Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So what's your great idea then?

One of the retorts I often face from people frustrated with my endless criticisms of their stupid ideas is - well what's your great idea then? I find this a strange reply for several reasons.

List-Nazi mode initiated!

1) It's irrelevant. If the idea is that we should remove our fingernails with pliers and then eat them, why do I need to come up with any alternative other than not doing the stupid thing that was suggested? 

2) It betrays a desire not to reach an agreement about the current issue, but to shift the conversation to a different topic where the one on the defensive may have a chance of going on the offensive.

3) If the person advocating something stupid didn't care enough to ask for my opinion before telling me what they thought, why should I trust their intentions when they seek my opinion now? It reeks of bad faith on their part, and is simply a prelude to further conversational unpleasantness.

For example, many weeks ago while criticizing the mass hysteria saviorism infecting White Whateverism, I was asked in the comments section what my alternative vision was. After laying out my alternatives, the response was to point out I misspelled a word in my reply. Bad faith confirmed.

Does that mean I suggest we don't respond to such redirecting questions? It depends on your motive for replying. If you believe that you are actually going to convince the questioner of your alternative, you are going to be very disappointed. However, if you reason, as I did, that others may benefit from hearing the alternative, then I say go ahead. That's really the only reason left to speak the truth to a world that has lost its mind. You put the truth on the record for those who may still seek it.

My personal truth is that I do not believe the West can be saved. I do not believe Amerikwa can be made great again. I do not believe the White masses have the will to survive, let alone the will to triumph. I do believe that a small number of White people are gifted with an insight to the value of Whiteness, which makes them responsible for trying to advance White people even against the racial death wish of the White masses. If you are a person who is gifted with such insight, I expect much more of you than for you to fall into billionaire-savior worship, or for you to pawn off your daily responsibility to your people onto the false hope inspired by a reality-tv presidential race. Your White Whateverist "leaders" have provided the perfect pens to keep you sheep in while they sheer donations off of you, but you have the power to open the gate at any time and walk out.

And what could you be doing outside the pen? How about instead of wasting decades trying to figure out how to awaken people who have been poisoned by MultiKulturalist kikecraft, you create your own generation of people educated from birth against MultiKulturalist kikecraft? I don't mean simply passing on your racial beliefs to your kids before you send them off to the MultiKult indoctrination camps, where they will, by the age of 18, have imbibed vastly more poison then can be cured by any meager antidote you could apply. I'm talking about educating your kids for generational warfare against the Kikes, teaching them that we are in for a 1,000 year struggle for basic survival, not a 1,000 year Triumphant Reich. Teaching them to practice subterfuge and think generationally, so they could slowly and methodically accumulate the skills, resources, and alliances necessary to reclaim the birthright their White 'Kwanian and Europistanian kin and kith so foolishly squandered. All this while keeping your children and yourself far away from the White Whateverist "leaders" and their delusions of Trumpdum, lessons on masculinity from Faggots, and lessons in gender roles from non-White, race-mixing rapists.

I started thinking of this topic today because of a conversation with a commenter on yesterday's post. The exchange reminded me that in 2007 I had advocated a fantastical version of this alternative in a letter to Tom Metzger. TT read my letter on his internet radio show, but he said my plan wouldn't work. I think it is too bad no one ever tried it within der Movement (as far as I am aware). The White Nationalist leaders of that time sent their children to public schools and/or prominently exposed their kids to media attention, and the result is that their kids are not in der Movement and some have even denounced it. So what would the harm have been in trying my idea? There are some 20&30-somethings in the movement today who need to decide right quick where their Chalklings will be educated if they want to avoid such a repeat performance. So for them, here is my letter. And for the record, TT's one million dollars hook is the fantasy part, and in my opinion completely unnecessary, but his question provided an opportunity for me to advocate my idea. I just want you to consider that there are still alternatives, when today's euphoria becomes tomorrow's despair.  Perhaps in 2025 I shall post it again, and we will see if that generation wants to give it a shot with the only true Great White Hope they will ever have - their children.


Dear Mr. Metzger:

What follows is a response to your request for feedback on what one million dollars could do for the struggle.

I don’t believe in the power of propaganda to progress the struggle. Billions are spent brainwashing the masses, keeping them docile. Propaganda is a pitched battle – the side with the most money wins. Let the masses be moved by the whims of fortune. Let them cling to the propaganda that most soothes them given their current state of affairs (peace when fat and happy, violence when slim and wanting).

The insurgency is made up of people who, for whatever reason, were immune to the effects of propaganda. Such people seek the alternative; they don’t wait around and have an epiphany after reading a newsletter they found on the street. Such people seek out the information and skills they need to resist. You are the kind of teacher and mentor such people seek.

That being said, there is always the problem of how to propagate our vision of the future.

Here’s my idea:

We need to get more of our people into positions of influence, wealth and power. If I had one million dollars to spend toward that objective, I would form an academy for the education of young white people. This would be an informal organization operating under the guise of a social club for home-schooled children. While some of the basic education needs would be met by parent-guided home schooling, the more in-depth instruction would be from college educated professionals who are already within the movement. The goal would be to create insurgents equipped with the skills to infiltrate institutes of higher learning, obtain advanced degrees, and eventually compete for high paying power professions. No one needs to know their affiliation or the beliefs we will instill in them.

I know some objections will be:
1) Home schooling doesn’t prepare kids for the real world. (Fuck the real world, it’s a shithole and everyone knows it! Do you think Jews send their kids to yeshivas to prepare them to be good Americans? No! They do it to create the next generation of world-dominating Jews. Your local high school doesn’t want to create an educated master race of Aryans, it wants to create dumbed-down mixed-race sheeple. Wake up!)
2) Our insurgents are infiltrating these positions without such a program. (And don’t you think it would be easier if our insurgents had been trained from childhood with the knowledge they would need to compete for these positions? We don’t need to wait for individuals to emerge from the movement into positions of influence, wealth and power. We can actively create such people.)
3) It won’t work. (It has never been tried, so how does anyone know? The naysayers can keep doing the same thing over and over if they want. Let them raise their kids the best they can inside the belly of the beast and maybe things will turn out all right. Go ahead you freaks - teach your kids that stockpiling ammunition and drinking your own piss in some unibomber shack in the backwoods is the only way to survive the racial apocalypse.)

I’ll try something different. An academy for insurgency – that’s my idea Mr. Metzger.

Original Posted 12 December 2007


  1. Glad mindweapons in ragnarok is back up even if not active. That's where I found out about your site and is one of the only places on our side of the interwebs that would rather deal in reality than a full scale LARP fest. He recently wrote a piece for that was really well received merely because it talked about real concrete ideas that white people could use to advance their own interests without dwelling on obscure history lessons or the newest swastika cat meme. Keep up the good work AA and god bless Shaniquah McCullough.

    1. Thank you!

      MW is one of the few people in der Movement who actually tries to discuss some ideas that can be applicable to daily life - not just philosophical minutiae, basement apartment trollery, and beg-a-thons to keep the "leaders" from having to find a real job.