Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Subhuman Torch

More today on the story of the moron who set himself on fire while performing a stunt at a High School pep rally. It's seems the beaner/nog/mud...thing, Ricky Charles, has decided that would be his last performance. Let's watch.

Ughhhh... You idiot. It's not like being burned alive and an audience is watching, it is being burned alive and an audience is watching. Question - who is picking up the tab for this burnt potato-head creature's medical treatment? I'm guessing that would probably be the tax payers of Florida. And for those interested, here is a picture of the mud thing in happier times before his accident:


  1. Am I bad person for laughing hysterically at this?

    Good gods. Nogs just don't understand fire. And he was doing this on a giant set piece of presumably flammable petrochemical-based plastic? Double plus good!

    I like the way the news clip keeps replaying the flare-up for maximum hilarity.

    Having said that, these are the type of subhumans who soak up not only fire extinguisher contents but also countless billions of dollars at burn, emergency, and trauma units all over the US.

    1. Double plus good indeed! I could watch that mud burn all day long on a loop. Ha! We can be bad together in our amusement. Since you enjoyed this, you may also enjoy some related content: