Thursday, April 14, 2016

6,000,000 Tears Shed Over Hindenburg Park Sign in L.A.

If you want to comprehend the deep-seated hatred the kikes have for all things German, and how said Kikes continue to want to wipe out anything and everything German, today's story will help with that.

The debate over a recently installed sign at a Los Angeles County park near La Crescenta where Nazi supporters once rallied heated up during a public meeting April 7 that attracted more than 100 people. 

At the center of attention: a 6-foot-high sign reading, “Welcome to Hindenburg Park,” which was installed at the entrance of Crescenta Valley Community Regional Park in February. 

While a historical plaque previously installed inside of the park explains the site’s historical ties to the German-American community, nothing mentions the pro-Nazi rallies organized by the German American Bund that were held there during the 1930s and 1940s. [...]

Aside from the activities of the Bund at the site, some are troubled that Hindenburg was Germany’s president at the time that Adolf Hitler became chancellor. [...]

“Members of our community brought it to our attention, and then we decided that the sign needed to be removed and that we didn’t like the representation — not the representation but the fact that the sign does not give the entire story of what took place at the park,” Jason Moss, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, said in an interview [...] “This is what our mission is, to serve as the voice for the local Jewish community,” he added after the meeting.

Don'tcha love that logic? We must have plaques at any location where Jews want to remind us how poi-secuted they are. So I suppose Madison Square Garden needs to set up a memorial shrine for the kikes because the Bund once met there too? Uh, yep - exactly.

See what I mean?

Kwanians can't find Germany on a map. They have no freaking clue who Paul von Hindenburg was. They probably think he was the pilot of that blimp that exploded. But utter his name and Hitler in the same sentence, and Kwanian Pavlonian conditioning kicks in - the kikes can do whatever they want with Hindenburg Park.

Notice that I began this post by saying the kikes "continue" to want to wipe out anything and everything German. That's because their antipathy predates the White immune response that drove them from Central Europe last century.


  1. Gee, and here I thought Hindenberg was just a Huge Manatee.

    I sure did get my Jew Minutes' Hate shoved up my ass with this bit of Germanophobia. Thank you, Jewish Journal, for adding your inimitable spark of De Whine Ire to your holycaust!! Keep erasing history till there's nothing left but your bipolar disordered cuck-god and his demonic works as related in the OT.

    1. That is the plan ...

      I knew I was different than the other White kids in school because I actually paid attention in history class. I found it fascinating, and could not understand what was so difficult about remembering a sequence of dates to go along with historical events. But as usual, the Jews have found an inherent White weakness and peddled their poison to the ravenous Chalky mob. Whities don't like history. They want fables and melodramas. How convenient that the Jews feature so prominently in the Greatest Stories Ever Told to Chalkies: 1) Jebus Cripes Superstar and 2) Shoah Me the Money.

    2. All people want fables and melodramas. We whites have our own, over thousands of years...though most of us never heard of them: they've been erased over the past century in favor of Challahwood's "redefinition of what it means to be American," as Louis B Mayer put it in the 1930s.

      I always thought the two greatest stories (n)ever told were Prometheus, and Odin at Mimir's Well. So I grew up loving Wagner, for the latter tale, and stuck to Aeschylus for the former. And being told I was a nazi. Yeah, whatever. I was also raised on sea stories, and stories of explorers. So was told I was an imperialist. Yeah, whatever. But I knew my people and our roots and journeys.

      Like you I didn't have problems memorizing events and dates, eventually understanding the thinking behind that, so it became pleasant where it previously was a bore. One has to grow the neurons for associative thinking, and that generally doesn't come till later for most kids. I seem to have had it earlier than most kids. Became interested in comparative religion in sixth grade, for instance, and drew up complicated charts/timelines of events and dates for all the major civilizations. Most kids don't get to that even by adulthood, I think.

      I don't think it's that whites don't like history. I think it's that a) most people really aren't very bright, and thinking is hard, and b) most of us alive by now never got any, not from family, not from school, not from general culture. One has to be challenged by good teachers--preferably in family--to get to that.

      In the increasingly powerful public arena, that increasingly empowered itself to take over and replace the family, the Jews started replacing the tough old male/white school master with AFT and NEA agents at least in the 1960s in my urban area. I saw how these ugly females worked. They were very mean, and they played on white kids' desire to be nice or seen as good (a genetic capacity of people who have to be agreeable to one another to survive winter).

      They were vicious bitches, shaming, guilting, ridiculing, emotional manipulators exercizing a violently conditional affectional economy. By comparison the tough old school master white men pushed you hard to help you challenge yourself and grow. They weren't trying to keep you a perpetual adolescent.

      In my mind, that's the signature element of kikeification: the drive to keep everyone immature, neurotic, and needy. This is the nuts and balls of consumerism and mercantile existence. Creating itches, then creating something to scratch it with. This quickly turns into an addiction to spectacle, histrionics, being seen, Facebook likes, approval, constant rebellion, "critical theory," and such.

      All I do is look around for white kids who seem to have a spark of hunger for their own people and their stories, and I try to throw some twigs on that. A lot of that involves racial awareness, hoping to feed their sense of genetic reality before it gets crushed by everything and everyone.

    3. Good on you for passing along White stories to the next generation!

      You seem to have more sympathy than I do for the White masses. It doesn't satisfy me that Chalkies prefer fables over the world shaking accomplishments of White history. I suppose I see modern White ignorance as willful, and sub-human/sub-ape ignorance as an inevitable limitation of their genetics. If I am wrong, and White people are now by and large as incurably ignorant as the rest of what is referred to as the human race, I need to reassess my life. Honestly, it is a conclusion supported by all evidence, but I cannot bring myself to accept it just yet. I have it on the calendar as a recurring appointment to reconsider every February. Currently, I am waiting to see how Whities respond to the upcoming Trump fiasco. When that melodrama concludes ... ughhhh.

      You seem a well reasoned sort. Tell me what you think Der Movement should be doing to turn things around to fight the Kikening. Or do you think Der Movement is on the right track already?