...though even among "HBD" and "racial realist" circles, there are plenty of idiots who credit Christ-insanity with high civilization in Europe.

    No, it was the genome of whites, and civilization got better the farther north you went. Yeah, Sumerian-based administrative forms and writing are pretty powerful, especially if coupled with centralized armies that wipe out any national or local resistance (cf.: Germany, persecuted by Rome for 2,000 years, standing in the middle of North and South and expected to grab its ankles for any Abrahamic fucker who passes through).

    But tons of other stories WERE told by Challahwood. Also, there were more stories about American heroes prior to about the 1930s...when YKW started taking over mass media/culture.

    It all started to click the day I realized that one of my favorite movies, the Kirk Douglas/Tony Curtis "The Vikings" had a subtext. Two Jews playing the sons of a Wop. The actual Nordic men and women were given supporting, not starring, roles. Of the stars, the "black sheep" Yid hangs out with a jigaboo and some weird dark-featured/Gypsy sorceress lady. The entire plot revolves around all the Anglo-Saxons being evil, and the plot to mate the gold-and-white virginal princess (or whatever she was) to one of the Yids. Eventually the black sheep Yid murders his own brother and gets the girl, who falls for him because he doesn't try to rape her on their first date. This is after he helps his father commit suicide in a wolf pit.

    Challahwood has been engaged in this propaganda campaign for a very long time. Not just anti-white, but the idea that all Jew degeneracy (rape, fratricide, patricide, scheming, etc.) is a good thing that can be made even better by a white lady spreading her legs for its seed.

    Jewism's bastard offspring, Christ-insanity, has continued this agenda. The war on the peoples of the North.

    This effort to count the melanistic angels dancing on the head of the racial pin is the flavor of the day. It's part of the religion of progressives.

    1. Challahwood - HA! Good one. New to me, and I like it.

      RE: "Donovan's Reef" Never heard of it, but just read a description online. Your summation sounds much more efficient and truthful. What a pile of manure that movie must be.

      Issur Danielovitch (Kirk Douglas) in "The Vikings" struck me exactly the way it struck you. I was young when I saw it, but jew-wise by that point and disgusted by the anti-White propaganda.

      Nowadays, Hollyweird only seems to cast genuine Chalkies in lead roles because their is such an emphasis on the leading men being good looking. A punim like Issur's could never hack it in Hollyweird today.

      Thank you for the link. That article covered the new religion quite well!