Saturday, March 26, 2016

Old Hag School Teacher Kicks 4-Year-Old Boy in the Back

Quoting this article:

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Surveillance footage appears to show a teacher knocking down a student in the hallway at school. The [ ] teacher, identified as Amelia Stripling, has since resigned. It happened at the Tift County Pre-K Center in Tifton on March 17.

The child's mother, Sarah Patterson, said her [ ] son just turned 4 years old on Wednesday. She said Stripling thrust her knee into the little boy's back, causing him to fall. Tift County School officials said the young boy was not injured, and reported the incident to the Division of Family and Children Services.

Here is a screen capture from the video:

Now some might be asking, how is this Compulsory Diversity News? Well, the answer is in what I excised from the quotes above. Where you see [ ] insert "special education" for the first set, and "special needs" for the second. I wanted to point out that the awfulness of what this fat old cunt did could be communicated without mentioning the kid was a retard, but the Mass Media has, for some mysterious reason, decided that every mention of this story must include the fact that this kid has "special needs". Of course, the reason isn't so mysterious.

Isn't it interesting that say, for example, this 4-year-old had strangled a puppy with his bare hands, the media would have objected to an accurate headline such as ...

Special Needs Student Strangles Puppy with His Bare Hands

... as unnecessarily referencing the child's disability, and decried it as a form of bigotry.

But if the child is a victim, for some reason the reference becomes necessary? Why? For the same reason that would have existed if the child had been black. Because it fits the victimization narrative and reinforces the Diversity Grievance Hierarchy. The egregiousness of the crime is exacerbated by one lower on the hierarchy attacking one higher on the hierarchy.

It doesn't matter that a developmentally unchallenged 4-year-old has the same chance of avoiding a kick in the back from an adult as a developmentally challenged 4-year-old would. Which is to say, virtually none. For some reason, we are supposed to bellyfeel this more intensely because the child in this case has special needs. And that difference in intended response is evidence that the masses have been brainwashed to replace favoritism of one's own with favoritism of the other - rather than having been taught to find equal value in all human beings, as is the purported goal of diversity education [i.e. the brainwashing of children in the public schools].


  1. I am surprised the media is running this story,women are a protected species,they will come up with a million excuses why she attacked him

    This is the one occasion when I won't gloat about a dead muzzie

    1. She was lower on the Diversity Hierarchy, hence the story.

      Thank you for the very interesting link. I shall refrain from gloating as well, per your example.

  2. Good analysis, A-DD. It reminds me of another culturally enforced meme that rears its ugly head every day; that of "giving back." Now, if you've taken something from other people and SHOULD be giving something back, I suppose it's all right to say that,
    as long as you cite specifically WHY you're "giving back." But for heads-down, ass-busting, tax-paying, Amerikwans, what is THEIR debt to be "given back"? I get so sick when I hear that term. Neal Boortz mentioned it in his book, "Somebody's Gotta Say It," so it's not my original thought. I just remember feeling queasy when I heard it. Another reason I stopped watching TV two years ago... except for breaking news coverage of the latest Muslim/Black atrocity.

    1. I am glad you liked it.

      An excellent point about giving back, regardless of its source. To me, "giving back" reeks of the false humility that walks hand in hand with White guilt - "I'm not just giving, I'm so good I'm giving back!" It's the kind of thing White-guilters make a big fuss over, saying they are so privileged that they must "give back" because their ancestors took too much of the proverbial American pie.