Friday, March 11, 2016

Your child. Your choice.

Hello, gentle readers. I apologize, but own-life nonsense has intruded over the past couple of days, and I haven't had time for much racist/homophobic/misanthropic fun on the interwebs. Hopefully, things will be back to "normal" soon. For the moment, I would like to share a controversial trifle with you, and see if anyone has anything they would like to contribute about the topic.

There was some recent slap-fighting going on in der Movement RE: vaccination of chilluns. It made me think of this joke. This is not intended as a serious contribution to the discussion, but I enjoyed it, and thought others might as well.


  1. The jew controls finance, media, corporations. But don't worry, the jew loves you. Take your vaccines. It's so important, the jewish media government complex brainwashes people about it endlessly so they can't form a critical thought or be receptive to any evidence whatsoever. Here is a list from the CDC of proven neurotoxins deliberately added to vaccines. Because it's helpful to provoke an immune response. Well no shit. It'll provoke all kinds of immune responses.

    You can't sue pharma companies in state and federal court for "unreasonably dangerous" vaccines (as you would for any other drug), because they've been granted absolute immunity. But don't worry, the jew would never deliberately make an unsafe product to harm us or to otherwise put profits over safety.

    1. Thank you for the contribution!

      Would anyone else like to contribute as well?

  2. My ancestors' exposure to smallpox and the bubonic plague gave me 90% immunity to HIV/AIDS.

    Their culture and morality gave me 100%, but I'm talking immunogenetics.

    So I guess I can kinda see both sides of it...though am glad I have one little scar on my upper arm rather than something far worse.

    Anti-vac extremists are a bit like the people who refuse to let milk be heated to 160 F because they want their children to have their grandparents' experience of rolling the dice each cup of moo juice for the Shit Your Guts Out grand prize.

    My ancestors were thrilled about pasteurization, and vaccination as well. I had enough friends with polio that I'm grateful they had that vac too, though we got it much later than other kids, being in a really poor city.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! "have their grandparents' experience of rolling the dice each cup of moo juice for the Shit Your Guts Out grand prize."

      You good sir win the comment of the month prize. Well done!

      I appreciate your contribution to the discussion as well. I found it strange that this topic generated such passion within der Movement. I truly would like more visitor's opinions.