Friday, March 25, 2016

What's so Good about Friday?

Yesterday on the job, one of the workers asked me if I had heard of any closings Friday. My answer was, "For what?". She said sheepishly, "For Good Friday." I responded, "No.". She hesitated a moment, and I got the impression she was considering saying more. If I had to guess, I think it was probably going to be something like, "Well, if other places are closing, we won't be so busy, so do you think I could have tomorrow off?" But I think my demeanor adequately communicated I was not going to get into some Mr. Scrooge vs. Bobette Cratchit thing, so she just walked away.

If you were observant and a bit critical, you would probably notice that yesterday, I didn't know that today was a holiday. If you have frequented this blog, you will probably guess that the reason I didn't know that is because I am not a Christian. Now, there will be some who say, that's no excuse, that I should be aware of every Christian holiday because we live in a Christian society and blah, diddy, fuckin-blah. Well, I don't give a crap. And let me show you why...

That's Pope Lenin, kissing the feet of a Muslim African invader. That is not just the Christianity of today, that is the only Christianity I have ever known during my stay on this planet. That grovelling, sniveling, disgusting, debased, atrocity of a religion that makes weakness the greatest virtue, and wretchedness a close second. As if the preposterous fairy tales of a magic fish-dispensing basket, casting demons into pigs, and wine turning into blood when you drink it aren't bad enough, this religion asks White people to abase themselves before the most perverted and degraded refuse humanity has to offer.

White, racially-aware Christian: Oh, but that's not the way its always been! The church today has been poisoned!

Well, that's the way it is now, that's the only way I've ever seen it, and that's why it must be rejected in total.

White, racially-aware Christian: The church today is anti-White, but you still need to have faith. You can't reject Christianity, it is part of White heritage!

Sure I can reject it, as Christians rejected paganism. Religion is not blood, despite your fairy tales. Our people endure, even as their beliefs change. The old Christianity could not keep up and has been replaced with secular humanism, the Social Marxist Catholicism of Pope Lenin, and the Social Marxist Protestantism of a gaggle of lesbian ministers. These beliefs were only able to flourish because of the inherent weakness of their predecessor, your beloved old school Christianity. Just as your old school Christianity flourished because of the inherent weakness of paganism.

White, racially-aware Christian: If you don't have faith, then you're going to hell! But me, I'm going to heaven!

I am in hell. Western Civilization is dead and I am living alongside its massive, unburied, rotting corpse. But rather than tell me where we are going when we die, why don't you tell me where you are going this Sunday?

White, racially-aware Christian: To church.

You mean the church that has been poisoned, and that is anti-White? Or perhaps The Church, the one led by a man I just showed you sucking the shit off the toes of a Muslim nigger? Is that The Church you mean? Is that where you took your White kids to be baptized? Is that who you want teaching your White kids about their heritage? The poisoned, anti-White church in all its various forms?

White, racially-aware Christian: Fuck you!

Happy Easter.
Jesus washing feet - any excuse to see up a man's robe.


  1. You have a job? What does Adrey dre do?

    I've lost 3 great jobs due to my big racist and misogynistic mouth

    1. I'm sorry to hear that.

      I work in the medical industry. I try very hard to suppress all my thoughtcrime and to keep from saying it. I come home each night and dump my thoughtcrime into this blog, in hopes it will keep me from saying it at work.

  2. The Pope is not Christian but an anti-Christ. It's an entirely, and I mean ENTIRELY different religion, with its own sets of beliefs and rituals that go directly against the mandates of God as set forth in the bible—the bible that the Catholic church curated for centuries.

    But your point about all of these things is well taken. I am a bible-believing Christian that converted maybe 15 years ago by reading the bible and not by any proselytizing that I always found strange and repulsive. The saccharine sales pitch. Because I was not raised in church and because I am certainly not part of the modern liberal Churchianity cult, which is essentially at least 99% of all protestant churches in America, I have a much different perspective. (Plus I am constitutionally “immune to propaganda” as you put it.)

    I cannot go to these churches because they make my skin crawl, but more importantly, because they would not have me. That is to say, I would have to conceal all my beliefs and if I would reveal them I would be asked to leave at some point. I would have more rebukes for these churches than any pleasantries. And now I am such and age and temperament that I speak my mind about important things. For one example, I will not go to a church that has a “Spanish speaking ministry,” (they all do) nor will I stand for any church harboring illegal alien invaders (same thing). It is God who sets the boundaries of a nation. It is God who scattered the nations as a guard against evil. This is clearly set forth in the bible. Mixing the nations is anti-God. Besides, when my own nation is under siege and my race of people is under a deliberate genocidal attack, anything that supports that is evil. There is no biblical warrant for the genocide of white people.

    Another example. My fellow Christian friends from time to time try to get me to go to church their respective churches. I look up their pastor’s sermons online. Recently this happened and I saw the pastor’s wife called up to give a sermon. Excuse me?! Women are not allowed to speak in the assembly (church). The bible clearly states that women may not teach men but must remain silent in church. The reason given? Because it was the woman (Eve) who was deceived and not man (Adam). If I were there instead of viewing it online I would be forced to stand, interrupt this foolishness and loudly cite the scripture by way of rebuke. I imagine I would be escorted out but, if not, I would be a pariah thereafter. (Churches will let fags attend, no problem.) The bible itself corrects the jew-lies that are destroying us—in this case, feminism—but pastors do not teach the bible. To use the bible to correct the churches would be scandalous.

    There is a guy in Arizona, Steven Anderson, a “controversial hate pastor,” as he is called. I am sure you have seen him. He opened my eyes to what the bible has to say about the jews and disabused me of the notion that they are God’s Chosenites instead of his enemies. (I was onto the jews but couldn’t reconcile it with my faith.) He goes through the bible and it is ALL OVER, hidden in plain sight. Jesus himself said they were not sons of Abraham nor sons of God, but sons of Satan. Anderson even did a movie involving, among other things, interviews with Rabbis who think he is a friendly and they spill the beans. These people really are the children of Satan because, as Jesus said, “they do the deeds of Satan.” This movie is called “Marching to Zion” and is on youtube, etc. It is worth a look. Here is a prominent Chosenite publication kvetching about the nefarious homophobe anti-Semite duping rabbis into revealing the truth about themselves:

    1. I'm sorry it took awhile to publish your comment. It got caught in the spam filter.

      Your well articulated response has done more to improve my opinion of Christianity then anything else I have encountered in a decade or more. Thank you for sharing. You didn't even feel the need to attack me for my difference of opinion. Do you know what a rare experience that is for me?

      On the topic of Steven Anderson, I have enjoyed several of his more rambunctious videos. If organized Christianity *today* was Jew-wise and respected the boundaries of nations, I really would have no reason to condemn it in toto.