Sunday, March 06, 2016

Shaniquah McCullough and the Stump for Trump Bitches

On today's episode of Color Commentary, Shaniquah McCullough shares her thoughts on Donald Duke and the Stump for Trump bitches.

Notice about Unrectified Reports:

I have decided to post unrectified article links on Twitter as opposed to on their own page within this blog. Just see the feed to the right. It is certainly more convenient for me, and will hopefully provide readers with the same level of contemptuous treatment of daily news to which you have grown accustomed.


  1. I don't find many reasons to laugh nowadays, but this Mammy, Black Velvet, had me almost crying within 30 seconds. "Those racist white people lurv Donald Trump."
    Dude, that is SO funny. Her whining and exclaiming: "Ohhh..." has me busting a gut. Is that your voice A-dray-dray? You got the mammy patois down cold! It's funny, this appeals to me on a personal level because for years, when driving alone in my car, I used to mimic a outraged, screeching sheboon in almost exactly the same way. Your mammy takeoff might only reach special, select audience, but I know I'm THAT audience. For other mammy-like iterations, you might want to check out Frank Zappa's 1982 album "Thingfish," (a play on the character of "Kingfish," the white actor in blackface who played clownish shitskin in Amos and Andy."

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed! And yes, that's me doing the voice. I am right there with you about using that angry/despondent mammy voice to provide commentary to traffic or any number of life's other irritations. But this is the only real outlet I've got for it. The fact it amuses someone else as much as it amuses me is outstanding.

      I've never heard of Thingfish. I shall have to investigate.

  2. That was a realistic negress accent i could smell the cocoa butter and chiggun through the internet

    how long before the jooz ban you from twitter?

    1. Ha! Glad you found it true to life.

      RE: Twitter. I feel fairly sure that I am an insignificant enough speck in the White Interwebs that I should be overlooked. I'm also not going to use it to comment on other people's tweetererings or follow them, so that should help.